VOISE is a blockchain powered anonymous decentralized platform with personalized token based on Ethereum’s smart contract ecosystem for transactions.

VOISE is an innovative cryptocurrency powered solution for the music industry that allows artists to monetize their work in a collaborative P2P marketplace. They can set a price for their works, provide free sample tracks and seek support from music enthusiasts and users on the platform.

Since the emerge of electronic recording and distribution systems, artists have started finding themselves shortchanged when it comes to remunerations and rewards. And the audience are spoilt with alternative choices to access the digital content, but most of these are either expensive, which has forced many to opt for illegal downloads while encouraging piracy in the process.

The high cost of digital content can be attributed to middlemen who take hefty commissions and end up benefiting from the expense of both artists and consumers. VOISE, through its innovative platform and the use of new-age technology is attempting to address the problem by cutting out middlemen and optimizing content management and delivery.

The VOISE ecosystem, built using Ethereum protocol is a highly secure and transparent music and digital content distribution and streaming platform with one-of-a-kind model that shares 100% of sale proceeds with the artist – charging zero commission or processing fees.

At the same time, the platform also ensures the benefits are passed on to the users in the form of reduced prices.

Many believe that blockchain platforms and cryptocurrencies are complex technological creations which are not easy to use. They believe that for someone to be able to understand the technology and use any such platform should have advanced technical skills.

VOISE addresses these apprehensions by providing an easy to use interface and support for multiple cryptocurrencies as well as fiat to make it as good as any other conventional music streaming service out there in today’s market.

The team behind VOISE have conducted extensive research into the industry to identify the problems. They are implementing these learnings to develop a platform that can address most of the issues. The VOISE ecosystem is powered by its own VOISE ERC20 tokens, which acts as the primary mode of transaction on the platform.

An overview of VOISE platform features include Search.

Engine – Allows users to browse for artists, albums, genres, playlists, or songs by name.

Discover – Dedicated section to find new discoveries and recommended content you might want to listen.

Top Songs – Lists the top songs of the month based on the number of purchases.

Recommended – Recommendations based on purchased content, songs by an artist already listened to, content from the same genre and similar labels, content which users listening to similar content enjoyed.

New Releases – Latest release, sorted by date.

Genres – Classification of content into genres and user made labels.

Playlist – User created list of music containing paid content that hasn’t been purchased.

Includes free sample.

Radio – Global DAO Radio and Specific genre DAO Radio (explained in section 5)

Profile – Relevant information about the user along with option to upload or edit content.


Q1 2018

– Forging new partnerships in the music and cryptocurrency industries

– Adding more collaborators on the platform

– Coinomi Multi-cryptocurrency wallet integration

– Artist Verification System

– Launch of VOISE Mobile Client

Q2 2018

– Inclusion of customization option for users

– Addition of Podcast section

– DAO Radio launch

– Advertising – Phase I

– Inclusion of instant cryptocurrency exchanges

– Release of Masternode VX-600K

Q3 2018

– Implementation of fiat payment support

– Fiat exchange fee distribution round for token holders

– Public events and meetups

– Advertising – Phase II

– VOISE Explorer “4R-TIST” Launch 17 Refere

For further info. kindly visit:

Website: http://www.voise.com/

Whitepaper: https://voise.com/whitepaper-voise.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/voisecom

Telegram: https://t.me/voisecom

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/voisecomm/

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