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we meet again on this occasion, and next time I will review a little about WANT MARKETPLACES.
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We will provide Article to present the “ WANT MARKETPLACES” project to potential platform participants and those who are interested in contributing to its development. The information listed below may not be complete and does not imply any contractual relationship. The main purpose is to provide information to everyone, so that they can determine whether they are willing to analyze the company with the intention of obtaining token or invest.

WANT Marketplaces runs a global ecosystem of B2B, B2C, O2O, C2C hyperlocal, social, private groups and secure messaging based e Commerce marketplaces powered by the benipal shopping search engine, a relational contextual image, voice and text based search engine.
With WANT and Benipal Marketplaces, we have a vision to control the lifecycle of a product, from its first sale by the manufacturer to the distributor to its further sale to a wholesaler, onwards to a online retailer or a local store and finally its last sale as a used product.
B2B Trading is a Trillion Dollar business in the United States alone and we aim to provide our B2B solutions not just in the United States, but globally, in India and also SE Asia with our already live Android marketplaces on the Play Store.
Our B2C products will also serve the same markets and our O2O product, already live on the Google Play Store will focus on India and SE Asia and Latin America. Our C2C marketplace is launching shortly and our iOS, web versions are under development.At the heart of our marketplaces is our core shopping search engine technology, in continuous development since 2009 and able to perform highly complex contextual, relational Image, Text and Voice based search.

Why Invest WANT ?

Type: Security Token Offering
Token Type: ERC-20 on Ethereum Blockchain
Symbol: WNT
Company Name: Benipal S.A.
Country: BVI. British Virgin Islands
Operations: Benipal S.A. operates a B2B, B2C, O2O, C2C ecommerce marketplace ecosystem across multiple countries with marketplaces launched in United States, India, SE Asia and Globally. Android Marketplaces available on Google Play Store at
Security Token: Each Security Token represents 1 Share of Benipal S.A., a BVI Company
Total Shares: 1,000,000,000 Capped and equivalent to 1 Share per Security Token issued
Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 Capped
Available for Public Sale: 100,000,000
Retained by Company: 725,000,000
Founder: 125,000,000
Team: 47,500,000
Airdrop: 2,500,000 — Airdrop announcement at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5156967.0
Soft Cap: US$ 2,000,000
Goal: US$ 20,000,000
Minimum Offered Price: US$ 0.20 per Security Token / Share
Strike Price during Private Sale: Discount Price is 90% of lowest price offered during Public Sale with SAFT, 92.5% without SAFT
Pre Sale Price: Determined at end of Private Sale, but no lower than US$ 0.20
Minimum Investment: US$1 or equivalent
Maximum Investment: No maximum
Accepts: Wire Transfer in USD, Euro, GBP, CAD, AUD, BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XRP, XMR
Terms: Increasing Price Sale, Refundable if Cap not met, 12% Dividend offered, Stock Ownership, Conversion option, Time Locked for Company, Founder. Vesting schedule for Team.
Use of Proceeds: New Office, Team Hiring, Call Center Operations, Marketing, Technology Enhancements
Product Status: B2B, O2O, C2C Marketplaces live in Global markets, United States, India and SE Asia. Download now at https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=8439696984165862320
At least 50 Million Security Tokens are offered in the Private Sale starting today till closing on August 31,2019 at a Discount Value of 90% of lowest price during Public Sale, currently set at US$ 0.20. Private Sale price with SAFT is US$ 0.18 and without SAFT is US$ 0.185
For More details, please visit our Security Token Offering website at https://benipal.com/

Video Discusion :

including details on how to participate in our Private Sale at https://benipal.com/privatesale.html
* Marketing: 60.00
* Technology Enhancement: 15.00%
* Team Building: 10.00%
* Office Opening: 10.00%
* Call Center: 5.00%
Bonuses and discounts
* Private Sale:-40%
* Pre Sale:-33%
* Start of Public Sale:-16%

Top level leadership Hiring
Open India Call Center
Marketing begins for O2O Marketplaces in SE Asia and India
Open Phoenix, AZ Call Center
Open Philippines Call Center. Marketing begins for U.S and Global B2B
Launch Crypto Marketplace Globally

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My Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1862312


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