VIVA- Decentraloised home lone financing


What is Viva Network?
Viva Network is a decentralized mortgage lending platform that allows borrowers and investors to innovate and meet directly in 1 place safely and securely. The Viva platform has been driven by cutting-edge blockchain technology so that investors and borrowers can create trade without the need for middlemen or government barriers. By applying the devices produced by Viva, the entire financing process will run safer, more efficiently and economically.

Viva will be used to create new markets in the lending / mortgage industry. The goal is to reduce the inefficiency it has when rendering it cheaper to buy a home.

This could be a fist period, Viva allows an accredited private investor To buy a profitable high-end, profits direct FMS (Fractionalized Mortgage Shares). It will also help to innovate applications that have been built to improve the current state of affairs and the assessment of conventional credit and assessment procedures, often outdated.

Viva is just a transformative economic technology that introduces large-scale mortgage loans to the world. The Viva platform will use a prudent contract for a crowdfund home loan, connecting borrowers and investors directly only in a decentralized and unreliable ecosystem. By utilizing ultra-secure blockchain trading, Viva cuts intermediaries, resulting in a more lucrative and efficient lending process for all.

Viva allows the free market to ensure interest rates on the borrower’s mortgage and eliminate reliance on banks and other financial intermediaries. By eliminating inefficiencies in local financial techniques, mortgage rates will be more equitable and accurately reflect the level of hazard associated with the value of the actual asset.

The system works with unlimited and decentralized funding companies for home loans that have been developed to eliminate the need to rely on intermediaries such as financial institutions and banks as well as financial intermediaries.
Innovation is Viva’s key, the financial technology used on this System is intentionally used to attract larger decentralized mortgages to the people of the planet. The platform initiated smart contracts for the use of mortgage lending financing during crowdsales. And this connects Investors with p2p borrowers on a decentralized and unreliable technician platform. Utilizing the unmatched security of blockchain is your key to big trades. And by cutting intermediaries like Viva, the Lending procedure will be more profitable than ever.
This business allows the free market to choose the interest rate to be taken by Mortgage for the borrower. The need to have banks or intermediaries of alternative financial services is eliminated through procedures and can become a local financial institution. The cost of Home Loans will become stronger, representing the risks associated with it accurately in line with the actual value of the asset.
When banks failed in 2008 they brought one of the world’s first cryptocurrencies and started the process of decentralizing the power of financial conglomerates. Viva is currently looking for an approach to complete the process, thereby bringing all the energy in an older, conventional and completely outdated financing system – to leave them beforehand, where They’ve been reserved for a very long time.

Viva will address the problem in the direction of mortgage financing for example, as most of the world’s population will not have fair access to fill, with a decentralized mortgage lending platform backed by blockchain technology. The Viva Network will simplify and simplify the mortgage financing process and enable it to benefit each Participant. Special mortgage for home financing that was previously a problem for others, has now been rewarded and easier.

Information technology, transactions, and assessments
oriented blockchain missions will be supported by blockchain technology.

Ethereum and BigchainDB’s smart contracts on our Core empower decentralization in a very stable, resilient, transparent and trustless atmosphere.
Robust Microservice APIs
Built by software engineers specializing in large-scale enterprise system architectures, RESTful service-oriented architecture will enable Viva Network to adapt to changing industry trends and opportunities with ease.
Third Party FinTech Integration
Built to accelerate alternative financial trends by seeking integration with free suppliers from credit ratings to a common blockchain strength portfolio.
AI / ML Built
Embracing Machine Learning Ability to provide insight and Tips, The Viva Network will enable clients like never before, ranging from risk classification to portfolio and option portfolio loans.
Cloud Scalability
Built to leverage the elastic cloud scalability through containerization in Preparation for large-scale adoption of this stage, this could allow Low Latency, high-throughput fractionalized mortgage trading using high Availability.
Bigdata Ready.
The Viva Network platform will leverage AWS For infrastructure capable of processing large amounts of loans, Real estate, and trading datasets of patterns for machine learning analysis. It will develop a unique smart platform.

System Units
Unit set up is an approach to managing decentralized multiplayer games and provides fundamental method design to incorporate multiplayer awards. We will utilize the Ethereal blockchain and its admiration inspires accommodation to create a phase that allows equipment owners (specialist relationships) to share resources Bandwidth and their CPUs are not used by engineers who generally need them to have servers to drive their multiplayer convenience and get tokens to do at that limit . Gamers will have the ability to mark off phases by connecting their wallets to their game accounts so customers are a very powerful unit of a system that has a new mining process with all things considered to be an interesting type of course to mine a token.
Affiliate frameworks are a way of dealing with overseeing the decentralization of multi-player diversions and giving designers direct procedures to energize multiplayer features. We will use the Ethereal blockchain and Intelligent Combine Contract for an overview MAKE A Platform That Allows Hardware Owners (PROVIDER SERVICES) Sharing the exchange of unused information and CPU resources WITH engineers who all need their own dedicated server. to create a token. The bonds can have the capacity to isolate the chips from the phases by linking them to their preoccupation records to clearly bend the dynamic customers.


how it works.png

how it works2.png

Exchange-Done via Viva FMS app
As soon as the mortgage has completed the crowdfunding using the Fractionalized Mortgage Shares, it will immediately then be available for sale on the independent Viva FMS Application Exchange located on Viva Network Peron. If you are familiar with online cryptocurrency exchange, this won’t be much different from that. FMS will trade just like any revised earnings guarantee. Investors will be enabled to use the platform to buy or bid and sell FMS investment.


-data analytics tools.

  • graphs
    -risk rating
    -risk duration
    -IRR etc.
    -portfolio recommendations and
  • automation
    all available to an average investor.


Token Generation Event Details
Hard Cap Token Generation: 3,000,000,000 VIVA tokens

Hard-cap ETH: 6,870 ETH

Pre-Sales 1
Bonus tokens: 40%
ETH hard-cap lift: 500 ETH

Pre-Sales 2
Bonus tokens: 35%
ETH raised hard-cap: 2,570 ETH

Pre-Sales 3
Bonus tokens: 30%
ETH Hard-cap: 6.870 ETH
Distribution Token
Total number of tokens: 4 billion VIVA

75% – Token Generation Event
7.5% – Team Allocation
3.75% – Advisory Allocation
10% – Fund Reserve Allocation
3.75% – Allocation of Marketing Contribution, Bounty, and Private.



Distribution of tokens

75% DistributionThe maximum number of tokens that will circulate among participants at the time of the completion of TGE is 3 billion. This circulating source of VIVA will not be represented and can be indicated on regular exchange of crypto currency after TGE.

10% Reserve fundsThe total number of tokens, which will be distributed according to the functions of the reserve fund, will be 400 million. These tokens are stored in reserve and used to provide and facilitate various functional applications of the Viva network, including: a backup pool for the Real Value 2.0 Home Valuation Application, FIAT / CRYPTO facilitator software, and other backup requirements.7.5% Development teamThe total number of tokens that are saved by members of the Viva Network team, which will be transferred within 1 year from the Token Generation event, will be 300 million.3.75% Team of advisersThe total number of tokens that will be allocated to consultants is 150 million tokens. These tokens will be unavailable within 3 months of the completion of the TGE.3.75% Marketing, Bounty and Private Asset AllocationThe total number of tokens that will be saved for marketing operations, private contributions and a grant program will be 150 million. These tokens will be frozen until the completion of the token creation event and the completion of the Bounty program.

Token Network UnitClients with over 10,000 NU tokens will have the capacity to get more tokens by getting into own or transfer by renting out their equipmentEngineers looking to have an easy-to-combine, secure, and stable multiplayer arrangement can lease the foundations of a Network Unit using NU tokens.Engineers will get a penalty offer if one of their hosts is punished. This will be given in the NU tokenNU Token will be tradable on tradingA Dynamic Client is a player who participates in inspection procedures. They help make the system more reasonable and more secure. For their support, they get a piece of tokens given to the administrator of the community, given their commitment.

Project road map

May 2016The origin of the concept of the idea of a decentralized platform Viva and its primary development.June 2017Further study of the principle of the modern technology of blocking for its subsequent use.July 2017Purposeful, service-oriented architectural planning of the Viva platform.August 2017Consecutive study of the market services.November 2017The algorithm for estimating the real cost of the application 1.0 Home is developed.Q1-Q2 2018Launching an event for creating tokens and developing MVP. Conduct a large-scale marketing campaign.Q3 2018Development of Real Value 2.0 application. Obtaining legally certified licenses and other documents.Q4 2018The first launch of Real Value 2.0Completion of the ML algorithm.Q1 2019Gradual and confident launch of the decentralized platform Viva.Q2 2019Conducting the first mortgage on the platform and its further actions.



The Viva network is a decentralized ecosystem that connects mortgage borrowers with global investors within a cloud platform. Innovative technology Viva uses special contracts Ethereum to provide and securitize private home loans in Fractionalized Mortgage Shares (FMS), which can easily be bought and sold in the Viva FMS Exchange application.









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