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P2P-technologies have radically changed the music industry in the late 90’s due to the appearance of the network Napster, and later – BitTorrent. A new stage of changes in the scale of the entire industry can be caused by the spread of blocking technology. A recent report by the British Middlesex University identifies at least four ways of using blockade technology that will help musicians. It can act as a base for music files, offer quick payoffs, ensure transparency in the payment process, and provide artists with new sources of funding.
Blocking also allows you to optimize royalties. Decentralized technology provides a high rate of micropayments and a low commission when paying royalties in a crypto-currency format. A “smart” contracts and contractual agreements implemented on the block, exclude from the chain of intermediaries.
The blockage will help create additional sources of funding for the performers. Transparency in decentralized infrastructure can increase investor confidence. The cryptographic analogues of shares – tokens issued on the blockbuster – contribute to the development of a more effective and understandable from the investment point of view the way of crowdfinding.
At the same time, the performer does not lose control over his musical project, and investors understand that in case of his success they can count on their share of royalties rather than content with branded T-shirts. If the project’s prospects are questionable, the token may be sold or transferred to the owner’s discretion.

Voise is a new decentralized music platform, built on the basis of technology smart contracts Ethereum. The platform itself is aimed at the promotion and monetization of music made by independent performers. All platform revenue (100%) will be distributed directly between musicians. The profit will be distributed in VSM tokens. Voisiums – the currency of the platform, will be used to purchase content.
The user will be able to freely store tokens in his personal wallet or on the Voise platform to speed up the process of acquiring content.
You can also trade Voisiums, on any of the available exchanges.
The price of the content will be determined by the original performer, but the recommended initial price is 1VSM to maintain a stable economy, since the total stock of lexemes is 100M voisiums.
Musicians will be able to offer a free sample of their songs so that buyers can partially listen to it before making a purchasing decision. The sample of the song lasting 30 seconds will be quite enough. You can also provide your content for free and ask for donations.

VOISE is represented by its VOISE ERC20 tokens, which act as the main transaction mode on the platform. Overview of the functions of the VOISE platform includes the following features:

  1. Search Engine – allows users to view artists, albums, genres, playlists or songs by name;
  2. Discover is a separate section to find new works and recommended content that may be of interest to users or an interest to listen to;
  3. Top Songs – lists the best songs of the month, depending on the number of purchases;
  4. Recommtnded – recommendations based on already acquired content; songs of the artist who have already listened; content from the same genre and similar categories; content that users used to listen to similar songs.
  5. New releases – the latest release, sorted by date;
  6. Genres – the classification of content by genre, which are issued by users in the form of shortcuts; 7) Playlist – a user created music list containing paid content that was not purchased. Additionally includes a free sample;
  7. Radio – global radio DAO and a specific genre of DAO Radio;
  8. Profile – relevant information about the user, along with the ability to download or edit content.

Official website of the project: https://www.voise.com/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/voisecom
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/voisecomm/
Telegram – https://t.me/voisecom
ANN BITCOINTALK.org – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1846376.0
WhitePaper – https://voise.com/whitepaper-voise.pdf



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