Stellerro Growth Plan

The technological, financial and legal foundations of Stellerro have been finalized. The company’s next step is to launch its own security token offering as an initial move. Once Stellerro’s dedicated digital securities are launched and start to gain traction, we on the one hand will be ready to support a personalized digital asset management company to handle and realize the full potential of the seed investments. On the other hand, by using the knowledge and expertise garnered through the past successes, Stellerro will create a fully dedicated White-label model to implement in large scale investment firms, startups and many other businesses, enabling prompt and professional liquidation of these assets as with Stellerro’s own assets.

Solutions are already available for entrepreneurs from a wide range of sectors looking for fundraising via the blockchain, whether holistic or partial, from initial consulting, onboarding, compliance and issuance, all the way to auditing, including a full walkthrough if needed.

Stellerro complete holistic solution set for investments includes three tiers of growth:

The basic tier – the STO “factory” – assists entrepreneurs to examine, plan and execute a full fundraising process from A to Z, including all the steps mentioned above.
The middle tier incorporates funds, holdings, and venture capital holdings; it loops these entities to invest and take part in the existing STOs, and launch their own multi-tier alternative funds using the Stellerro model.
The top tier and capstone is Stellerro’s Multi-chains & Conglomerate Collaborations. Once the first two tiers have developed strong roots, the biggest conglomerates will be tackled along with the a dedicated multi-fund offering, utilizing both traditional and alternative fundraising methods to benefit every part of the ecosystem.
What is the difference between Stellerro and Others?

In the world of digital securities, all the regulations can be coded into a smart contract and become immutable. By so doing we have an encapsulation of the regulations on the blockchain that cannot be changed. In other words, smart contracts are code-binding and guarantee that the contracts will bear out without a 3rd party enforcer. Stellerro enhances the logic, quality and security of smart contracts and performs tests on blockchain assets, liabilities, equity and smart contracts, thus establishing a firm foundation for accelerating companies’ adaptation of blockchain technology. The financial and legal audit process of Stellerro is carried out in three tiers: Compliance, Security, and Efficiency. During an audit, the following three aspects of a smart contract are examined:

Security: Validating the integrity of the codes run on blockchain. Using its state-of-the-art cyber security tools and expertise, Stellerro investigates the smart contract code to detect potential breaches, known hacker attacks, potential fraud, and bad practices that may cause security threats.

Functionality: The objective of a functionality audit is to provide an independent evaluation of software products, verifying that the configuration items’ actual functionality and performance is consistent with the requirement specifications. Specifically the functionality audit is held prior to the smart contract delivery to verify that all the requirements specified in the smart contract settings have been met. A functionality test includes running in various scenarios and performing quality assurance, uncovering numerous issues such as blocked actions, bugs in processes and missing features.

Efficiency: The final step examines the efficiency of transactions and the amount of calculations required to run a transaction. Smart contracts are very inefficient, namely consuming much “gas” (the fuel of the Ethereum network represented by Ether). If certain scenarios make the smart contract inefficient, Stellerro corrects them through its own proprietary coding patents, thus improving the
efficiency of the smart contract.

Increasing popularity of smart contract technology gives rise to new challenges for businesses and new risks in the audit process. Stellerro has the technological arsenal essential to validating the design and controlling the contract. With the help of highly skilled professionals who have the know-how of big data interpretation and bug fixes, new smart contracts are handled with top caution and profession.
Over the years, we have had a lot of traditional investment/banking platforms but with a lot of shortcoming and limitations such as rigidity, unscalability, inconvertibility and solidity, many people who had their cash to invest find it very difficult, uncomfortable and untrustworthy to invest in such traditional platform because of the afore-mentioned limitations.

One of the major limitations of traditional investment banking is lack of Flexibility

most often than none, customer expectations are not met and investment/payment/ platform and technology is fast changing, and with this comes the need for flexibility. And as we all have realized that is no longer new that traditional investment banking platforms often don’t have this flexibility, therefore the need for such a timely intervention as provided via Stellerro Platform
Token Name: STRO TOKEN
Token Price: 1 STRO=0.86EUR
Symbol: STRO
Protocol: ERC-20 Ethereum Network
Decimals: 18
Hard-cap: 5million EUR
SoftCap: 500k EUR
Minimum Retail Ticket: 500 EUR
Maximum Retail Ticket: 100k EUR
First Round Discount: 15%
For more information, pls. visit:
WHITEPAPER: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fkru-bwP1n0eAEVJwJKiF0pJuyUI7u26/view
WEBSITE: https://www.stellerro.com/

AUTHOR: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=95863


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