VOLUM has made a Multi-Sector Enterprise and Business-2-Business (B2B) Platform which will enable organizations to quickly scale and develop universally by utilizing the majority of the power and advantages given by blockchain innovation.

The Holding Company That is Revolutionizing the Blockchain Industry, VOLUM has made a Multi-Sector Enterprise and Business-2-Business (B2B) Platform which will enable organizations to quickly scale and develop universally by utilizing the majority of the power what’s more, benefits given by blockchain innovation.

Just organizations which have substantiated themselves to have extraordinary potential are qualified to utilize the VOLUM Platform.

Through its stage and its local cryptographic money token VOLUM (VLM) is making a biological system for enhancing the achievement of promising organizations by giving them the expected assets to develop into overwhelming powers in their individual markets and cause genuine industry interruption.

The VOLUM Blockchain Platform

The VOLUM stage will run only on VLM utility tokens. VOLUM’s blockchain stage is based on the Ethereum blockchain and will be completely fit for executing keen contracts.

This stage is totally progressive and gives organizations more prominent hierarchical and oversight abilities than they have ever had previously. With the VOLUM blockchain stage, organizations can Track, Route, Identify, and Source, every one of the information action that occurs on their supply chains. The majority of the information will be bolted into the PLATFORM which can be trusted and checked anytime amid activities.

The final product of utilizing the VOLUM stage is that organizations will have the ability to scale from nearby to worldwide markets a lot quicker, and they will have a lot more noteworthy control of their supply chains. This is useful for everybody.

Our blockchain stage works as the one focal area for your business inventory network activity. Organizations who utilize this stage will most likely do a wide scope of blockchain exchanges including:



Buy Orders

Lawful Contracts

Administrative Compliance

Tax assessment

Shipment Management

Letters of Origin

Traditions Documents

Sources of info/Outputs and Inventory Ordering

Conveyance/Parcel Tracking

IoT Monitoring and Reporting

Enormous Data Analytics

Data sources and End-Product Tracking/Traceability

VOLUM’s Operating Company Portfolio

VOLUM has executed an understanding for speculation terms to take a minority stake in five (5) completely blockchain-based portfolio organizations consequent to finishing of VOLUM TGE.


A Spirits Industry stage that utilizes a versatile/social promoting application to interface clients to the best spirits scenes by drawing in them by means of informing, photographs and posts.


ISBG is a world-class designer, provider, and advertiser of imaginative Wine and Spirit brands. We plan to be a positive industry disrupter as a genuine brand hatchery and be on the main edge of present day brand correspondences.

ISBG separates themselves by distinguishing and making new bleeding edge approaches that address present issues and future market necessities. From present day age experiential promoting to out-dated beating the asphalt, ISBG will be included a committed and enthusiastic group guided by shared objectives and sound standards.


ERS is the maker of “Savvy Energy Devices” that convey a changing worldview to vitality effectiveness (investment funds), wellbeing, and security to the power space. ERS considers a forefront innovation organization having new vitality exclusive administration methods and equipment that utilize the most present and abnormal state control observing improvements and extraordinary vitality tests accessible.

ERS’s troublesome innovation will outflank its opposition and set a grand benchmark which will be troublesome for contenders to reach. It will open new requests while making rivalry immaterial.

ERS has associations with more than 10,000 offices and various property the board firms in the northeastern United States with a focus in New York City by means of OCS Chemical Engineering, one of their investors. These connections will bolster their entrance into the power observing business sector.


Zenith Financial will go about as a Captive Finance organization of Energy Rescue Systems Corporation (ERS), to synergistically help ERS develop incomes over the entirety of its product offerings.

Top Financial is enrolled in Puerto Rico as an International Bank under the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Act 273 enabling the organization to exploit a special corporate salary charge rate of 4%. They give financing to organizations in the U.S. also, abroad.

Top Financial has consulted with ERS (the maker) a plan of action provision in the renting program along these lines decreasing speculators’ hazard if there should arise an occurrence of client default, with the capacity to develop into a billion-resource organization driven altogether by New York building proprietors needing vitality sparing hardware.

Top Financial, the hostage renting organization of ERS (Energy Rescues Systems), is squeezing ahead with their most driven endeavor, that of supporting ERS in forcefully cutting vitality request by financing post-retail fabricating center electrical frameworks. Given this possibility to change squandered immediate and aberrant vitality costs into freshly discovered salary and resource esteem, ACME made an appealing, adaptable and shared (P2P) financing component that incorporates square chain innovation to accomplish settled work processes through improving record/personality the board, exchange handling, merchandise provenance/follow capacity, and so on between every one of the partners.


GridPower Network furnishes a full vitality lattice with both authorized and exclusive innovation that cross examines and deciphers information from electronic gadgets associated with ERS’s keen socket(s) for basic vitality, wellbeing and security basic leadership data. The utilization of novel calculations and radar innovation will give clients valuable data about the condition of-soundness of their power space and any associated electric or electronic gadget through observing memberships of ERS’s brilliant vitality device(s). Membership reports as well as dashboards will represent the vitality draw, use, and waste at the divider attachment all through a client’s electrical system(s).


Website: https://volum.io/
Whitepaper: https://volum.io/assets/images/volum-whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/volumholdings
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IoVolum

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