VITRONOMICS- longstanding trust project

Virtonomics is a fundamentally new paradigm and platform for creation of a mainstream cryptocurrency, VICoin, based on alternative virtual economy development.


1. VIRTONOMICS.COM is an active and longstanding trust project;

2. Virtonomics is a massively multiplayer online economic game, being one of the most popular and forward-looking MMO business simulators worldwide;

3. Virtonomics client base exceeds 2 million registered users ;

4. Virtonomics hits top positions in Google global search by relevant queries such as “online business simulation” and “online business game” with huge organic traffic;

5. Virtonomics is available in English, Russian and Spanish; German, French and Portuguese versions are under development;

6. Virtonomics engine is widely used by universities in different countries for teaching the basics of macro- and microeconomics and management as well as by many big corporations for managers’ corporate training .

Actual problems:

– Block mining as a way of cryptocurrency earning is still very much the preserve of advanced technology geeks;

– Earning cryptocurrency by mining involves quite substantial investment in technological infrastructure as well as operating costs of running and maintaining mining “farms” and electricity bills;

– A miner has almost ZERO influence on the process of gaining cryptocurrency, since everything depends on his spendings on equipment, capacity, productivity maintenance and electricity consumption;


– They develop an ecosystem of a virtual economy where one can get a return on his investments in the virtual company assets, generating the “fuel” for the cryptocurrency without burning away megawatts of electricity, buying tons of expensive hardware and video cards, or renting space for mining farms;

– In such ecosystem of a virtual economy, everyone can create and run his own company, invest all available capital in its development and gain convertible cryptocurrency from the investments;

– They create an ecosystem of an alternative economy where the owner and head of a large virtual company generating a sufficient amount of cryptocurrency can hire other people, regardless of their location in order to help managing and scaling up the enterprise, and pay them in cryptocurrency.


1. Virtonomics is an active and well-known trust project;

2. Besides the growing but still compact blockchain community, the project aims at the wide business community and the people looking for tools of operation and earning on the Internet that are clear and available for all;

3. The project team is one of the strongest in the world in its core field, that of creation of multiuser business simulations and complex virtual economies;

4. Earning VIC (VICoin) requires neither expensive mining equipment nor the use of megawatts of electricity. In order to develop a virtual business in an exciting multiuser economic gain one needs little time (starting at 30 minutes a day) and small upfront investments (starting at USD 50);

5. Actions and decisions of users impact the performance of their virtual companies and, consequently, the amount of cryptocurrency they dig;

6. VICoin tokens have the status of AppCoins, and being application coins they are free from regulatory risks.

Limited size of issue:

– The total amount of VICoin to be issued is set at 800 000 000;

– The economics of the token’s circulation is self-contained. One can buy any Virtonomics digging assets only for tokens. At the moment of purchase on Virtonomics Marketplace the according amount of tokens is burnt. Settlements between users for services provided (labor market in Virtonomics) are done exclusively in VICoin tokens;

– Tokens are issued gradually and with decreasing time effect.

Token Sale:

Token: VICoin

Acronym: VIC

Number of tokens: Max. amount that can be created is 800 000 000 VIC

VIC token price at ICO: USD 0.8 (denominated in ETH)

Token status (type): AppCoin

The amount of VIC tokens is limited at 40.000.000 (February through March 2018).


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