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Hello crypto world in this article I want to examine Vname ICO Project.

The best way to identify individuals anywhere in the world is built around the concept of naming. This clearly cut across the very links of all personality details to the names of such persons or individuals. This is essentially the best way and framework paradigm to go about it, when identification is to be done. The blockchain technology node is set to make this approach even more better for the users and also wallet owners in general. It is the simplistic approach now been adopted for changes by the blockchain technology. It thus, it has given raise to the presence of the VName blockchain cryptocurrency ecosystem or platform. It is the decentralized address verification system platform for blockchain users and wallet identification links. Thus, linking these wallets with usernames are unique and tremendously essential for blockchain cryptocurrency users.


The VName is all about the connective relationship of user-names with their wallets instead of the present day long accounts been used. Thus, in essence, it is to make the process easier and more flexible for the users. It is also adopted to make transactions process and all kinds of crypto dealings reliable for the users through the VName platform. Names are a conventional way of identification, hence having the right name linkage and the right wallet identification synced together gives the user safety when trading and transacting on the platform. This is very efficient, reliable, trustworthy and, more than ever full of integrity compared to the present day wallet identification been used.

-What can VName Do for You.

The place of carrying out transactions in a manner which reaches the main destination is the main challenge that bugs the cryptocurrency market today. It is true that the cryptocurrency marketplace has exploded over the years with tremendous amount of growth and most uniquely, also a place of human error has emerged, when transactions are done eliminating the very nob of priceless loss in revenue on a daily basis. The VName is set to revolutionize this trend and make accessibility more proficient and grant the users a mode of assurance when transactions are done daily. It is very efficient and true today, that when a blockchain transaction is initiated, most times it is out of luck and share-contrast that it reaches the climax point of transaction destination. What does this imply; It means that users receive their money prompted from the start point to the very end. Thus, the VName creates a sequence, for which all transactions between wallets are identified with user names and made to identify each wallet by the user-names.Thus, making it simply and vastly improved than the conventional way it is general done now. The VName platform offers this prodigy in a constructive-manner(backend algorithm) to make it feasible and flexible for all trade(ing) options and paradigms.

-Highly Secure Structure.

The VName through its identification node makes it. uniquely secure and tremendously reliable without the place of human error when transactions are been done or carried out. It prevents any loss of wallet address and also anu form of monetary losses in general for the user. Thus, establishing a very reliable network security system of operation for users when transactions are done and carried out on the VName cryptocurrency platform.


-Unique Identity.

The best part of the VName is represented uniquely by its functionality and framework. it is established to make user-wallet-name identification simpler and easier for all. This is done by VName through provision of short and simply-dynamic usernames for all users on the blockchain making it easy to avoid all cases of mistakes in terms of wallet name readings, spellings,mistake checkings that may leave the user empty-handed.Hence, in doing this is a direct representation and avoidance of error well managed in the simplest manner. VName matches each user wallet to each name on all wallets. This is the name structure sequence of the platform. it categorizes the stem signal of solution driven possibilities and norms.

-Effortless Node.

The VName provides a sequence name identification that doesn’t stress user in any way.All the user needs to do is to simply use his brands to identify wallet point of entries and suspend any form of copying and pasting long unending user-names in general. it is thus, the best possibility for users in a simple manner when transactions are carried out.

-How it works Structure.

The VName how it works session iterates that all the user needs to do is basically copying and inputting the destination address of each transaction. Thus, the VName platform “helper script identifies the corresponding address to a username and validates it. This is done prompting the username leading to the right destination account for confirmation by the user and makes the transactions settled or sorted out.

-The Step Mode for “How it works”-

-[1]-Input address~[2]Check the Information~[3]Keep Calm and Transfer.(Further details of this structure should be accessed at


The Vname blockchain below in this section iterates the roadmap that depicts its milestones and completed aim, objectives and missions. Figure 1 below explains this concept clearly for users below. Furthermore, this image can be further accessed at VName’s homepage at


-What is DAICO

The Decentralized autonomous organisations, Initial Coin Offering was stated and established by the founder of the Ethereum for one sole purpose. This purpose is to eliminate the presence of risk financially in a decentralized fashion and node using the blockchain. The Vname platform is also equipped and purely embedded into this node in a unique fashion. The DAICO has two detailed options below, which are:

•The Drafts and;

•The Polls.

•Hence all detail of both DAICO operations, functionality and node operations such be accessed at, by users and investors on the Vname platform project.


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