Bring Smart Mortgages around the World

Mortgages are enthusiasm for securing real property owned by loan sharks as collateral for obligations, usually cash loans, mortgage loans themselves are not liabilities, they are collateral from loan sharks for a liability. This is an exchange of enthusiasm for the land or the identity of the owner with the mortgage lender, depending on the premise that this premium will be returned to the owner when the mortgage conditions are met or fulfilled. After all, a mortgage is a loan guarantee given by the lender to the borrower.

VITA is the world’s first Smart Mortgage provider with a revolutionary guarantee process, forward-thinking, dynamic and simple for first-time buyers to buy a home. Vita breaks the mold of your standard highway mortgage lender. Our radical approach will destroy all the traditional old-fashioned approaches used by traditional mortgage loans and home ownership and change it in a way to make the world look at our approach and wonder why this was never thought of before. This radical reform has been long awaited.

VITA is the brainchild of several dedicated cryptocurrency developers from around the world. We want to find one big problem and try to solve it. We do this only by creating Smart Mortgages.

VITA has created an innovative new concept that will change the process of obtaining a mortgage and buying a house on its head. For too long people have struggled to get a mortgage or provide a family home without working every hour God sends.

This will change! Throughout our white paper, we have shown our vision of what we can achieve and how together – with the support of like-minded investors, that dream can be realized!

We have built a platform
to offer Smart Mortgages.
Buying your first home should be easy, with VITA Smart Mortgage we will make it possible. Funded by cryptocurrency, VITA will take the lead with home purchases using cryptocurrency.

You can buy VITA with Eth and BTC

Simply register at the top of the page and when the token sale starts, you can then participate

After the tokens are sold we will start to build the property. This is when we registered the token on the exchange. Evidence of work will increase the price of the token which means you can then trade, sell and buy more vita tokens

VITA APP will run next to the VITA HOMES website – coming soon

You will be able to apply, view and buy property directly or simply make a request to view it.

The VITA application will also be used for customers to pay for all utilities in the VITA token and FIAT. Exchange from FIAT to VITA will also be available.

The VITA application will be a one-stop process for buying your first home, fully integrated to give you the simplest process for buying your first home.

All Vita application features will be available for use after the VITA house is built.

Register Request to view Buy property Pay your utility There are no more expensive fees

This radical reform has been long awaited.
VITA was developed by several dedicated cryptocurrency developers from all over the world. We want to find a big problem and try to solve it. That is precisely what we have done with the creation of Smart Mortgages.
VITA has developed an innovative new concept that reverses the mortgage and home purchase process. For too long, people have struggled to take out mortgages or provide for family needs without having to work every hour God sends.

  • 1 Sep 2019 (09:00 GMT)
  • Number of tokens sold
  • 10,000,000  LIFE  + 20% Bonus


  • 30 Sep 2019 (23:59 GMT)
  • Exchange rate token
  • For ICO 1 Eth = 1500 LIFE
  • Acceptable currency
  • ETH, BTC
  • Minimum number of transactions
  • $ 25 / £ 30
  • Stage 2 1 Oct 2019 – 31 October 2019
  • 1000 = 25,000,000 LIFE 1 – Good 10%
  • Last Level 1 Nov 2019 – 30 Nov 2019
  • 15,000,000 LIFE = 1 and 500 – Good 5%

Token Distribution 

Use of results 

Payment method accepted

  • Ethereum
  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin money
  • Litecoin
  • Delay


James Heywood> CEO & CEO Blockchain
Julie Hubberstey> CLO & Content / Policy Advisor
Chris Jackson> CTO Developer & Blockchain

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