VOLTTECH – Blockchain Based P2P Device That Shows That Fathoms Restriction Of Delivery That Day Is More Successful Than Existing Models

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VOLT is a stage that allows unifying stages, for example, Uber, to be produced in a decentralized way and empower the transport of coordinates through P2P. Uber and different models assume part of the Central Control as a broker and get a minimum of 20%. The P2P coordinate setting of VOLT is an advanced model that expects to dispose of financial costs by bringing direct costs to clients and ambassadors, to below 5%, or even in a plan to take in total.
The current conveyance means an integrated model, with a framework called Hub and Spoke. This jointly-presented model, including DHL, has surpassed vehicle exhibitions worldwide. Nevertheless, the concentrated model can not address the same day transport problem.VOLT is a blockchain based P2P device that shows that the fathoms restrictions of the day’s delivery are more successful than the existing model.
VOLT is a decentralized platform.No intermediary or brokerage, which leads to lower cost offered to customers, and also maximize profits for the messenger.
At VOLT, we offer a transparent environment. All customers and couriers or shipping companies benefit from privacy and transparency of costs and expenses.
A secure payment system that allows two P2P entities is confirmed to send and receive money held in Token VOLT until after successful service exchanges between the two parties.
Same Day Delivery
Same day delivery VOLT shorten delivery time to 1-5 hours, while 1-3 days in existing online shopping center. Hub & spoke is a system that collects all the items to be shipped, grouped them, and then delivered to their destination. This means that every package that will be shipped from 32nd Street to 54th Street in Manhattan, NY will be sent to Delaware for classification and sent back to Manhattan. This is time consuming and also leads to huge warehousing costs.
To overcome this inefficiency, a courier located near the 32nd street only collects what will be sent nearby and sends it as P2P so it can be delivered within a few hours.
Sales Plan Token VOLT
  • Total Token issued:
  • Total tokens on sale: 2,000,000,000
  • Sales Order: 200,000,000
  • Pre-Sales: 600,000,000
  • Public Sales: 1,200,000,000
Exchanging with other currencies will only be available after the token sale is complete.
How it works
The VOLT business model connects customers and couriers, and provides customized algorithms that utilize Big Data and a suitable system that uses smart contracts for easy service delivery. Customers need VOLT coins to use the service.
When shipping food, goods, shipping distance, the time taken, taking into account the weight of the goods will be determined in accordance with the number of difficulty of work.
We call this work unit “Jula”. For example, if the customer wants to send the item to a point called A 2km away and you need 600 Jula, and 1200 Jula is required to send the same item to B point 6km away. VOLT is developing an optimal algorithm to calculate this amount of work, and will introduce the lowest (auction) auction system for some special shipments.VOLT coins are required for service buyers to request delivery. That is, to request a certain amount of Jula performance, the corresponding VOLT coin is used. This ratio of Jula to VOLT coins is not always constant. The first Jula to VOLT coin ratio starts at 1: 1. The ratio may change according to the price in the market.
Token Flow
A client who needs administration can buy coins from Exchange. A client will buy 100 coins for the benefit of a conveyance that costs 100 coins. The client will pay 100 coins to VOLT where VOLT connects the request to the dispatcher. After the administration is completed, VOLT swap 95 coins to the dispatcher. About 5% (the rate can be changed according to reinforcing benefits) of the coin is used as a commission for organizational benefits. Organizations offer received coins to Exchange to generate revenue.
Earnings are used to maintain the organization or provide benefits to VOLT investors, but not to coin holders. If by chance this procedure undergoes a cycle, the coin demand will definitely be higher than the supply of the Exchange, thus causing a higher cost for the coin. Calculation mixture and current coin value, VOLT change the value of coin / Jula. In the long run, the coin / Jula rate will increase, and along this line is ready to have a higher Jula with 1 VOLT Coin. Moreover, further builds Jula’s estimation.
JaeWoo Lee:
Mr. Jae Woo Lee is co-founder and CEO of Vogo Fund Asset Management Co., widely recognized as Korea’s first private equity fund management company. Before establishing Vogo in 2005, Mr. Lee is the country’s CEO at Lehman Brothers Korea, where he built a significant investment banking and capital market platform. Since starting his financial career at Citibank, he has spent the last 35 years in various areas of finance in Hong Kong and Seoul. Lee has been leading the Korea Personal Equity Association for several years and advises the Korean government as a member of the Financial Market Development Committee.
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