In modern conditions, real estate purchase / sale transactions are implemented with minimal reliability. It is often difficult to find the optimal option for the conditions. With the greatest problems in this issue are facing mortgage borrowers. The listed difficulties are intended to solve the ICO Viva Network project, which is a modern development. It addresses the various problems associated with the purchase and sale of real estate, as well as the improvement of this process through the use of innovative technologies.

Features of the project

The ICO Viva Network project provides for the creation of a decentralized ecosystem that will ensure the interaction between mortgage borrowers and global investors. They will be merged under the cloud platform, which is created using Blockchain technology. In accordance with the innovative development, a modern platform Ethereum is used to create decentralized services based on smart contracts. As a result, the interaction of mortgage borrowers who will carry out transactions within the framework of the Fractionalized Mortgage Shares (FMS) platform will be ensured.

The Viva Network project involves the creation of the FMS Exchange application, which is designed to perform real estate purchase and sale transactions in the secondary market. The application of mortgage shares in the modern ecosystem will provide investors with the acquisition of mortgage loans from property buyers from anywhere in the world. The use of an innovative platform will make the process of making transactions quick and simple.

Each participant in the transaction will have free access to the market, and will also be able to use international arbitrage with an interest rate and receive mortgage loans on favorable terms. They will have a lower interest rate, which will allow you to maximize the return on your investment. As a result of the project, benefits will be provided to all participants of the mortgage real estate market.

The purpose of the project

According to the developers of the project ICO Viva Network, the main goal of its creation is to eliminate the global mortgage industry, which lacks efficiency and security of transactions. As a result, an ecosystem is created in which a profitable, quick and transparent way of acquiring real estate will be introduced. 

The developer also initiated the creation of his own technology for financing mortgage loans. For this, the intellectual infrastructure of smart contracts will be used. The financing system ensures the interaction between creditors and buyers from anywhere in the world. 

Project advantages

Considering the ICO Viva Network project, we can distinguish the following advantages of its implementation:

• it is expected to use modern technologies that have proved themselves on the positive side;

• Decentralized and unhindered financing of mortgage loans is ensured, which avoids the need to address intermediaries such as banks and other financial institutions;

• The project will create a free market in the mortgage industry, which will make housing more accessible, and making transactions efficient;

• will be improved through the use of modern applications;

• Each participant benefits, as his profit increases, and the transaction is simplified.



The Viva Network project is able to achieve high efficiency and profitability, therefore it is worth paying attention to it in the mortgage market.

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