Virtual Park – Combining Modern Virtual Reality Technology


Virtual Park is a platform that focuses on the global VR market. What’s interesting is that Virtual Park is more than just a VR platform that develops VR for the global VR market, Virtual Park is more than that! Virtual Park uses cryptocurrency which makes this platform more attractive and sophisticated compared to other VR development platforms.


Today’s virtual reality technologies build on the ideas that date back to the 1800s, almost to the very beginning of practical photography. In 1838, the first stereoscope was invented, using twin mirrors to project a single image. That eventually developed into the View-Master, patented in 1939 and still produced today.

The 1970s and 1980s were a heady time in the field. Optical advances parallel to projects that worked on haptic devices and other instruments that would allow you to move around in the virtual space. At NASA Ames Research Center in the mid-1980s, for example, the Virtual Interface Environment Workstation (VIEW) combined with a head-mounted device with gloves to enable the haptic interaction.

The rapid development of technology made VR, which was previously underestimated, and now helps humans to deal with certain conditions. For example, a doctor who uses a VR operation before the actual operation. This is revolutionary in the medical world. And there are still many other VR benefits.

Virtual Park: Help You Interact With the Virtual World

Have you ever imagined how it feels to be able to interact with the virtual world? or have you ever had an idea to make something in the virtual world? now it’s not difficult!

This is what Virtual Park wants to happen, where everyone can implement his idea in the virtual world. Virtual Park has created an infrastructure that allows people to integrate their ideas on the Virtual Park platform and popularize them!

Virtual Park has a technology solution that allows people to interact with the virtual world and identify trends in this industry. And with the help of tokens that really help users to access various features within Virtual Park, it makes the platform more friendly and more reliable.

How Virtual Park works

For developers

  • Access to the SDK
  • Integration into Virtual Park infrastructure
  • VR Lab: opportunity to realize your own product
  • VR Marketplace

Franchise Bonuses

  • 15% discount when paying for applications in VR tokens
  • 10% discount on the purchase of a franchise
  • 10% discount for VR parks visitors when paying in VR tokens

Virtual Parks and VR applications

  • Marketplace with a large selection of applications for Virtual Parks.
  • Marketplace with a large selection of applications for Virtual Parks.
  • VR Games for different age groups and business audiences

Advantages of using Virtual Park

  • Our Body Control System
  • Our main technological advantage is the body control system, which allows you to track all the actions of players within the smart space. This technology brings competitive advantages over existing projects.
  • The value of the Virtual Park platform
  • The value of the Virtual Park platform and the digital assets of the VR tokens, project depends on the growth in the number of active participants in the system. Thus, the primary task after the launch of the platform will be its popularization among the community of developers and techno geeks.
  • Our Virtual Parks
  • Each VR game park is designed for an unlimited amount of content that visitors can choose. This content can be both gaming and educational.

In Conclusion

Virtual Park has built a platform for developing VR technology that enables everyone to interact with the virtual world, implement their ideas and popularize them. Thanks to the Virtual Park Company technology solution, people can now interact with the virtual world and implement their ideas easily and safely.

Token Sales

Token Symbol VR
Token Sale Start 17.04.2019
Token Sale End 29.05.2019
Tokens for sale 3,900,000
Tokens Price $1
Specifications ERC-20
Soft cap $800,000
Hard cap $3,000,000
Sale duration 42 days

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