Today I am come off with revolutionary project review that is VLB Token, VLB is the token with fuel for car taxi, it is an ecosystem, VLB is the vehicle lifecycle Blockchain, there is a number of procedure or models while the vehicle life cycle. I meanwhile coming to the market that I will explain further, The ICO is starting few days left, The most important thing is that already furnished with great amount of Ethereum, it is already funds received from institutional investors 10,000 ETH, This great project car fix created a new approach to the vehicle lifecycle industry, 

This is awesome project and good ecosystem which they having that create a new approach to the vehicle lifecycle industry still going through the ICOs and whitepaper and then complete website detail, The insurance company is include and the claim managers, Banks, Car dealers and car owners, car insurance after-market spare parts it will be 26 Billion, car insurance will be 38 Billion and further detail is in picture,

More than trillion transactions happening in a vehicle life cycle industry, So everything is control in one system and then coming with each face with the reduce cost for the customer as well as the client, So it is too much needed and then it’s having a high transparency because it is using Blockchain where every transaction will be completely tracked there will be no token to claim in, So VLB token will be the fear form ecosystem,Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain Tokens are “utility tokens ”that will be required for industry

Constituent store cord transactions on the Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain and to “finance”

Commissions as compensation paid to PoS Nodes


VLB ICO has start from 27 November 2017 and it will end on 17 December 2017.

Total Token Raised 200 Million

Total Hard Cap 300,000 ETH


If you have marketing or development skills and want to help in the promotion and marketing of the project, there are awards in VLB TOKEN for all those that wish to participate and spread the word to their friends and social media followers and fans!

You can click on the bounty link below for more details on how you can participate. All participants of the bounty campaigns must join the slack room and be active in order to engage in the projects at hand. Whether an Investor or Bounty Hunter, please check all the links below for a more in-depth look at VLB PROJECT and how it is poised to take initiatives to integrate marginalized members of our society back to where they belong, in an abundant and civilized world where Investors, Philanthropists and the Impoverished can work side by side to create a more pleasant world to live in.

More news and a timeline about VLB PROJECT will follow in my next post so stay tuned!


I am closing this great project by showing some important links which are very needed, There is also a Bounty Campaign LINK Bitcoin talk, in links below you also get all the information about the development team of this project and all the other members detail who are working very hard to make this project a huge success.







BitcoinTalk Bounty


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