WatchUGot – Competitive fundraising with blockchain!


Imagine this: You’re a startup with a great idea for a new cryptocurrency system. Perhaps you want to streamline the Parent/Babysitter payment system so that it can be digital and encrypted. What a great idea! Let’s call it BabyCoin. The only problem is you need people to give you money so you can actually make the currency. Now, you could go to a bank or try getting venture capitalist investors, but what if you could raise money without having to give up any of your ownership of the company? Enter ICO.

With the success of Ethereum ICO are more and more used to fund the development of a crypto project by releasing token which is somehow integrated into the project. With this turn, ICO has become a tool that could revolutionize not just currency but the whole financial system. ICO token could become the securities and shares of tomorrow.

WatchUGot: Competitive fundraising with blockchain!

Like challenges and want to make a difference? Now you can experience the best of both worlds. The WatchUGot platform and WUG token enable you to raise money for a good cause all while having fun with friends, family, and followers.

Make your profile and connect with others to create or participate in fun challenges that bring awareness to important causes while rewarding yourself in the process. Keep track of your goals and see the progress of how much you’ve raised throughout each campaign.

WatchUGot bridges the gap of blockchain innovation and charitable crowdfunding. Join our migration to the Ethereum blockchain and be a part of the FIRST social challenge network for blockchain. Please see our whitepaper for more information. Learn more about global donations, through crowdfunding events like the Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised over $115 Million in ONE summer.

How To Start?

  • Sign up

Register on WatchUGot & get automatically matched to campaigns based on your interests.

  • Set goals and invite your friends & followers

Search other campaigns or be automatically matched by WatchUGot with charitable events nearby.

  • Exchange

Exchange tokens for other cryptocurrencies or fiat (EUR/USD). Donate your tokens, cash or withdrawal and spend how you want.

WatchUGot Blockchain Environment

The WatchUGot blockchain environment supports three unique Ethereum utility token standards: One standard ERC-20 (WUG), one standard ERC-20 (RIVL) and one ERC-72 token for use as non-fungible goods. The primary game coin (WUG), incorporates aspects of gamification and the principles of fair-market economics to incentivize community participation.

WatchUGot’s Challenge model provides participants with the tools to generate funds for charitable causes while having fun and rewarding users for achieving goals while helping others.

These aspects, in conjunction with the WUG monetization model, provide the components necessary to create an innovative fundraising product on a blockchain platform.

Vision of WatchUGot

In developing WatchUGot, our primary motivation was to develop a platform that would provide users with the tools to develop community-driven charity-initiatives to benefit good causes. We also endeavor to provide exposure through social awareness campaigns and educate community members through the direct and practical applications of blockchain based technologies.

Token Sales

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