Crowdfunding is viable to man as it’s a means of  investment with the hope of getting hugh returns, mainly for people who wants to raise funds for benefits as well as people who want to contribute. But as they say, nothing is perfect. There’s a problem in almost everything, and likewise crowd funding they seem to be problem. One of such is the problem of middlemen and the outrageous charges the borrowers incur in the course of borrowing. Apart from the cost, there are some necessary requirements which must be provided, without it the borrower will be denied loan. Such problem has been tackled by the team, helping to eliminate such middle men, giving such borrowers to incur loans at low cost in an easy and secured manner. Viva financial system is largely brand new for both lenders and borrowers. Investors and lenders need not to worry as a track record of investment performance figures displaying strong overall risk adjusted for investors shall be provided. Problems investors also have is the problem of identifying or knowing a right and secured source or means where their assets can be sold. A function that has never been possible with financial securities before blockchain due to the past requirement for a centralized ledger, but yet vivanetwork made such possible. A successful lending operation that also provides both superior risk adjusted returns for investors and savings for borrowers was also created. So it’s a win-win for both borrowers and investors. A system that is transparent and free of crimes. A loan servicing standard will be set out laying down the guidelines and rules that must be signed by each party so as to protect one another interest.

Vivanetwork is a market place designed specifically for compliant transactions of Viva’s Fractional Mortgage shares Investments (FMS), giving viewers the ability to view all the available offerings, “bids” and “asks”, connecting and transacting with other buyers and sellers directly. It is also governed by four main parties: the borrower (seeking to buy a property), the multiple lenders(crowd funding investors), the security agent( typically a hired law firm) and the loan service (viva’s marketplace lending platform). These parties are further twined with three main contracts- the loan agreement (between the borrower and the multiple lenders represented by security agent), the mortgage (between the borrower and the security agent and the security/collateral agent agreement (between the multiple lenders and security agent)



it is a hybrid primary market crowdfunding platform for originating loans and funding multi lender secured loan agreements introducing both local and international capital to borrowers in regions with inefficient credit systems



  • To give back wealth to the consumers eliminating any form of middlemen (banks), giving them lower rates for borrowers and better investments for lenders.
  • To make lending easy for borrowers giving them access to fair financing from multiple lenders around the globe. To make capital borderless
  • To create a secured and assets backed investment that guarantees monthly cash.
  • To create wealth and means to build more wealth and growing savings through the power of compound interest.



  • It eliminates the need for home buyers relying on their local banks to get a mortgage and buy a home.
  • Vivan network is a standardized and transparent risk assessment free
  • Investors can participate in buying and selling their assets by directly sending their holdings to other investors.
  • Transparent and user friendly platform
  • Low mortgage rates with fast, easy system
  • Easy access to foreign capital and liquidity



Token supply: 4,000, 000, 000

Company: VIVA Network Holdings Limited

Token (ticker symbol): VIVA

Technology: ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain based

TGE Distribution: 3, 000, 000, 000 VIVA Tokens distributed the TGE

The unsold tokens will be burned automatically by the smart contract system



Tokens generation event distribution: 75%

Teams allocation: 7.5%

Advisors allocation: 3.75

Marketing bounty & private contribution allocation: 3.75

Reserve fund allocation: 10%




MAY 2016

Inception of initial idea- to create and utilize a blockchain based technology which enables global investors to crowd fund private mortgages without the need of banks


JUNE 2016

  • Compiled an initial term of software engineers
  • Prototyping and exploration of Etherum and wider blockchain ecosystem to identify suitable core technologies



High level, service oriented architecture planning of the Viva platform and scalable infrastructure



  • Extensive feasibility analysis in the form of acquiring advisors and other due diligence meetings
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Continued research into legal, regulatory and compliance due-diligence including required licenses and other regulatory hurdles required for the Viva network platform’s mortgage crowdfunding operation
  • Continued research into legal, regulatory and compliance due-diligence, including required licenses and other regulatory hurdles required for the viva network platforms mortgage crowd funding operation
  • Continued research and refinement of ICO and marketing strategies
  • Continued product development


Q1 2018

  • Continued ongoing research into legal, regulatory and compliance due-diligence including required licenses and other regulatory hurdles required for the Viva Network Platforms mortgage crowd funding operation
  • Continued ongoing research and refinement of ICO and marketing strategies
  • Initiate development Viva Network Website and MVP
  • Initiate the tender process for outsourcing of marketing and software development team


Q2 & Q3 2018

  • Initiate marketing and promotional campaign
  • Launch Token Generation event
  • Launch the MVP-A website designed to provide users with the ability to preview the Viva Network platform
  • Hire a comprehensive team of software developers to be assigned to the development of the Viva network platform and the Viva FMS Exchange A

Team application by using funds rose during the early contribution period

Continued legal, regulatory and compliance due-diligence, including required licenses and other regulatory hurdles required for the Viva Network Platform’s mortgage crowd funding operation

Launch Viva Platform Beta


Q4 2018

  • In-depth architecture proposed and reviewed by third party auditors
  • Launch pegged-currency in Bermuda with Viva Labs
  • Establish end-user focus groups
  • Complete selection of cloud infrastructure and development technology partners
  • Upon completion of the Token Generation Event, our goal is for Viva to become lofted on the multiple cryptocurrency exchanges including at least one of the top five exchanges
  • Risk assessment and mortgage team recommendation ML algorithm design
  • Customized investor portfolio suggestions recommendation algorithm design
  • Propose complete RESTful API specification Produce high-fidelity UI prototypes
  • Release Viva Network Phase 2 white paper



  • Agile iteration on product design towards main development phase
  • Decoupled frontend vs. API development allows for early realistic user testing and observation
  • Continue R&D for prepayment assumption ML algorithm with extensive back testing and limitation/fairness analysis
  • Complete development of algorithm-based ISA technology. This software will use a financial algorithms and FMS derivatives with the intention being to provide users with an interesting accruing savings account that is feasible, highly liquid, easy to use and provides safe return to savers
  • Hire regional directors to oversee operations in initial locations
  • Establish disaster recovery to oversee operations in initial locations
  • Establish disaster recovery protocol and scalability testing
  • Complete system-wide security/privacy audit



  • Launch phase 1 and phase 2 operations
  • Integrate with various proprietary software systems that allow for more efficient operations
  • Complete internal testing and quality assurance Finalize regulatory requirements in at least 3 countries identified as prime candidates for initial roll out of Viva Hubs
  • Obtaining multinational utility and design patents on Viva Network’s proprietary technology and application
  • Begin incremental launch of the Viva Network Begin integration strategy with third party fintech partners
  • Integrate with third party block chain escrow services such as Serenity
  • Integrate with mainstream automated(passive) investment services like stash
  • Confirmed approval for phase 3



Launch phase 3 of development plan



Launch phase 4 of development plan



Kenneth Thompson: Market analyst

Katherine Masters: Director of public relations

William Lewis: Director of development

Cameron Smith: Social media manager

Nikolai Paloni: Branding manager

Nick Thomson: Chief Executive officer

Benjamin Erichsen: Chief Operations Officer

Christian Fiddick: Lead developer

Tarek Waked: Chief Strategy Officer

David Erichsen: Chief Technical Officer

Wilson Carter: Director of marketing

Alex Brown: Financial Controller

Jeff Hooton: Software Developer

Viva is a platform that is certainly going to be involved in an established as well as establishing countries, balancing geographical as well as economic distinctions, both financers and buyers will it benefit, giving room for those who wants to take a loan, and investors who wish to invest in, bridging the gap of middleman, reducing the rates of interest and having greater returns. Vivanetwork will increase the availability of credit for borrowers and for the first time allow non institutional investors to participate in the consistent mortgage investments. To join us or for more information, please kindly visit us by clicking any of the links below


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