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INTRODUCTIONIn today’s internet world, millions of people have installed ad blockers on cellphones, desktops and other internet devices just to make sure they are not constantly harassed by various advertising industries.

This makes many web users around the world complain because they have no voice or the choice of the type of ad they want to see and makes it look like the only way out is to fully opt out of the ecosystem.

It’s great to see that there is a solution that arises because vidy is here to bring millions of users back to the advertising ecosystem with its tri-layer solution built on blockchain.

What is the VIDY layer?
Vidy has created an invisible embed layer of the first page for video, run on the Ethereum blockchain. 
Just waiting, the user can now reveal a small video that is relevant to the hyper that is hidden behind the text of any page on the web, unlocking new dimensions to the internet.

Vidy is the first distributor of decentralized advertising videos built on the Ethereum blockchain that embeds video ads behind webpage text through the NLP consensus layer. 
By just waiting, users will be able to reveal hyper relevant videos hidden behind the text of any page on the web.THE VIDY’S NLP CONSENSUS LAYER
Vidy 1.pngSee how it works in the video below.

The ledger system was created to measure how long the user watched the advertisement. Vidy will reward publishers and users with appropriate vidycoin.In this way, vidy will be able to keep up with users and publishers and send video ads in a good way through a layer of consensus supported by NLP.

The vidy solution is an invisible layer located on top of any web page, enabling the advertiser to embed their video ad behind the relevant text that they link.

Vidy is a decentralized project built on blockchain that will enable transparency, security, privacy and ad distribution for all parties. This can be done with the open-source protocol for the distribution of video ads supported by NLP, driven by miners at the consensus layer.

Vidy is built on the Ethereum blockchain because of its smooth track record and smart contract technology.

Vidy has a tri-layer platform on the Ethereum blockchain that you can see in the picture below;

  1. Data Layer: The data layer stores a collection of user data points and places them in a safe, smart contract for a secure handoff to the consensus layer when the miner makes a real-time determination of when and where to place the ad.
    Vidy 2.png
  1. Consensus Layer: The consensus layer receives user data along with ad performance information from the data layer and processes it as input in the script it runs.
    Vidy 3.png
  1. Application Layer: The application layer registers and reports all events and activities back to the data layer so that a consensus layer can make a continuous increase in NLP placements.
    Vidy 4.png
vidy tokensale.png


Vidy will use a decentralized currency called ‘VidyCoin’ (VIDY). It will serve as an exchange tool for everyone who uses the vidy platform. This will be a revolution for advertisers and advertisers. 

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