With more than 10 years of experience in the shipping business, VOLT is a project developed by a team that used to be called QuickQuick. QuickQuick has managed to hook more than 100,000 customers to do business with its layouts. And now there are many investors doing business with VOLT on the grounds to reduce costs.


VOLT is an efficient model that aims to eliminate brokerage costs by lowering direct costs to customers and couriers, to less than 5%, or even in the hope of eliminating completely. Surely this is the reason why it should contribute with VOLT. The existing delivery model is a centralized model, with a system called Hub & Spoke. VOLT is a centralized platform like Uber. However, Uber and other models play the role of Central Controller as an intermediary and receive a fee of 20% or more.


The delivery service market is dramatically increasing worldwide. The online shopping market expands more than 20% annually, and its expansion is directly correlated with the delivery service market. Even the food delivery service market has recently increased dramatically worldwide, causing a correlated increase in the delivery service market, as well. Both online shopping and food delivery critically require an efficient, reliable and speedy delivery system.

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Consumer: the customer will see the fee for delivery before hand, which means they can decide if the price is competitive compared with other means of delivery. It would work by starting up the app and selecting the start and end locations of the delivery — the AI system would then calculate the pricing. The order is shared using the blockhain technology and once a messenger accepts the progress of the delivery can be viewed in real time.
The result is a faster and cheaper way of getting things delivered. It means same day delivery for the majority of items is not only possible, but probable.

Messengers: the people making deliveries can be diverse, anyone from established companies to individuals looking to make some extra money on the side. Using the app a messenger can filter the orders that they are best equipped to deliver. This allows them to set the working conditions and there is no hassle with having to jump through regulation hoops in order to get started.

Small businesses: a small business will not be forced out of the market due to competitive delivery costs of large corporations. A local family business can use VOLT to get their products delivered at low prices and just as fast as any competitor.

Large corporations: there are many moving parts to a large corporations and VOLT will help with the automation and integration of the delivery system. There is nothing to manage when it comes to using VOLT as the system is setup for a hands-free approach. This will improve the efficiency of large corporations and reduce the cost of delivery.

Society: for the unemployed VOLT presents an alternative way of making money that’s accessible to anyone. This should reduce unemployment rates and help people struggling to make money make ends meet. The carbon footprint produced from deliveries will be reduced since the VOLT system is more efficient. Furthermore, it will open up new opportunities for emerging businesses as the accessibility and scale of VOLT helps deliver to wider customer base at a lower cost.


A customer who requires the service can purchase the coins from the Exchange. A customer will purchase 100 coins for the delivery service that costs 100 coins. The customer will pay 100 coins to VOLT where VOLT corresponds the request to the messenger. After the service is completed, VOLT transfers 95 coins to the messenger. Approximately 5%(the rate can be adjusted to maximize profit) of the coin is used as a commission to the company profit. The company sells the coin earned to the Exchange to produce revenue.

The revenue is used to maintain the company or provide dividends to the VOLT shareholders, but not to the coin-holders. If this process goes through a cycle, the coin demand eventually will be higher than the supply from the Exchange, resulting in higher price for the coins. A combination of algorithms and current coin price, VOLT adjusts the coin/Jula rate. In long term, coin/Jula rate will increase, and thus able to own higher Jula with 1 VOLT Coin. And consequently increases the value of Jula.ake money make ends meet. The carbon foot print produced from deliveries will be reduced since the VOLT system is more efficient. Furthermore, it will open up new opportunities for emerging businesses as the accessibility and scale of VOLT helps deliver to wider customer base at a lower cost.

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The decentralization of delivery systems is the natural next step to take and VOLT presents an intriguing solution. With the quality of the benefits for consumers and messengers it is only a matter of time before this system takes off.
VOLT is an exciting new token that may be the way the majority of deliveries are executed in the future. As time goes on the potential of a decentralized delivery system will evolve and new benefits will surface. Expect big changes in the delivery space in the years to come.

WHITEPAPER: https://volttech.io/public/Final%20VOLT%20White%20paper%200410.pdf

WEBSITE: https://volttech.io/

TELEGRAM: http://t.me/voltico

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Volt_Technology

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/VoltTechnology1


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