WAVESX – Cryptocurrency Is Made As A Result Of Waves Hard Drives

Waves X is cryptocurrency created as a result of Hard Forks Waves. The Waves X team uses the basic principles of digital resources such as openness, decentralization and community involvement in project development. This will take the original Wave project code as a basis and make changes to it, making this platform faster, safer and more decentralized and will become a Wave X.

The development of the crypto currency industry requires a separate platform that allows many new users to create tokens for their needs and support their project activities. Waves and Ethereum today is a platform that makes it easy for you to share and use your own tokens. Both platforms have many positive aspects, but at the same time offer their own views about certain moments. Waves has a very important service for the crypto community because of its technological solutions, but technology continues to grow and fans can offer their improvements to the original product. The main goal of the Waves X project is to improve the original product, to solve all problematic problems while maintaining its undeniable superiority.

Solutions and Benefits for WavesX users

First, you need to repeat once more that WavesX will retain all the main advantages of the original wave, but first, let’s list them.

And for the benefits of WavesX including:

  • High transaction speed. This many times exceeds bitcoin and ether in this parameter.
  • Low stability and transactions. No matter what the load is on the network, transaction costs are always the same and far cheaper than the costs on other networks.
  • Convenience On the Waves platform, it’s easy to release your own token.
  • It’s hard to argue with the fact that this quality is indispensable for mass use of platform capabilities, stability and ease of use make this platform very attractive to users.

Smart contract

Waves X aims to be a user-friendly platform for launching new projects, which will meet the needs of founders and large, self-funded teams that include professional coders. Smart contracts are an important element of such a system: indeed, while someone can issue tokens and collect funds without a smart contract, people certainly cannot build applications that function without it. The fact that a smart contract has not been on the Waves Platform for two years has led to the emergence of dozens of useless and low-quality tokens that are not needed by anyone. By introducing a fully functional smart contract as soon as the platform is launched and pairing it with the community voting mechanism, we can ensure that only feasible projects will issue tokens and make dApps on Waves X. Unlike the original Waves platform, Waves X will use neutral language ,  which means it will be possible to compile new smart contracts in the Turing-complete programming language, including JavaScript, Solidity, C ++, Simplicity, Python, Vyper, and RIDE. It is also possible to migrate the existing dApp to the Waves X platform quickly and easily. New functions will be added continuously, starting from a large introductory package that will include blocks and ready templates. In this case, the Waves X development team was inspired by a successful WordPress model – a website creation platform. On WordPress, users can get free access to a large number of blocks, widgets, and extras that have been compiled before, with more advanced functionality available at a cost as a premium package. In general, the better the code, the less premium is needed.

Why does Waves do Hardfork?

Well, first of all, we know that Waves did a number of very good indicators and received significant ratings, released many tokens and also received many thanks from the ICO project, namely in the simplicity of creation and accessibility. However, if you look at the current situation of all tokens, news, attacks, security holes, then you need to take action and therefore   WAVES   decides to make a difficult intersection, which will change serious and significant changes in the system.

Advantages of Hardforka Waves X:

Troubleshooting and we were offered a Wave version that was significantly improved and optimized, i.e. (   Wave X   ).

  • Fully decentralized (maximal)
  • Democrats.
  • High speed – Transaction speed is a Wave of 1000 TPX per second, which is higher than Bitcoin (less than 10tps) and Ethereum (25 tps). However, this Wave X will not stop and will increase the transaction speed to 10,000
  • Useful for crypto communities and ICO projects.
  • A very important advantage of WAVES X – Deploying blockchain projects of all complexity!
  • Accessible and acceptable – We all know that the Waves platform doesn’t use GAS, unlike Ethereum, and this is an advantage in accessibility. That is, the Waves X commission is 0.001 WAVES

And yes, additions such as fundraising, that is, every user without knowledge can make tokens and start raising funds – this is prostate use and significant benefits, but as written in technical documents, the list of possibilities is limited.

At the launch of the Wave of Decentralization Exchange X.

Waves X   – offers us the necessary and convenient tools that are clear and easy to use, which will be significantly successful in trading for crypto traders. Yes, I want to let you know that there will be a very important part for traders, the following funds will be included in the exchange (ERC-20, BTS, Ethereum, etc.). In addition, users will be given high-speed P2P exchanges. 
Waves X   – future plans to create derivative trading and provide margin loans.

Why Waves of Decentralization X, and not other competitors, and what are the differences?

The fact is that Waves X will apply matching orders without chains, that is, users of the Waves X platform will be able to send their orders to the entire network without recording them on the blockchain, reducing delays in time and transaction costs. 
Conversely, see, the network element in which all transactions through exchange will not have access to the matching process, so Wave X will make it possible to decentralize the trading process, while maintaining speed and availability. Also, misuse of forms (frontline orders) is very likely to occur with Wave X. And hacking exchanges are almost impossible – this is a strong advantage of Wave X

My withdrawal, custody and promise of Hardfork Waves to Waves X. I support these people, and my score is 10/10! Join now!

Bounty Waves X: December 30 – January 17, 2019
Telegram   https://t.me/wavesx
 wallet waves  3P8SixL6QqQJ16iA9F42EAMedpCrwHjFuWK

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