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Executive summary

Since 2009, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies enjoyed a phenomenal growth in terms of public interest and valuation. Holding investors, professional traders and hobbyists all benefited in their own ways from the amazing opportunities granted by this brave new world. Nevertheless the trading game requires time, technical knowledge, analytical skills, discipline and proficiency using professional tools in order to achieve true success. Crypto traders without all of this missed opportunities or lost a chunk of their assets in the last few years.

Now that the VisionBanker platform enters the play, this is changing.


Cryptocurrency trading has been a continuously rising market since the first bitcoin transaction around early 2009. The next step spawned the birth of new cryptocurrencies and exchanges where people could trade different currencies. Today there is an active community of millions of traders exchanging coins in volumes corresponding to >100 Billion USD every single day.

There are dozens of exchanges where people buy or sell bitcoins or so called altcoins, trying to make a profit from the current market trend, trading channels signals, news feeds or even pure luck and intuition. There are communities of hobbyist traders talking in channels like Telegram, Slack or Discord or on internet forums, who collaborate in the hopes of forging a path through the vast universe or crypto trades.

We’ve been part of this community for quite a while, and want to offer a tool allowing us to join
forces and all profit from. Historically, the hive mind has always won out.

Hectic lifestyle accompanied by longer usage of smartphones and tablets is anticipated to drive the need for eyesight improvement solutions and overall eyewear market size. The prevalence of myopia has been reported to be as high as 70-90% in some Asian countries . Some effective actions are required, that can help people globally.

Most people don’t know if and when their eyesight has changed and come to a doctor when the need for the eyewear becomes obvious. Even if checked by the doctor, the patient’s vision data is not stored online, and not shared if the next check happens with another optician. As a result the eyesight records are sometimes lost and patients become unaware that their eyesight has changed over the years. Also important is that they cannot compare their eyesight parameters with a benchmark – other people of similar age or profession. Nowadays, around 50% of the developed world population is wearing glasses².

Crypto trading facts

Hedge funds, professional traders and hobbyists share the same exchange platforms, and environment but are not quite equal when it comes to resources, manpower, knowledge and tools.

Indeed, efficient trading requires resources like computational power to run intensive data models and crunch historical data trends crucial for assessing strategies risk-free. High-speed connections are needed to reach to exchanges around the world. Aside from computational resources, trading takes a lot of time, especially for a one-person team.

Preparing the right strategy, having it analyze relevant data and get it ready to execute in a timely manner 24/7 within moving markets requires special abilities. This is hard enough leaving aside the discipline of steel and cool head needed to take the right decision at the right time. Trading is also a very technical domain where your area of expertise needs to span from an ability to perform technical analyses to machine learning and semantics analyses.

Medical institutions and research centers are missing a central worldwide database that keeps all the eyesight diseases statistics and dynamics. There are a few regional centers, such as European Registry of Quality Outcomes for Cataract and Refractive Surgery , but it collects information only from EU citizens.

Governments and institutions in many countries have started to realize the size of the problem. They try to control it and educate people of how to take care of their eyes. At VisionBanker we also want people to develop a habit to store the history of their eyesight data on our App and take better care for their eyes.

VisionBanker APP

VisionBanker offers specialized App that stores the person’s eyesight data, makes the forecast of the eyesight dynamics with age, offers daily advice on how to change behavior to improve the eye health, and offers personalized choice of eyewear. The service will be empowered by blockchain which can store the patients’ eyesight history in a secure and private manner so that users can select who can access their data and receive VBK tokens as a reward if their data will be used for scientific purposes. VisionBanker plans to expand globally, and hence the patients data stored with VisionBanker can stimulate scientific research and open new economic opportunities for eyecare and eyewear producers.

How It Works

  • A user stores his eyesight data on the VisionBanker App
  • By using users data the App makes a forecast of her possible eyesight dynamics in the future
  • User can allow push-notifications with daily advice on how to change her behavior in order to
    improve her vision
  • When visiting an Optometrist the user can update her diagnosis and vision measurements
  • By taking a photo of herself the user can provide his facial measurements and then by adding in the
    eyesight parameters the App can give recommendation of glasses which should fit her well

Visionbanker Mobile App


Business Development

VisionBanker aims to become a worldwide accepted eye data aggregator in the next several years. This could be reached by consistent acquisition of users from different regions, starting from South-East Asia and developing into the rest of the world. We plan to conduct regular marketing campaigns online in order to expand VisionBanker’s popularity and number of users.



In the future, VisionBanker will also develop different types of mutually beneficial collaborations institutions, such as medical service providers, optometric producers e.t.c.

Token Sale Details

  • HARDCAP 10,000,000 USD
  • TOTAL TOKENS 2,500,000,000 VBK
  • SOFTCAP 750,000 USD
  • CROWDSALE TOKENS 1,000,000,000 VBK


  • 0.01 USD per VBK
  • Accepting USD, BTC, ETH, USDT
  • Private Sale 40%
  • Pre Sale 35%
  • Token Sale 30%

Token Distribution

  • Crowdsale 40% 1,000,000,000
  • Bonus 14% 350,000,000
  • Development Fund 10% 250,000,000
  • Advisors and Investors 5% 125,000,000
  • Visionbanker Team 10% 250,000,000
  • Reserves 20% 500,000,000
  • Bounty 1% 25,000,000
  • Total 100% 2,500,000,000

Use of Proceeds

  • Technology 12.0% 1,200,000
  • Ecosystem 10.0% 1,000,000
  • Network 13.0% 1,300,000
  • Marketing 20.0% 2,000,000
  • Management 10.0% 1,000,000
  • Operation 25.0% 2,500,000
  • Legal & Compliance 10.0% 1,000,000
  • Total 100% 10,000,000

Why a Token Sale ?
An Initial Token Sale or Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the event for a cryptocurrency project such as VisionBanker to sell its cryptocurrency tokens VBK to early adopters and enthusiasts in exchange for funding. This is an opportunity for VisionBanker to fund the future development of the platform and for the purchasers of tokens to participate in the early stage of the project.

From the VisionBanker platform’s point of view, it is also an unique opportunity to inform future users (whether they actually participate in the sale or not) about features they’ll be able to enjoy on the platform. Moreover, users who’ll have taken part in the Initial Token Sale will benefit from an early glimpse at the platform when the “funders” version is released.


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