Hello my friends, i would like to explain you about vimee token, VIMee Token is the way for growth for better on interaction and communicate with all people in the world with high tech and very well fro use, and then on there we can connect all people in the world for make interaction and getting new friend so that make all client comfort for use, we can easy for sharing and getting more informations or something news.
The main task of VIMee network is to provide a safe, comfortable and secure environment for communication of all its users, excluding such negative factors as racism, pornography, gender inequality and other negative aspects of the usual centralized social networks. To ensure all these principles will be taken as a basis for the creation of VIMee platform – Sharia, which spelled out the cleanest and harmonious relationship between all people.
Future plan with high demand at the moment for social network , i think that is important and then on there we can easy for getting solution for better to take control on interaction and communicate with all friends together ,and the way for opportunity to growing on your business plan for better in future with high demand and high value, and then connecting for all people in the world to interaction and see a big innovation of social interaction for better.
With the great of implementation of tech and safe for use and then comfortable for all client contribute on this platform i think that impact for future demand of this platform growing, important to learn because on there the safe of privacy of client is the first so that make all client happy and very comfortable for use this platform, on there we can easy for getting more opportunity like contribute on take on uploading content and then receive like , give the comment , so this is very comfort to all client contribute on this platform.
Advantages and Features
Why the basis VIMee laid down that Muslim tradition and culture? According to the developers around the world, the Muslim Diaspora is one of the largest diasporas in the world. Which has more than 1 billion people, of course most of them are frequent users of the Internet. But since centralized social networks are the so-called platform of freedom of speech, there reigns the most that neither eat anarchy, where everyone has the opportunity to offend someone or publicly offend, to show some aggressive persecution of other races or worldviews. This behavior relative to each other, the founders VIMee think is not valid. After all, people are not animals, so they should respect each other, take into account some moral and religious principles of different diasporas, and be tolerant to each other. So the idea of creating such a unique platform as VIMee was born.
Moreover, the uniqueness of VIMee is not only in some framework of morality, but also in the fact that now users will be able to fully maintain their social networks without fear for the loss of their personal data. Since no one will be able to use them without explicit consent from the user. At the same time, within the framework of VIMee, you can also easily share streaming content, receiving in return a kind of remuneration due to the internal token of the project. Also within the social network VIMee people will be able to help each other in solving some situations, give advice or motivate someone to achieve some goals. In simple words, VIMee will prepare a favorable ground for the exchange of valuable experience between the participants of the system, as well as allow them to always, is in search of new and useful knowledge, cleared of various negative moments, insults and other unpleasant messages.
Implementation Technology on ViMee Token
Tech implementation on ViMee Token is very well , i think that impact of ecosystem as well for control condition adoption with blockchain tech make simple of control all quality on data and control of ecosystem interaction, with blockchain tech ViMee Token running as well and then decentralized control overall as well so this is make all client comfortable for use, ViMee Token use developed on waves blockchain , i think all feature on waves platform is very well ,is the first on transaction and then accelerations and secure control.
Feature of ViMee Tokens
  • Online Wallet on there we can save token  as well and then control storage better
  • Channels  we can growth your interaction and getting new friend with the channel
  • Messenger interaction are comfort with instant messaging services . so this is make all client happy
  • NewsFeed  we can getting update something news or story from all people in the world every time
  • Group Chat make new of idea and interaction with all friend for better with Group chat
  • Video we can easy for uploading a video , or see video from all people or community news
  • Picture must to have a personal photo gallery for completed your social network
  • Commerce Try to buy or sell or promotion ads, for growth your business plan
  • Qibla Compass  dont miss out and lost we can easy for know direct to pray
  • Scedule , everywhere and locations we can see for scedule
  • Quran & Hadith , Learning and reading
  • Hijri Calendar , we can see for update on islamic date
Benefits Of VIMee Token
Privacy , control of privacy of client is very well and then are safe for share or interaction .
Transparent, are interaction is transparent so that make all client comfortable
Decentralized, have a great decentralized network for organizing all condition for better on interaction with best server for running for services
Syariah , this platform is islamic laws for our foundation
Profitable , getting opportunity for earn money by learn for contribute on like , comment or uploading
Educational , Getting more news update , information update , or learn more
Token Vimee

Token name : Vimee

Token symbol : VIMX

Token Price : 1 ETH = 10,000 , 1 WAVES = 167 VIMX

Total Supply of token : 2,000,000,000

Token for Sold : 600,000,000

Target : 54,000 ETH / 3,240,000 WAVES

TEAM VIMee Token
  • Adi Hermanto , Founder & CEO
  • Andress Y.H. , Chief Legal Officer
  • Cipta Ekadyat , Chief Creative Officer
  • Desi Suardiastuti , Chief Ops Officer
  • Hariansyah , Chief Tech Officer
  • Aam Amalia , Chief Comms Officer
  • Pranav Arya , Strategic Consultant
  • Taufik Rizal Arbai , Community Manager
  • Panji Maulana S , Junior Developer
  • Nizar Ramdani , IT Support
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