Today I would like to talk about how being an investor to protect yourself from fake ICO companies, which can brazenly take your invested money and just disappear with them. I think this situation is familiar to many, because there are many such cases. As it seems to me, I have found a way out, how to prevent fraud on the part of companies, how to secure my nerves and my money amid fraud, which very often. And a couple of days ago I came across a project – W12.

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What is W12 ?

W12 is a peer-to-peer digital contract system. Simply put, each ICO company must register with W 12 and provide a report on expenses.

The W12 platform consist of :

  1. Market projects where entrepreneurs can test and improve their project ideas.
  2. The system of remuneration for content and users.
  3. Decentralized exchange, when projects on the platform will be added to the internal exchange after the sale of tokens.

How does W12 Work?

All the money equivalent invested by the investor will be stored in the W 12 platform. When the company performs this stage (according to the ICO project roadmap), the company’s ICO will receive funds for the next stage. Thereby, the investor will protect himself from fraud, ensuring his safety.

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We get the following:

  1. All funds invested by the investor will be stored within the W 12 platform.
  2. ICO company simply can not deceive investors anymore.
  3. The investor will receive a guarantee that his money will not go anywhere, and will be saved by the project.
  4. Companies with good intentions will be able to realize their plans.
  5. In today’s market, the level of trust in real projects will increase thanks to the W12 project.


  1. The project returns up to 95% of the funds invested by the investor in an unrealized project.
  2. Increases the income from the project in the early stages of more than 20 times through the purchase of a token, while reducing the risk to the investor.
  3. W12 provides for limiting the sale of a token to investors at an early stage on the exchange after the end of the ICO (the Token Hold function is provided)
  4. For safe investment in a project, W 12 will create an infrastructure for capital decentralization.
  5. W12 will also allow new ICO companies to quickly attract funding without upfront costs.
  6. This system will simplify the choice of a project to private investors and the transfer of funds to a trust management professional.
  7. Smart contract to save investment.

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Smart contract. What is it?

Thanks to the smart contract, the investor feels safe and receives a guarantee that his money will not be taken away by a fraudster. For the first time this idea was proposed by Vitaly Buterin.
As a result, they provide the following:
Organization of company steps. (confidence in this for the investor)

  • ICO company undertakes to investor to fulfill the conditions specified by the company (roadmap). Otherwise, the company will not receive the funds, and the rest of the money will be returned to the investor.
  • If the ICO company refuses to fulfill its obligations (according to the roadmap), the company will not see its proceeds from investors.


For the project:
W 12 create a market, block protocol, and automatic smart contracts for collecting ICO funds without any cost. This model can transform the current ICO market and helps to discover thousands of talented teams and entrepreneurs around the world.

For the investor:
W 12 creates a favorable environment, and destroys the old ICO model, where the investor can buy ICO tokens with minimal risk for him. If the project is not implemented as submitted, investors will be able to vote and return unspent funds in accordance with milestones from the project roadmap.

we can say that W 12 is an interesting project, he proposes to create smart contracts in which investors place tokens by investing money. And it is safe until the project shows that after the roadmap gives the result: money, thus, everything is safe. This W12 project has already participated in various parts of the investment rounds, such as the World Blocks Forum and the ico race in Switzerland, where this project was chosen from 140 projects.

Token Information

Token Symbol : W12
Token emission : Limited to 400 million tokens
Token type: Ethereum ERC20
Accepted forms of payment: ETH, LTC, BTC
Token price: 1 W12 = 0,00035 ETH
Hard cap: 22,500 ETH
Soft cap: 3,000 ETH (complete)


The W12 startup team aims to eliminate a significant layer of such problems by creating a blockchain market for ICO projects with phased investments, and today we will talk about the ICO of this project.

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W-12 aims to minimize risks and increase profitability for the investors all over the world.
The w12 platform will also provide investors with access to create projects based on a new digital era and decentralized economy.

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For further information about W12 come to visit :

Website: https://tokensale.w12.io
Telegram: https://t.me/w12_io
Whitepaper: https://tokensale.w12.io/W12-en.pdf
ANN Thread: https: // bitcointalk. org / index.php? topic = 3220425.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/w12.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/w12_io
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/ W12io /
Medium: https://medium.com/@w12_io Linkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/company/w12io/
Github: https://github.com/w12-platform

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