Why choose WatchUGot?

Like challenges and want to make a difference? Now you can experience the best of both worlds. The WatchUGot platform and WUG token enables you to raise money for a good cause all while having fun with friends, family and followers.

Make your profile and connect with others to create or participate in fun challenges that bring awareness to important causes while rewarding yourself in the process. Keep track of your goals and see the progress of how much you’ve raised throughout each campaign.

WatchUGot bridges the gap of blockchain innovation and charitable crowdfunding. Join our migration to the Ethereum blockchain and be a part of the FIRST social challenge network for blockchain. Please see our whitepaper for more information. Learn more about global donations, through crowd funding events like the Ice Bucket Challenge, which raised over $115 Million on ONE summer.


Competitive fundraising with blockchain!

The first ever social challenge platform comes to the Ethereum Blockchain.

Compete and raise money for good causes while being rewarded with real cryptocurrency assets.

Token sale term

Name:WatchUGot (WUG)

Fixed Limit:±7,286,000 USD

(36,200 ETH)

Soft Cap:±785,058 USD

(3,900 ETH)

Exchange:1 ETH = ±1,340 WUG


Min Purchase:0.2 ETH / 268 WUG

Starts:January 4 (12:00 AM)

Ends:March 8 (11:59 PM)

Supply distribution

$0.15 – WUG Retail Value

100 million available

40 million Pre-ICO

60 million Tokens ICO

1 billion Tokens Total

Token distribution

5% Advisors

15% Team

25% Reserve Fund

20% Community Grants

10% ICO Participants

15% Charity Reserve

10% WUG Promotions

Funds allocation

20% Marketing

20% Admin operations

3% Bounties-Audits

17% Charity Grants

15% Development (R&D)

10% Legal

15% Reserve

Our Team

Erman Koc

Founder, CEO

Dynamic team leader, CEO and co-founder of WatchUGot – The first social-challenge network for iOS & Android. Retains an extensive technical and business knowledge in commercial operations and a variety of technologies.

Kevin Moran

Co-founder, President

Engineer by trade, an entrepreneur by night, Blockchain enthusiast and musician by heart. Co-created WatchUGot v1.0, in hopes of changing the world through the power of bringing people together.

William Madison

Full-Stack Dev & Distributed Systems Engineer

Coder, Senior Full-Stack Developer, Systems Engineer and charity project proponent. Loves working with Blockchain technologies, front-end design, smart contracts and projects that endeavor to improve people’s lives. Follow him on Github.

Kristen Temnyk

Product Requirements Manager

As a product development engineer, Kristen assists the team by optimizing current and future application builds and analyzing product requirements.

Jessica Segoviano

Operations Manager

Jessica handles operational elements from planning events, marketing and providing the WatchUGot team with promotional material.

Raju Prasad

Web Developer

Raju is in charge of web design, development, and integration for legacy versions of WatchUGot.

Ogulcan Gencler

Gamification Design

The second of two brothers from Solos Studios. Assists Mehmetcan with our gamification and game infrastructure design.

Nolan Nguyen

Team Analyst

Nolan is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) with experience in corporate finance consulting.

Sukhchain Singh

Senior Project Manager

Sukhchain has an extensive background in development and is the manager of all legacy platform designs and integration including, iOS and Android WatchUGot versions.

Jagger Czajka

Team Member

Runs social media marketing campaigns and produces content designed to appeal to wide audiences. Also a journalist who runs his own film review website “Loudest Guy in the Room”.

Mehmetcan Gencler

Gamification Design

One of two talented brothers from Solos Studios. He and his brother provide gamification designs including; level, points, badges and award structures and visuals.

Vijay Sharma

Senior Android Developer

Vijay is responsible for android development and integration for WatchUGot.

Our Think Tank Committee

Lauren Cain

Environment/Sustainability Specialist

The chemical engineer, who CAN use the left side of her brain to come up with some crazy creative challenges. Lauren is all about sustainability, environmental stewardship and food waste which makes her our sustainability specialist. She has got your back Mother Earth!

Kyle Heiskala

Political Specialist

Kyle has a ridiculous amount of experience in the political field! From running initiatives to change an entire city to be bike friendly to being the main factor of a pollical win, Kyle is out there making an impact! Obviously, Kyle is our political specialist!

Levi Rawlings


Levi, Engineer by day Firefighter by night, is all about volunteering his time to help others. I have never seen a dude is more involved and can easily save your life if you need him too! His happy, go get’em attitude, and frugality makes him our Frugal Challenge expert. If you need challenges about being Frugal, Happy, and Safe Levi is your guy!

Ricardo Montes

Medical Specialist

Ricardo, the man trying to steal your heart, well literally, as he is a biomechanical engineer in the heart field. Ricardo is going to change the world by creating new medical devices which makes him our medical challenge expert!

Michael Gross

Animal Specialist

The man who turns making challenges into a science with TONS of research and statistic to guarantee a challenge’s success. Michael was awarded the WUGGEST award in the challenge committee for doing most research. His love for animals is unparalled which makes him our Animal expert.

Eric Cain

Committee Specialist

Eric is most likely the wittiest person on the planet. Ideas just flow off his tongue as if he had already thought about that idea a thousand times. If he doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t think you actually talked to Eric! 30 Years in the US Air Force makes Eric our Military specialist but we actually designate him as our Miscellaneous specialist because he really can come up with ideas about anything!

Jacob Milleville

Sports Specialist

Some say Jake is the “man with the plan”, and well we agree with that 110%! Jake literally knows about all sports scored before it can even be tweeted about which makes him our sports specialist! Anything sports, especially golf, and he is your man with the plan. He keeps his bets to himself however which is unfortunate.

Adrian Heieis

Winter Sports/Canadian Specialist

Adrian is our winter sports challenge specialist, but can create amazing challenges about almost any topic. He does not say eh’ as much as we like however but we still love him.

Brooke Cain

Economic Development Specialist

Brooke’s life revolves around Financial Inclusion, Economic Development and Nonprofit Professional Working to create opportunity for all! Her challenge ideas are so fun and are an instant hit with the entire committee. I do not know anyone who wants to make more of a difference than Brooke! With all that experience it is obvious that Brooke is our economic development specialist.


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