Virtual Park is a platform combining modern virtual reality technology (REVIEW)

We have created an infrastructure that allows you to fully embody and integrate your ideas on the Virtual Park platform and popularize them!

Organizing Virtual Park platform is really seen as a decentralized growth and protecting crypto assets for everyone, and we believe that Virtual Park platform can strengthen it with a right and reliable framework.


Virtual Park is a platform for the development of VR industry in the global market.

Thanks to the technological solutions of Virtual Park Company, we will present users with new opportunities to interact with the virtual world, identifying trends in the development of this industry. With the help of tokens, we intend to bring virtual reality to a new level of sensations and possibilities, as well as to make the technology more accessible.

VR Tokens

The VR tokens is the basis of the entire platform and will be released on the blockchain platform according to the ERC-20 standard. VR Token, released as part of a distribution, have a utility function and will be a means of transferring value within the platform. The VR tokens can be used as a means of payment for the purchase of games and modules developed by VR, by both franchised Virtual Parks and regular users. Payment in tokens will allow the buyer to receive a discount of 15%.

Our Community

Not only technologies are developing but also people who use these technologies. Those who are already involved in the new blockchain economy will change the world tomorrow and will bring millions and billions of people with them. These people are the future engine of progress. Our project simplifies the mechanisms of interaction between humans and the virtual world, which allows more and more people to use various services in the field of virtual reality. We open for our customers easy and convenient access to the best practices of the VR market, embodied in the Virtual Park project through tokens.

VR Park & Psycho Technology at CES 2019

Great news! In January you will have a unique opportunity for those who wish to try and study in details our technical decisions on VR segment, and also to talk directly with the members of our team and get answers on any questions which you are interested in. VR Park together with MSI will introduce Psycho Technology’s devices and software products at the prestigious CES 2019 international consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. This is an annual event that gathers more than 180,000 people from 155 countries on more than 250,000 square meters territory.

The VR Park project created a unique case in which modern offline business effectively uses virtual reality technology using the digital economy and provides an opportunity for everyone to participate in this exciting process.

Our smart contract

The basis for the development of our smart contract lay libraries, which provide a standard of reliability and security of executable code globally. The VR is token created according to the ERC-20 standard with a limited volume.

VR tokens owners’ benefits

• VR token is a unified currency unit in the VR Park ecosystem

• Marketplace support for VR apps and Psycho Payment merchant

• VR tokens provide a 20% discount on services in the VR Park & ​​Psycho ecosystem

• Benefits from the sale of VR tokens after ICO on crypto exchanges

How it works?

For developers

  • Access to the SDK
  • Integration into Virtual Park infrastructure
  • VR Lab: opportunity to realize your own product
  • VR Marketplace

Payment of VR applications in Virtual Park tokens

  • 15% discount when paying for applications in VR tokens
  • 10% discount on the purchase of a franchise
  • 10% discount for VR parks visitors when paying in VR tokens

Virtual Parks and VR applications

  • Marketplace with a large selection of applications for Virtual Parks.
  • Entertaining, marketing, educational VR apps
  • VR Games for different age groups and business audiences

More info:

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  3. ANN

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