What is VogoV? 
AVN Center Vogov of the year founded actor Marcus Dupre is an interactive porn studio distributed from the center. This studio launches the OGO coin collection, a single industry cryptographic currency that provides more usability than just a payment method. VogoV is supported by industrial influences, such as Rocco Siffredi and Bridgette B.
VogoV develops OgoShift, an infrastructure for cryptoCurrency for adults, including commercial accounts, cryptographic wallets, markets and stock exchanges. Today OgoShift, uniting four important parts of the entertainment industry, allows you to sell and buy affordable and timely goods and services for adults.
vogov way to change the game to participate in pornography. VogoV is an entertaining adult studio in Los Angeles that produces and distributes high-quality content in 4k and 60fps formats and VR video. In our studio, the decision-making process around adult videos was decentralized. This means that every marketer can vote for the created content. Scenarios, participating actors and actresses and other elements of production will be selected on the ballot paper.
Coins OGO, OGO pioneering innovative way to reward your money and provide business growth is an integrated $ 3 million for the adult crypto currency industry with a liquid pool. OGO coinage is an anonymous and safe way for adult goods and services without intermediaries. To ensure strong absorption in the use of OGO coins, VogoV developed a crypto-exchange infrastructure called OgoShift.
You can use cash OGO
  • Webcam DIRECTLY
  • PORN website
  • Application of Acquaintance
  • Online-practice ONLINE 
    sells 100 billion US dollars 
Token-tiga and economy of a coin The value of a CSO includes economic, economic and social values.
  • Community value: our tokens give coin holders the opportunity to participate in the episodic decision-making process in adult production at VogoV.com. Each OGO coin is a game for the content that the coin holder really wants to see.
  • Economic value: OGO Money is an integrated adult industrial crypto currency. The market turnover is supported by a pool of liquid funds and incineration of $ 3 million.USA. The revenues of OGO will be accepted as a form of payment by players in the sector in accordance with our partnership agreement.
  • Economic value: our tokens are three times cheaper than payment in currency, VogoV.com provides token owners membership and access to a paid subscription to TeenMegaWorld.net and TmwVRnet.com.
The combustion mechanism. OGO money is resold and stored in VogoV purse to compensate for the market price if it falls at a lower price from a crowded price. 
Liquidity liquidity of OGO is based on strong revenues and business partnerships and a pool of liquidity of $ 3 million. Partners can offer their goods and services for OGO coins and exchange rates for a currency in the liquid VogoV basin.
OgoShift payment infrastructure 
Support for the widespread use of cryptographic currency in the adult industry 
Make sure you  do not  miss the boat. Participation in 
The waiting list  will make you a  lottery to receive big prizes. After the first round of the wolf, VogoV studios held a special party in Los Angeles. 10 invited buyers will be invited with free flights and accommodation. It’s a great opportunity to meet a lot of popular pornstar and a well-known manufacturer.
PRE-CROWDSALE 21-31 AUGUST  https://vogov.io/

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