VOLUM – The Holding Company That is Revolutionizing the Blockchain Industry

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing industries from finance to agriculture. Businesses large and small are taking on the challenge of integrating this technology into their operations. Blockchain has especially impacted marketing, legal and payments for countless businesses. This enables the creation of a public ledger that can be traced and recorded by all participants.

With recent banking scandals and financial crises in mind, blockchain technology provides an extra level of security for small business payments. It may be in the best interest of small businesses to secure their funds with blockchain technology. Similar to Google Docs allowing users to work on the same project simultaneously, blockchain allows users public access to money transfers that would otherwise be private. As a result, any modifications are monitored by all users, adding further security measures. Blockchain technology found its origin in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It enabled the exchange of the currency, recording each blockchain money transfer into a publicly-accessible digital ledger. And now a innovative platform is here which is VOLUM, the blockchain ecosystem for enterprises, is announcing that ISBG, a global producer of alcoholic beverages incubator, is partnering with VOLUM to implement its platform into its sales and distribution process. The VOLUM platform digitizes and simplifies both traditional paperwork and the supply chain process, using its operational smart contracts.


Volum is a blockchain-based company providing solutions for their portfolio organizations, making vertical and level development openings. This project is the vanguard of tokenization within the store network industry. With a company of 5 blockchain-based organizations and one universal utility token, Volum is leading the approach.

Volum will augment venture esteem and dependability through its holding organization structure. Volum puts resources into portfolio organizations that presently have, or can without much of a stretch make, long haul resource esteem. This offers Volum speculators enhancement over numerous organizations and enterprises. This platform is totally progressive and gives organizations more prominent hierarchical and oversight abilities than they have ever had previously. With the Volum blockchain platform, organizations can Track, Route, Identify, and Source, every one of the information action that occurs on their supply chains. The majority of the information will be bolted into the platform which can be trusted and checked anytime amid activities. The final product of utilizing the Volum platform is that organizations will have the ability to scale from nearby to worldwide markets a lot quicker, and they will have a lot more noteworthy control of their supply chains. This is useful for everybody.

  • The advancement of Volum on a blockchain structure is for reasons of straightforwardness and record development that outfit every association or client with the ability to cooperate securely and track and pursue the information included using brilliant contracts and blockchain endorsement.
  • The Volum platform starting at now has different proof-of-thought subjects avowed for a fundamental including a worldwide refinery, a holder maker, a liquor movement association, a therapeutic administrations association, an improvement association, an import and passage association and two liquor brands.
  • The Volum platform depends on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is an open-source, open blockchain-based scattered figuring platform and working framework featuring savvy contract value.
  • Portfolio associations benefit by vertical and level compromise openings with other Volum working associations. Volum takes minority ownership positions in a wide extent of associations, secured advancement and diverse assets. These points of interest are tokenized on the Volumdecentralized platform and made open to budgetary authorities on cutting edge cash exchanges.
  • The Volum decentralized platform is a generous and versatile stock system the officials and exchange platform that that supports a varying ecosystem. All trades are done through the exchanging of VLM tokens with self-executing keen contracts. While the hidden point of convergence of the Volum platform is for the generation, arrangements and course of blended refreshments and for the brilliant imperativeness adventures, the platform has capacities with regards to some unique organizations.
  • VLM is Volum’s token, worked to oblige a wide range of exchanges types (rewards, installment, buy orders, and so on.) for a wide assortment of explicit purposes (installment for electric bills, installment for a mixed drink, rent installment for hardware). Volum is building a great planned, adaptable and hearty platform with their special token VLM.




SOF CAP: $1M worth of VLM tokens

HARD CAP: $74.6M worth of VLM tokens

Volum has made a Multi-Sector Enterprise and Business-2-Business (B2B) Platform which will enable organizations to quickly scale and develop globally by utilizing the majority of the power also, benefits given by blockchain innovation.

Moreover, Volum is working on a very basic level as a B2B platform in a manner like well known rebate to-retail online markets Volum has a neighborhood cryptocurrency on the platform called VOL, which is used for procuring enlistments for business records and standard investment.

On Volum, sellers accounts require particular sorts of bonds as per different permitted measurements of trades and business associations. The platform has a component for keeping trades “ensured” by social affair a dimension of trades and directing them to a pool that reimburses purchases and trades, similarly as stock if the client pays a cost for the insurance of their trade. This assurance covers bottle breakage, lost or damage stock or organizations, carelessness, an a great deal continuously essential industry catastrophes.


For more details on the Volum project, visit the links below

Website: https://volum.io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/volumproject/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IoVolum

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/volum.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/volumholdings

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