transformational financial technologies that have introduced a large-scale decentralization of mortgage financing in the world

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Viva is a transforming financial technology that introduces a large-scale decentralization of mortgage financing in the world.  The Viva platform will use intellectual contracts for a home loan based on crowdfund, connecting borrowers and direct investors to a decentralized and unsafe ecosystem.  Using ultra-safe transactions with the chain, Viva cut off the intermediary, which led to a more profitable and efficient lending process for all stakeholders.
Viva allows the free market to determine the interest rate on the borrower’s mortgage and eliminates the need for banks and other financial intermediaries.  Excluding inefficiency in the local financial system, the mortgage rate will be more fair and accurate, reflecting the level of risk associated with the real value of the asset.  The failure of the banking system in 2008 led to the first crypto-currency in the world and initiated the process of decentralizing the powers of financial conglomerates.  Viva intends to complete the work – abandoning the ineffective centuries-old financial system, in which it actually belongs: in the past.

Viva platform

To get an overview of the Viva Platform Network architecture, we describe it as another logical unit.  This is basically a collection of several individual cluster systems, often interacting through the RESTful API, with events that can be checked for blocking and intellectual contracts.  These component views are only for conceptual purposes and will be fully integrated at the user level.  The main system, consisting of Viva Network Platform:


We believe that the most effective solution to the problem of global inequality of economic wealth is technological progress.  Blockchain technology is an innovation that has proven its ability to decentralize and destroy some of the world’s largest industries.
Viva aims to revolutionize the ancient mortgage lending industry by reducing intermediaries and decentralizing processes, thereby applying a more fundamentally accessible and transparent approach to financing.  We believe that Viva technology will increase the availability of loans for borrowers and for the first time allow non-institutional investors to participate in stable incomes, relying on assets related to investments in mortgages, a product that is traditionally reserved for large financial institutions.  Moreover, allowing the free market to dictate the risks and the corresponding value of each mortgage – unlike a bank – we expect to see a fairer price for a mortgage. The Viva platform will be used by them both in the developed and in the developing world,


Our mission is to destroy the mortgage industry, allowing buyers and home sellers to establish self-regulation.  Every person from anywhere in the world will have access to credit loans for credit houses through the decentralized Viva Platform open market network.
In addition, the Viva function as an investment and savings platform available only on a mobile phone means that all Viva users will have access to credit, savings and investment and secure transactions supported by standard locking services – regardless of the country in which they are located live.

Exchange Viva FMS Application

After the mortgage loan successfully performs reverse processing using the Fractionated Mortgage Shares, it will be available for sale on the exclusive Viva FMS Application Exchange located in Viva Network Peron.  The application will work like a typical online exchange of crypto-currencies, and the FMS will trade in a way similar to any revised revenue guarantee.  Investors will be able to use this platform to buy (offer) and sell (request) FMS.
These applications include data analytics tools, charts and functionalities that classify all FMS securities based on risk assessment, profitability, duration, IRR, etc.  with individual portfolio recommendations and automation available to the average investor.  In the Viva FMS Exchange application, an investor can simply click on FMS and view individual information about:

Exchange Viva FMS Application

1 Credit rating of the lender;
2 Information about the borrower’s creditworthiness includes: age, employment status, payment history, credit rating, income, other relevant financial liabilities, ability to repay debt (interest coverage ratio);
3 Two standard risk algorithms based on ranking (classification system 1 and 2);
4 All asset data includes: cost, address / location, size, age and quality of the physical structure, insurance level of homeowners, etc.
5 Standard conditions of Viva recommendation;
6 All the terms of the mortgage agreement include: duration, yield, interest rate (and the VIVA / USD exchange rate date for that date), the cost of the loan at the base facility, and so on.

How it works VIVANetwork:

Token Generation event info

=> Token generation with hard cover: 3 000 000 000 VIVA tokens
  • Pre-Sales

=> Hard ETH cover: 6,870 ETH
  • Preliminary Sale 1

=> Bonus Bonus: 40%
=> ETH Lifting cover: 500 ETH
  • Advance Sale 2

=> Token bonus: 35%
=> ETH raised cover: 2,570 ETH
  • Preliminary Sale 3

=> Bonus bonus: 30%
=> ETH Lifting cover: 6 870 ETH
Distribution current
Total number of tokens: 4 billion VIVA
  • 75% – Event generating tokens

  • 7.5% – distribution of teams

  • 3.75% – Advisory distribution

  • 10% – Distribution of the fund

  • 3.75% – distribution of marketing contribution, bounty and private

Street card

  • May 2016 – The beginning of the original idea.

  • June 2017 – Study of the ecosystem of chain links for the determination of relevant basic technologies.

  • July 2017 – the creation of the service-oriented architecture of the Viva platform.

  • August 2017 – Data analysis of geological exploration and feasibility study.

  • November 2017 – Development of the algorithm for estimating value 1.0.

  • Q1 & Q2 – 2018 – Token Generation events start and MVP development.  Start a large-scale campaign.

  • Q3 – 2018 – Development of Real Value 2.0 application.  • Legal and regulatory licenses.

  • Q4 – 2018 – launches the Real Value 2.0 application.  Completion of exclusive ML-algorithms.

  • Q1 – 2019 – the transition to the Viva Network platform begins.

  • Q2 – 2019 – launches the Viva Network platform and a successful first mortgage loan for the purchase of housing with the Viva mortgage financing system.

Christian Fiddick
Chief Architectn
Nick Thomson
Chief Executive Officer
Benjamin Erichsen
Chief Operating Officer
David Erichsen
Chief Technical Officer
Tarek Waked
Chief Strategy Officer
Wilson Carter
Chief Marketing Officer
Greg Maybury
Accounting Manager
Katherine Masters
Director of Public Relations
Jeff Hooton
Full Stack Developer

Blake Carter
Director of Business Expansion
Alex Brown
Financial Advisor
William Lewis
Linc Kupke
Assistant Architect

Nikolai Paloni
Branding Expert
Kenneth Thomson
Real Estate Analyst
Paul Montero,
Chief Financial
Dennis O’Connell
Global Architect, CTO
Loretta Joseph
Government Blockchain Consultant, World Renowned FinTech Expert
Stephen Thomson
Real Estate Developer, Entrepreneur
Marlon Weems
Director of Business Development, FinTech Consultant
Gilbert Darrell
Blockchain Entrepreneur
Dr. Kishan Sudusinghe
Quantitative Developer
Jesse Beohm
Senior Risk Analyst
Jeremy Swan
Managing Principal, CohnReznick
James Anfossi
Senior Risk Modeler
Josh Hebb
Senior Technical Consultant
David Lorek
Senior Software Engineer



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