Vivid is disrupting the way people interact, understand, and communicate their crypto portfolio.Vivid is a  new cross-platform augmented reality app that can be used to Track all actions, and manage your crypto , with best charts, drawing tools, indicators, and more.” According whitepaper, “disrupting the way people interact, understand, and communicate their crypto portfolio”. It is a unified platform it aims to be the de facto standard for consuming and interacting with the cryptocurrency space.
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What this platform offre:
1. Track all actions, and manage your crypto portfolio;
Record and manage all actions related to your crypto assets with better charts, tools, indicators, etc.
2. You will be able to see all your values in any way that you want;
it will allow users to add a wide range of custom indicators to their charts.
3. Able to view your data in augmented reality;
View common crypto-currency markets, coin diagrams and modular indicators in three-dimensional space.
Consider the comprehensive services from Vivid.
The ecosystem with an established social and market analysis platform, Vivid allows developers to take advantage of our APIs to display their currency information on their site, add custom chat features and much more.
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Advertising purchases: an additional key segment for the Vivid biological community is the open door for new ICO / token sale ventures, existing currencies and other organizations related to digital money to buy advertising space within the expanded reality part of the scenario. By obtaining, for example, a 3D representation of a specific currency that uses VIVID tokens for an indefinite period of time, another emerging ICO can contact a large group of viewers in an exceptionally viable way and connection.
● Access to the API: VIVID tokens can be used  to buy privileges for future applications with using market information and group substance, and that’s just the beginning.
● Tilt user-generated content: customers can use their VIVID tokens to vote on quality substance, which acts as a motivating force for specialists in specialized exams to move their substance to the stage of vivid distribution. This upward positive force is a key factor in providing a compatible development in a dynamic and connection mold.
● Access to Pro features: a remarkable driver for some, brokers, highlights, for example, specialized exam pointers are a key part to start using the start token. These unlock able featured elements incorporate, but are not limited to, state-of-the-art pointers, schematic explanations, augmented reality encounters without promotion and selective shareable substances.
But what are the advantages of the Vivid Token platform:
1. Ease of use;
This is a platform that benefits both experienced traders and beginners in this field.
2. Time and reliability;
services support a high degree of reliability.
3. Decentralized content;
users themselves decide what is going up.
4. The agnostic device;
Vivid will be available to any user in wide range of device.
5. Cooperation;
Involvement of all interested in various aspects of the cryptosphere, in real time.
analysis, it allows developers to use APIs to display information about their coins on their site, add custom chat features and much more.
VIVID  Token
An Ethereum ERC20 based token, 140,000,000 VIVID tokens have been created on a
fixed supply. The token distribution allocation is as follows:
Price: 1 ETH = 10,000 VIVID
Type: ERC20
1 ETH = 12,000 VIVID
Total Token Supply Allocation Chart
Total Tokensale – 76.2% – 106,700,000 VIVID
Founders & Team – 14.6% – 20,500,000 VIVID
Future Partnerships – 2.9% – 4,000,000 VIVID
Future Development- 2.9% – 4,000,000 VIVID
Advisors – 1.7% – 2,400,000 VIVID
Bounty Pool – 1.0% – 1,400,000 VIVID
Token Hunt – 0.7% – 1,000,000 VIVID
The team is filled with experienced personnel who are well equipped to make this project successful.
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