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A Brief History of Virtual Reality Park Limited

Virtual Park Reality limited was founded to develop a new, more advanced technology for a player’s complete immersion into the virtual world, the use of which would enable the opening of more virtual reality parks and make immersion into virtual reality more qualitative and more accessible to visitors. Already at the beginnings of the development of this project, it was decided to expand the boundaries of the mass application of virtual reality through such fields as medicine, education and art.

A group of engineers developed and built a tracking system that has no analogues worldwide in accessibility. It has an accurate system for determining any movements of body parts and advanced adaptive tracking algorithms of the player, without any delay transferring any user actions to virtual reality. The VR Technology has practically no limit on the area covered at a time and the number of users in it, which makes it possible to create huge gaming, educational or exhibition zones. In addition, the company’s engineers managed to reduce the cost of building such a system manyfold compared with other products on the market.

At the moment, we have at our disposal all the technological advantages and opportunities to experiment with VR, to conduct flexible development, timely adjusting to market changes and creating new trends, since we are engaged not only in developing hardware, but also software, offering the finished product and software-technical complex, which allows as before to occupy a leading position in this field.

How It Works?

For developers

  • Access to the SDK
  • Integration into Virtual Park infrastructure
  • VR Lab: opportunity to realize your own product
  • VR Marketplace

Franchise Bonuses

Payment of VR applications in Virtual Park tokens

  • 15% discount when paying for applications in VR tokens
  • 10% discount on the purchase of a franchise
  • 10% discount for VR parks visitors when paying in VR tokens

Virtual Parks and VR applications

  • Marketplace with a large selection of applications for Virtual Parks.
  • Entertaining, marketing, educational VR apps
  • VR Games for different age groups and business audiences.

Competitive Advantages of Virtual Park

Our Body Control System
Our main technological advantage is the body control system, which allows you to track all the actions of players within the smart space. This technology brings competitive advantages over existing projects.

The value of the Virtual Park platform
The value of the Virtual Park platform and the digital assets of the VR tokens, project depends on the growth in the number of active participants in the system. Thus, the primary task after the launch of the platform will be its popularization among the community of developers and techno geeks.

Our Virtual Parks
Each VR game park is designed for an unlimited amount of content that visitors can choose. This content can be both gaming and educational.

VR Market

The VR application repository enables developers to host and implement their applications in a common store for all Virtual Parks and users.

One-stop VR application store

Support and product updates from the developer

VR Payment module

Full application integration with Virtual Parks and body tracking system

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About The VR Tokens

The VR tokens is the basis of the entire platform and will be released on the blochchain platform according to the ERC-20 standard. VR Token, released as part of a distributions, have a utility function, and will be a means of transferring value within the platform. The VR tokens can be used as a means of payment for the purchase of games and modules developed by VR, by both franchised Virtual Parks and regular users. Payment in tokens will allow the buyer to receive a discount of 15%

Token Details

Token Symbol: VR

Token Sale Start: 17.04.2019

Token Sale End: 29.05.2019

Tokens for sale: 3,900,000

Tokens Price: $1

Specifications: ERC-20

Soft cap: $800,000

Hard cap: $3,000,000

Sale duration: 42 days

Token and Cap Distribution

alt text

ICO Details

alt text

Private Sale


30% Bonus

Soft Cap: $800,000

Hard Cap: $3,000,000



20% Bonus

Soft Cap: $1,800,000

Hard Cap: $7,500,000



15% Bonus

Soft Cap: $8,400,000

Hard Cap: $25,000,000



10% Bonus

Soft Cap: $17,000,000

Hard Cap: $50,000,000



5% Bonus

Soft Cap: $22,000,000

Hard Cap: $64,500,000


2016 — Q4

Foundation of the Virtual Park company

Development of body tracking and motion capture technology

Development and construction of the first alpha version of the body control costume

Development of the camera system for body position tracking in spac

Integration of Leap Motion and writing of the software to capture the movement of the hands

2017 — Q1

Building System

The first tests of body control suit with synchronization of VR motion capture cameras

Development of stable software

Building and testing the first full version of the platform

Optimization of space position reading algorithms

2017 — Q2

Construction of the system

Presentation of the technology to the company’s first investors and the first round of attracting investments

Development of VR applications and starting work on the SDK

Re-testing and debugging the tracking system

Development of interactive weapons for VR games and interactive objects

2017 — Q3

Exploring the needs of the VR market

Analysis of business needs and target audience of Virtual Reality

Own investments to create a test version of the Virtual Park ecosystem

Launch of the first platform in test mode

Setting up a Body Control System

Design project of the platform and formation of a strategy for the platform to enter the open market

2017 — Q4

Early Product Version

Presentation of the SDK to third-party developers

Attracting a second round of investments in the project

Acquaintance of the project with users in open areas

Software development to expand the functionality of Virtual Parks

Review of technology solutions and platform positioning in the open market

PR and marketing of open areas

2018 — Q1-Q4

Preparation for the distribution of tokens

Preparation the use of blockchain networks in the Virtual Park ecosystem

Getting started on the Virtual Park project regulations

Attracting consultants

Acquaintance of the project with potential investors

Development fundraising company

Overview of the technology solutions and platform positioning

Media plan development and marketing research

Registration of Virtual Park in the UK

2019 — Q1

Distribution of VR tokens

Virtual Park project presentation on the open market

Virtual Park Marketing Campaign

Start attracting capital to scale the project to the world market

Road Show in Asia and Europe

Distribution of VR tokens

Summing up and making construction regulations

2019 — Q2

Payment in blockchain VR Token

Construction of the first Virtual Parks after distribution of tokens

Development of VR apps marketplace for VR Market

2019 — Q3-Q4

Effective promotion and integration

API development for integration with Virtual Park apps

The second stage of the construction of parks in the USA

Summing up interim results and public report

Localization of the platform into additional languages

Starting blockchain network and introducing VR token into circulation

Meet The Team

Kirill Granev: CEO

Custodian Foundation Managing Partner. Monoreto Pte LTD CEO. Kirill is the leader of the Virtual Park project and believes in the popularization of VR / AR technologies. Entrepreneur. An expert in blockchain technology and token management.

German Molchanov: CCO

Businessman of the year 2015 according to the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Herman is director of strategic development of the Virtual Park.

Katarina Stabredova: PR Director

Katarina is an expert in the field of PR and marketing projects in Europe, Russia and CIS countries. Prior to the ICO market, she worked with the largest cosmetics brands and Russian pop stars. The organizer of Russian Fashion Days. She knows this market from the inside and thanks to many years of experience, she copes with any task.

Andrey Vinnikov: Frontend Developer

Lead interface developer with experience in creating high-load systems. Data Protection and Cloud Expert.

Yuriy Lavroushen: Full Stack Developer

A multidisciplinary cloud application developer with experience in developing educational platforms.

Dmitry Turovets: Promotion Consultant

Project promotion specialist, an active participant in the Virtual Park project. Participant of the largest media projects on PR campaigns: Russian Railways, Subway, MediaInform and Claustrophobia quests. He has valuable experience in promoting brands for more than 5 years. In the VR Park he is strategic planner.

Andrey Gillikh: UX/UI Developer

Developer of advanced UX/UI interfaces specializing in 3D graphics for virtual spaces and games! He has been working in this field for over 10 years. In Virtual Park occupies the position of Graphic Designer.

Mikhail Gerasimov: Technical Consultant

IT specialist arranging commissioning works with active VR spaces with more than 8 years of experience! He witnessed from the earliest times the development of the VR industry in Russia. He is one of the first technical engineers to promote this direction in the business.

Alyona Ivanova: Editor-In-Chief

Editor-In-Chief, expert on working with the social media for more than 5 years, has an excellent command of English. Alyona is involved in the VR/AR technology industry, for she is confident that this direction will actively develop over the next 10 years.

Oksana Tovstoles: Partner Manager

Chief manager of our project. Handles all related documentation and helps the team communicate with strategically important project partners. She has experience in the field of personnel management for more than 7 years.

Alexandra Fefelova: Designer

Illustrator with valuable professional experience. Alexandra specializes in branding and graphic support of business. She has a wide range of skills: generation of ideas, creation of concepts, strategies, presentations and project management. Every business should have its own unique name and face that would attract attention and increase both sales and demand. In Virtual Park she is engaged in the development of illustrations for game models and landscapes!

Ruslan Sadovnikov: Chief Legal Advisor

Provides legal advice related to development of the project, drafting necessary documents and registration of rights. Has 20 years of experience in establishment of legal structures in offshore and onshore jurisdictions, crossborder transactions, intellectual property, real estate and other legal support of local and international companies.

Alexey Gagarin: Media Consultant

Specialist in the promotion of projects in the media! With more than 12 years of experience in this field! VR Park holds a position of key partner manager.

Bakhodur Madzhitov: Web Developer

Web programming specialist, active participant in the VR Park project. He used to work in a large IT company “Rosait”. He has a very substantial experience in the development of web-resources for at least 7 years. Co-founder of the DoublePrint design and print studio.

Alyona Kachan: App Designer

Multi-skilled designer, specializing in mobile applications (IOS and Android), with experience in developing educational platforms

Evgeny Saratovtsev: DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineer with more than 6 years experience at financial and banking projects. Key experience to support high availability and proactive incidents monitoring.

Ksenia Oleynik: Multimedia designer

Multidisciplinary specialist, development of Сinema 4D and AutoDesk Fusion prototypes. Visualization of interiors and commercial premises, selection of materials and implementation of ideas!

Aidar Salimov: 3D graphic Designer

3D graphic designer and illustrator

  • design of virtual reality world;
  • design of printed products;
  • character design;
  • illustration of articles on websites;
  • design icons on sites;
  • modeling of characters, packages, and various interior objects;

Experience since 16 years!


Dmitry Teryomenko

Legionnaire of the Ukrainian national volleyball team. Silver medalist of Gwangju Universiade 2015.

Anton Simutov

Entrepreneur, restaurateur, founder of a network of lounge areas Feromon Group. Private investor. Anton believes in VR/AR industry and is already one of the first integrators of virtual reality in business in Russia.

Olga Kulkova: Doctor of Aesthetic Sciences

Promotes the integration of Virtual reality into medicine in Russia.

The Partners

For more information, please visit:

WEBSITE: https://virtualpark.io

WHITEPAPER: https://virtualpark.io/docs/whitepaper_vr_eng.pdf

ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5085689

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/vrpark_ico

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Virtual-Park-233800747526548/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/VRPARKICO

REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/virtualpark_

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/vr-park/

QUORA: https://www.quora.com/profile/Vr-Park/






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