WEBLOC Protocol – A Tokenized Advertising


A block chain based Tokenized Advertising Alliance Protocol WEBLOC project aims to shift the entire major things from promoters to consumers in order to make an interactive and horizontal digital advertising network. The advertising network connected with the WEBLOC project will gradually evolve into a centralized AD Exchange formation. Unlike the existing advertising network where only promoters led transactions, the entire contributors can make mutual deals in the centralized AD Exchange.

Tokenized based WEBLOC Protocol
WEBLOC project is a plan build on the foundation ICON platform that goals to help ad platforms made centralized promotion systems. These ecosystems will allow promoters to issue ads at sensible prices while a lot of viewers will get recompense for their contribution.

The WEBLOC project core teams very strong will a lot of members who have worked in gigantic technology firms like KAKAO, IBM, eBay, NAVER and LG. Therefore, they can bring their zone insights and knowledge to this WEBLOC project.
What is very inspiring is most of the advisors coming from foundation ICON (foundation ICON is the coin listed on top 20 on the Coin Market Cap). The collaboration with ICON tech group can help WEBLOC project group with the tech of blockchain and increase the success rate of the WEBLOC project. In addition, WEBLOC project also teams up with other block-chain labs as the Line Unblock and the Loop chain.

What does WEBLOC project do to solve the present advertising issues?

  1. WEBLOC project creating a purpose based network from cost-based network – Building a new advertising network based on all-purpose, not distinguishing among promoters and consumers powered on advertising charges.
  2. Rewarding profitable value for users’ partaking – Creating participation market by recognizing the financial value for users who take part in advertisements, the recurring value that user made.
  3. Reorganizing responsibilities of the third person – Creating a logical distribution formation which reflects users’ values, not the single way procedure trusting on promotion costs by mid men.

The WEBLOC project platform consists of the following two coins:

WEB and WEBLOC Protocol, Consumer Intention Power (WIP)
WEB coin plays such an important part of the key currency of the WEBLOC project. The importance of each coin released on WEBLOC project network will be evaluated on the bases of the WEB coin. WEB Coin can be purchased through the deal market or applied as the payment system, defining market scale and value.

It is possible to boost up WIP coin or execute ads by WEB coin. WIP coin can be gained swapping WEB coin or participating in activities contributing to the WEBLOC project system. WIP coin hold by punters can be swapped back to WEB coin below certain situations.

WIP coin is the platform main currency applied in the network to keep the scale of the network and raise the next value of itself as a self-regulating coin. Users can take part in the WEBLOC project system by swapping WEB coin users into WIP coin and WIP coin will be given to users according to the involvement.

Coins distributed:

WEBLOC project Token sale

• Token platform: ICON (ICX)
• The figure of Total Token Issue 10,000,000,000 WEB Token
• WEB = WEBLOC project Token
• The figure of Token Sales WEB token 4,000,000,000
• Soft cap : 5,000,000 ICX
• Hard cap : 11,000,000 ICX
• Participating Currency : ICX (One ICX = 300 WEB Token)

Budget Plan with the Raised Fund
• Marketing 800,000,000 WEB – 20%
• R and D 2,000,000,000 WEB – 50%
• Reserve 400,000,000 WEB – 10%
• Service 600,000,000 WEB – 15%
• Corporation Establishment 200,000,000 WEB – 5%

• (35 percent); Written Content Creation
• (25 percent); YouTube Video Content Creation
• (15 percent); Whitepaper Translation Campaign
• (10 percent); Twitter Campaign
• (10 percent); Telegram Engagement Campaign
• (5 percent) ; Facebook Campaign

One important thing to note that here is WEBLOC project will be built on ICON network, so entire coins will be distributed to your ICON network wallet. Coins allocation will be after their ICO sale and is estimated to be in Dec 2018 – Jan 2019.

Currently, TELEGRAM AIRDROP IS continuing: Talk to TALK TO their AIRDROP Right BOT now!

Final verdicts about WEBLOC project
Developers are dependable and qualitatively allied to their job, which is grand for the demand of the proposal of this corporation. Evaluating every advantage of the companionship, we came to the winding up that the companionship has a gigantic potential, which in the upcoming will certainly lead them to achievement and advancement. We suggest you make acquainted yourself with this companionship in the WEBLOC project description.

For more info about WEBLOC project, visit!
• WEBSITE: https://webloc.io/
• WHITEPAPER: https://static.webloc.io/whitepaper/weBloc_whitepaper_en.pdf

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