Volt:a blockchain-based delivery platform

P2P freedom Platform based on Blockchain

VOLT is a platform that allows unifying stages, for example, Uber, to be formed in a decentralized method and make powerful the elation of coordinates through P2P. Uber and diverse models presuppose quantity of the focal direction as a insurance broker and urge a smallest amount of 20%. The P2P coordinate scenery of VOLT is an complex perfect that expects to dispose of economic outlay by bringing address outlay to clients and ambassadors, to below 5%, or flat in a map to accept in total.

The contemporary transport method an integrated model, with a framework called center and Spoke. This jointly-presented model, as well as DHL, has surpassed vehicle exhibitions worldwide. Nevertheless, the concentrated prototype be capable of not attend to the consistent day elation problem.VOLT is a blockchain based P2P trick that shows that the fathoms restrictions of the existence deliverance are other lucrative than the open model.


VOLT is a decentralized platform.No conciliator or brokerage, which leads to drop expense presented to customers, and furthermore expand profits for the messenger.


At VOLT, we compromise a transparent environment. every part of customers and couriers or shipping companies assistance from privacy and lucidity of outlay and expenses.


A get hold of payment system that allows two P2P entities is established to launch and pick up riches seized in perfunctory VOLT until after thriving tune exchanges between the two parties.

identical Day Delivery

Same day escape VOLT shorten sending time to 1-5 hours, as 1-3 existence in obtainable online shopping center. focus & spine is a system that collects every single one the stuff to be shipped, grouped them, and afterward delivered to their destination. This channel that every pack up that will be shipped from 32nd avenue to 54th boulevard in Manhattan, NY will be sent to Delaware for classification and shipped flipside to Manhattan. This is time consuming and and leads to giant warehousing costs.

To overcome this inefficiency, a courier located near the 32nd avenue just collects come again? will be sent close and sends it as P2P therefore it tin be delivered in a not many hours.

Sales gesture VOLT

Total empty issued:

Total tokens on sale: 2,000,000,000

Sales Order: 200,000,000

Pre-Sales: 600,000,000

Public Sales: 1,200,000,000

Exchanging with other currencies will just be on hand after the nominal selling is complete.

How it works

The VOLT concern archetypal connects customers and couriers, and provides adapted algorithms that employ large records and a fit system that uses smart contracts for painless ceremony delivery. Customers call for VOLT coins to aid the service.

gesture Flow

A client who wants admin bottle get coins from Exchange. A client will purchase 100 coins for the promote of a transport that outlay 100 coins. The client will salary 100 coins to VOLT everyplace VOLT connects the application to the dispatcher. After the dealing out is completed, VOLT swap 95 coins to the dispatcher. About 5% (the percentage canister be altered according to reinforcing benefits) of the coin is old as a hire for managerial benefits. Organizations present customary coins to switch to cause revenue.

Earnings are old to take care of the association or offer payback to VOLT investors, but not to coin holders. If by attempt this formula undergoes a cycle, the coin ask will absolutely be advanced than the reserve of the Exchange, like so causing a senior detriment for the coin. estimate mixture and stream coin value, VOLT transformation the regard of coin / Jula. In the sustained run, the coin / Jula price will increase, and alongside this ideology is game to partake of a top Jula with 1 VOLT Co.

for additional :

WEBSITE https://volttech.io/
TWITTER https://twitter.com/Volt_Technology
TELEGRAM http://t.me/voltico
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/VoltTechnology1
LINKEDIN https://www.linkedin.com/company/volttech/
INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/Volt_technology
YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR1z3WNo2OR0y–SNEy1G3g
WHITEPAPER https://volttech.io/public/Final%20VOLT%20White%20paper%200410.pdf

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