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What Is Webercoin?

Webercoin is the token that fills the WeberHub commercial center which interfaces organizations to clients on a simple to-utilize stage compensating them for commitment on the stage, all inside an Ads arrange framework. Utilizing Webercoin, the essential token on the stage, and in addition other generally utilized tokens, organizations associate with their clients better, and clients get remunerated for utilizing the stage.

WeberHub is the stage that unites them, expanding connection amongst organizations and clients, with ease publicizing and consistent procedures.


Blockchain Transparency

The Blockchain gives full straightforwardness, on a safe and effective system. All exchanges on the WeberHub stage use the Webercoin token, a digital money based on the Ethereum innovation.

Secure Platform

WeberHub is based on Ethereum’s stage, a standout amongst the most secure stages. Clients don’t have to stress over information robbery or misfortune. Protection is ensured and positively no information is sold to outsider.

Successful Advertising With Rewards

On WeberHub’s stage, entrepreneurs are remunerated for setting their Ads on the stage and clients get compensated for rating or suggesting a business.

Compensating Marketplace

The WeberHub stage is a computerized commercial center where entrepreneurs can meet their coveted group of onlookers, clients too have a chance to associate with their favored organizations.

Profit For Advertising Spend

On WeberHub, clients are ensured great rate of return on Ads put on the stage, and minimal effort on the advertisements put.

Commercial center

Through associations, surveys, proposals and the sky is the limit from there, clients get remunerated as they interface with their favored organizations without boundaries. When utilizing the WeberHub stage, organizations and their clients get associated as nearly as required, without complex procedures.

Another good thing will be that every one of the clients’ data is put away safely on the Ethereum chain on the blockchain, client’s close to home data will be sheltered that route for undesirable gatherings.

The known issues are :

Furthermore, the arrangement will be :

In the internet based life promoting scene, it is winding up progressively troublesome for clients to connect straightforwardly with organizations, and for organizations to interface with clients who are occupied with what their business brings to the table. Organizations think that its difficult to interface with social influencers and to use more grounded associations with them to develop their client base.

Additionally, costs for promoting on customary internet based life stages have soar, and stages don’t make commercial centers where organizations and clients can connect in a consistent and positive way. Clients need protection as their data on existing social stages are open to outside gatherings.

Answer For Businesses

With Webercoin, organizations can achieve clients that are more disposed to obtaining from them, and at much lower publicizing costs than current web-based social networking stages, giving them expanded profit for their promoting venture and better associations with their clients, affecting their main concern decidedly.

Answer For Users

Clients gain admittance to a wide exhibit of items and administrations in their areas and past, that meet their particular needs, with the chance to rate the organizations and get remunerated for doing as such.

How Does WeberHub Work?

A Marketplace Like No Other

On the WeberHub stage, organizations and their optimal clients get the chance to interface as nearly as they need, without mind boggling and exorbitant procedures. Through collaborations, audits, suggestions and the sky is the limit from there, clients get remunerated as they associate with their favored organizations without boundaries. Likewise, all the stage’s clients’ data is put away safely on Ethereum’s stage on the blockchain, clients have no dread of their own data being available to undesirable gatherings.

The Webercoin Token (WBC)

The tokens shared on the stage diminish boundaries that anticipate section into the cryptographic biological community, making it straightforward and helpful for non-digital currency clients to receive the stage. The Webercoin token (WBC) is utilized to compensate the two organizations and clients, empowering them to acquire through exercises, for example, rating organizations on the WeberHub stage, whose contributions emerge. The Webercoin token will be utilized to gather promoting income through supported adverts.

Token data

Ticker WBC

Platform Ethereum

Token Type ERC20

Accessible for sale 40,000,000 WBC (40%)

Money related

ICO Price 1 WBC = 0.0003488 ETH

Accepting ETH, BTC




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