Vite is a new generation of peer to peer ridesharingservice supported by Vitecoin Token,
Anyone can order taxis easily using their mobile device easily and conveniently
Steer clear of these traditional services treat drivers badly and rely on their low earnings to improve their business by offering a mutually beneficial model for the driver, driver, and city involved. Unlike the big cuts charged by the competition, cutting up to a quarter of the driver’s revenues, Vite drivers keep what they earn, with a 5-10% catch of revenues going into the Vite Impact Fund (VIF), maintaining service technology infrastructure and funding social causes. We believe that large organizations should be driven by the goal of creating healthy profit models. Vitecoin will remove the hassle of carrying cash, credit cards and becoming the leading digital currency settlement layer between driver and driver.


Competitive advantage



Unlimited Payment

The single currency received by all drivers and Vite drivers globally, allowing for rapid growth across the emerging citie



Freedom of comfort

Vitecoin eliminates the hassle of bringing in bulk of cash for payments, as well as credit card restrictions and fees.



Freedom in data control

Users do not give up their personal data using Vitecoin. No third-party data manipulation is different from credit card.


Personal Sales & Values

August 20, 2018
Number of tokens on sale
10,000,000 VT (5%)
August 31, 2018
Token exchange rate
1 ETH = 10000 VT
Acceptable currency
Minimum Contribution

Token Distribution – Fund Priority Allocation





With the help of our team, contributors and investors, this is a milestone we hope to achieve.

Q1 of 2017

Lifted pre-seed funding from local angels.

Q2 of 2017

Development of Vite MVP begins.

Q3 of 2017

Launched a successful private beta with over 1000 customers in Mauritius.

Q3 of 2017

Vite was founded in Mauritius.

Q3 of 2018

Vite participated in the incubator program Aeternity ventures, Bulgaria.

Q3 of 2018

Personal token swap events
(August 20 – August 31, 2018)

Q3 of 2018

Token preview event
(October 1st to October 31st, 2018)

Q4 of 2018

Vite’s public launch on Android across Mauritius and South Africa

Q4 of 2018

Main token swap event
(November 15th to December 22nd)

Q4 of 2018

Main token swap event
(13 November to 22 December)

Q4 of 2018

Vitecoin hit the local exchanges.

Q2 of 2019

Vite undertakes a social impact project.

Q3 of 2019

Vite extends across Africa and Asia.




VITE provides solutions by allowing the best driver on an island to take you around. We are not only concerned with your safety, we are PRIORITIZE.
The Vite app, available on android and iOS is a mobile app that facilitates peer to peer ridesharing by connecting passengers who need a ride with the driver who owns the car at the keystrokes.
MVP has successfully beta tested with selected customers in the tech savanna island of India. Our inbuilt revolutionary Vitecoin payment will be accessible on both driver and driver applications prior to our launch.
  • Open apps (retrieved automatically)
  • Enter the drop off for the estimated tariff
  • Tap to request
  • The nearest driver receives and comes for pickup
  • Arrived. Pay with vitecoin or fiat. Driver level

    Vite Driver App DemoVite Driver App Demo







For more information, please visit us at the following link:

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