Volans is a decentralized financial and credit payment system. The main difference between Volans products and other payment systems is working with cryptocurrency assets and the use of Blockchain techniques. https://volans.io/

The main idea of ​​this project, which we described in the previous story, is to give users the instrument to purchase physical goods and services via cryptocurrency. However, the robust demands of the Volans project are system components that provide the security of user assets.

System priority is the safest storage and use of crypto assets, achieved through a decentralized approach in mobile applications. This app allows you to store assets directly on the device, exclusively owned access.

Let’s move on to the main component of the Volans platform. The first and independent module of this system is the Wallet Volort. The Volans wallet is a reliable Bitcoin and altcoin wallet based on Blockchain’s highly secure and perfect technology. As we mentioned earlier, the funds are stored on your device and no Volans or other institutions are unable to access them. This type of cryptocurrency storage is called “cold” and is intended for offline storage without being connected to the network in your phone. The wallet supports the ERC-20 standard that ensures compatibility with most tokens on the market.

The Volans wallet ensures the user to:

Create some cool wallets with different currencies;

Import another wallet by entering an encrypted private key or directly scanning private keys;

View current prices for selected wallet assets in a fiat;

Have access to a portfolio displaying personal wallet information at the current price and detailed pricing information from time to time.

The most important module of Volans System is Volans Storage. This is the heart of all computer operations and incorporates key blocks of the system into one. Request Storage Volans to data in Blockchain and is the primary link between internal system modules and Blockchain. Storage Volans is intended to handle all system transactions and also establish a loyalty program pool.

Volans is the issuer of debit cards and credit cards. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to pay for goods or services both locally with contactless NFC payment technology and via the Internet. The following system modules are responsible for implementing different types of operations within the platform:

Debit Card Volans is a multifunctional debit charge card used to pay for goods and services. It is also possible to receive cash at ATMs and exchange them into cryptocurrency in the balance of existing users. Volans Debit Card also implies the use of fiat and cryptocurrency assets together;

Credit Card Volans is a credit card that intends to transact with a user’s cryptocurrency assets within the user’s available credit limit. The limit is set with Volans

Credit Rating;

Volans Credit Rating sets credit scoring for Volans Network users. On the Volans platform, credit ratings are published and all information about user credit ratings is stored in Blockchain. In this way, the Volans Credit Rating is the first open and decentralized system to assess user credit ratings;

Volans Online Payment is a system of payment of goods and services online using virtual or real Volans Debit / Credit Card;

Volans Transfer Protocol is a protocol that guarantees instant and commission-free transfer of kriptocurrency assets between users who have Volume Debit / Credit Card;

Volans Near Field Communication (NFC) is a contactless data transmission technology that allows to pay for goods and services. The transaction calculations are performed in the balance of users available in the Volans system;

The Volans Loyalty program is a program to reward Volans Network users with the highest number of transactions in the system;

Volans Cashback Program is a particular case of loyalty program. If a user makes Volans Payment with a particular merchant, some purchase or billing costs will be returned to the user.

Particular attention should be paid to the module mentioned above which is responsible for assigning credit ratings – Volans Credit Rating. The uniqueness of this module is that credit ratings in the Volans platform are public, all information about the user’s credit level is stored in Blockchain. This approach to determine credit ratings is very fast and fully automated. This allows giving users credit within minutes and does not require any third party involvement.

The main advantages of decentralized approach in Volans platform are fault tolerance and scalability of Blockchain technology. This property is very important in fintech solution. Blockchain technology in Volans system ensures to make transactions quickly and safely.


As stated earlier in the overview, #Volan is a cryptographic financial services company, based on Blockchain technology.

All transactions within Volans platform are commission-free and instantaneous. Transfer from module, which applies cold storage of cryptocurrency assets to debit or credit card. Volat occurs through Blockchain technology. Users only pay commission fees to miners, who process transactions.

In addition, users can save and transfer their assets to other users’ cool wallets without a commission and within minutes. The recipient may also exchange assets received into other currencies, including fiat money or transfer it back to cold storage to ensure the highest level of security and anonymity.

Volans Wallet

Volans Wallet allows users to:

· Create some cool wallets with different currencies;

· Import other wallets by entering an encrypted private key or directly scanning private keys;

· View current prices for dollar-denominated assets;

· View user portfolio that displays information about personal funds in accordance with current exchange rates.

Why Volans Do Sales Tokens

The Volans payment system raises funds for full platform launch and enters the existing market. The Volans company has issued Volans investment token (VOL) for this purpose.

· Issuance of VISA / MasterCard virtual card associated with system account;

· Recharge cold wallets with VISA / MasterCard cards at any bank in the world;

· Instant transfer of funds from cold wallets to VISA / MasterCard cards;

· Creation of a public loyalty program for Volans users.

Monetization of Volans project will be achieved through commission fees from some user payment transactions such as buying and selling kriptocurrency assets in exchange for banknotes and transfer of cryptocurrency assets from the Bond Wallet to the Debit Volans card.

With steady monetization of the project, instant transactions between Volans debit cards, use of contactless payment technology, payments by Volans debits and credit cards online, all these transactions will remain in effect for commission-free users.


The VOL Token is the Volans Company equity token. This token ensures that all token holders receive a portion of the company’s profits during the reporting period.

VOL is a token issued by the Ethereum platform and supports the ERC-20 standard. This standard ensures that integration of these tokens with exchange and other services will not be more difficult than other tokens, which are launched on the Ethereal platform. There will be 19,600,000 tokens released during Token Sale. All unsold tokens will be burned and not generated anymore.

Token Distribution

According to the solution, discovered by Team Volans, the dividend payout process to shareholders is based on the current token distribution between investors when adding Block Report to Blockchain.

Dividends are paid to tokenens only at the address in the Volans Wallet and can be transferred to other cool wallets or directly converted into fiat money via Volans Storage. All payments of token share dividend will be made at ET.

Currently Volans management is negotiating a permanent legal registration in Estonia because the country’s government is liberal against similar companies and partnership programs with banks are the easiest. Tax expense in Estonia is 20% and is only done by profit sharing and dividend payout.


Q3 2017

Jul – the birthday of Volans project idea; analyzing market needs; research target audience

August – first initial investment in MVP – 200,000 USD;

Sep – build prototype Volans platform interface;

Q4 2017

Oct – starting from platform development;

Nov – the launch of international marketing; Alpha MVP testing;

Dec – developing Blockchain project technology; analyzing first results of alpha MVP testing;

Q1 2018

Jan – creating smart contracts; PreSale announcement; launching website; Whitepaper is available to investors;

Fab – running the first platform module – iOS app;

Mar – start PreSale of VOL tokens; presenting this project to shareholders;

Q2 2018

Apr – runs the second Wallet Volans module; launching Volans Loyalty Program; adding support for fiat refill / withdrawal; 17

May – the main stage of Sales Token; developing Android and Web apps;

Official registration in the European Union; working with opinion leaders;

Q3 2018

Jul – expands the functionality of Wallet Volans; adding support for instant transactions without commission fees between users;

Aug – algorithm announcement to calculate user credit based on Blockchain technology; release Android and Web apps;

Sep – first edition virtual and plastic cards;

Q4 2018

Oct – launches contactless payments with NFC technology;

Nov – released Apple Pay ë Android Pay for online payments;

December – the first payment of dividends to investors;

Q1 2019

Integration with third party services and merchants;

Q2 2019

Open 12% token.

For more info on this project, follow one of the links / channels below;

Website: ” https://volans.io/

Twitter: ” https://twitter.com/Volans_official

Bitcointalk: ” https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2867757.0

Facebook: ” https://www.facebook.com/volans.official/

Telegram: ” https://t.me/volans_chat_eng


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