Vidy has invented the first single-page invisible embed layer for video, keep running on the Ethereum blockchain. Vidy constructs a ledger system that measures to what extent a client watches an ad thanks to hold tracking technology on its embed layer. Vidy at that point rewards distributors and clients as needs be for holding down on ads with VidyCoins, taken as a small amount of the VidyCoin payout made from advertiser to distributor for that video ad impression.

$ 16B Of benefits lost each year stolen from promoting blackmail.

$ 23 The cost of customer data from undesirable promotions consistently.

44% Of the impressive number of promotions that interface with people, the lay are all in all bots.

21% Daily battery exhausting from undesirable promotions

0.02% From flag advertisements tapped per 1000 impressions.

4.9% Interstitial advertisements that catch your entire screen are tapped.

66% Of all advertisement blackmail begins from chronicles, yet accounts speak to only 44% everything being equivalent.

$ 50b Of yearly foreseen advertisement blackmail hardships for the accompanying 10 years.

30% From publicists requesting simply more land video advertisements.


VidyCoin (VIDY) decides its utility in 3 major ways. You win VIDY each time you hold down on a promotion, you use VIDY to make purchases in a single tap on advertisements, and VIDY is required to stake as fuel for all promotion campaigns on the stage .

Distributer/Advertiser Dashboard

Distributers and promoters gain induction to a dashboard where they can deal with their campaigns and transfer their video advertisements. They can modify facilitate campaigns, see estimations on particular fights and individual video advertisement execution, and view examination on customers and distributers to evaluate how their execution and copy and innovative replications organize it.

Video Ads

Hyper-applicable minimal indirect video that shows up while pressing Vidylinks.

Application layer

The application layer is a video advertisement wholesaler going up against clients over the web, packaged in a SDK that can be presented just by a tap by any distributer,

Recorded Websites

Vidy records countless and parses regular dialect on the screen to arrange the NLP Protocol. This transforms into the aggregate stock open for advertisement plan in a live promotion campaign.

NLP Protocol

The Vidy promotion position system is an elite open-source NLP convention that naturally puts video advertisements on a broad scale to exceedingly applicable substance from a large number of distributer pages.

Layer of Agreement

The understanding layer recognizes customer data nearby advertisement execution information from the data layer and methodology it as commitment to the substance of the circumstance it is running. This is done all the while by unscrambling the submitted brilliant contract for the customer’s target data application.

Data Layer

The data layer is the foundation of the Vidy Ads dispersal stage, all the while talking with the application understanding layer, and straightforwardly keeping most of the data entered in Vidy’s record changed. The data layer stores records of all insert circumstances, hold time, VidyCoin portions, Stunning VidyCoin adjusts, and all VidyCoin exchanges through a solitary tick purchase capital on the application layer.


Out of nowhere, when you see Vidylink and hold to watch that vidy advertisement, you benefit. Vidy gives you pay with VidyCoin (VIDY) for reliably you hold. The more you hold, the more you win. You can even make purchases on those accounts using VidyCoin with just a single tap.

See your VidyCoin adjust develop in realtime as you hold down

Swipe up to buy items with VidyCoin in one tap


52% Token deal

25% Advertising Pilots, BD and Marketing, Partners and Advisors

22% Team

0,5% Bounty

0,5% Airdrop


Q1 2018

Worked in 2017 framework

Amass Advisor Team

Finish item demo

Get ready for ICO

Q2 2018


ICO Beta dispatch stage,

Pilot with Publishers


Q3 Ad stage 2018

Extend filed site Uncover

OTP in

dashboard Control Production discharge

Incorporate blockchain pieces

Q4 2018

Dispatches 10 web snares

Develops databases from Vidys

Get 100 best publicists

Dispatches client information compartment

Q1 2019

Dispatches V1 from

List stage 1 million distributer pages.

Full dashboard discharge.

Finish the agreement layer NLP

Q2 2019

Reveal the V1 from blockchain

Dispatch Miner-driven convention

List 10 million pages distribute

Develop all web properties.


The Vidy group has been as one for a considerable length of time, fortified by common appreciation, fellowship, and desire to fabricate a stage that can really improve human lives.

Patrick Colangelo (Founder)
Matthew Lim (Co-Founder)
Dan Sullivan (Strategy)
Jake Rosin (Engineering)
Marco Vanossi (Engineering)
Garrett Wilson (Engineering)
Arria Owlia (Engineering)
Nicholas Kubiac (Engineering)
Harry Yang (Deep Learning)
Luke Goh (Design)

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