WEBERCOIN: corporate social market platform

About WeberCoin
Webercoin (WBC) is a toad on the Blockhain Ethereum infrastructure that can be used to manage the WeberHub market, which brings business people together. These tokens can be used as a payment instrument for any transaction on the platform of the progeny. It will also be a tool for rewarding transactions on the platform. Webercoin is the main platform advertising networks used to better connect businesses with their customers and has a rewarding ecosystem for customers to use the platform.

WeberHub is a platform that combines low-cost advertising and a seamless, seamless process that strengthens the interaction between business and customers. This service will be useful for large and small companies, and it will help many Micro, Small and Medium Businesses to get their business online and reach their target groups.

How Does WeberHub Work?
In the WeberHub platform, ideal business and users can connect to complex and inexpensive processes at the highest possible level. Thanks to interactions, reviews, suggestions and more, users get prizes because they are connected without any hitching to their chosen job. In addition, the entire platform is securely stored on the Ethereum platform in the user information block chain, and users will not have to worry about the possibility of accessing unwanted parties’ personal information.

Current Problems
The problem that arises today is that it is difficult for users to be directly involved in a company. Users can not easily do the work they want, businesses make it difficult to connect with social influencers, and they have stronger relationships with them to improve the user base. In addition, the cost of advertising on traditional social media platforms has skyrocketed and it has not been enough to create a marketplace where the platform, businesses and users can interact accurately and positively. In the classical system, users can not have exact information about their own due to their information being found elsewhere.


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