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The advancement in technology has brought dynamic changes to e-commerce, business and the world entire. As the rapid shift from traditional financial system (Centralized) keep losing its grip to Satoshi Nakamoto superb idea of a transaction and business system that is decentralized, where the utility will be maximized.
In spite of this superb and fabulous idea of Pioneer Satoshi Nagamoto of decentralization and cryptocurrency ideology. The conversion of cryptocurency to real money (fiat) become unfortunately and painful inconvenient for cryptocurrency owners. The process of purchasing, transferring and exchanging of cryptocurrencies to widely accepted money is parochial, rigid and unstable. But here comes warming news to the crypto-world, a revolutionalist in the land “Orbis” A platform with technical know-how in conversion, purchasing, investing and transferring of cryptocurrencies to real money is here. https://orbistransfer.com/

What Is Orbis Platform All About?
Orbis Company is a fintect platform that provide innovative transfer, payment and investment services using cryptocurrency tokens and blockchain technology. The technology of Orbis is made up of computer software and mobile phones; these technology give the users an avenue to make money on transfers, investments and payments using Orbis self-service machines, as well as personal smartphones and computers with internet access.

Orbis Platform Vision
The Orbis vision to provide financial access to millions of unbanked people in Latin America, Asia and Africa by 2020 with the partnership of a third party (bank) which can provide self-service accessible banking solutions.

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Advantages of Orbis platform

• The elimination of high fees and costly barriers to entry through the removal of 3rd-party and intermediary services
• A significant reduction in wait times –transactions should be near-instant, not beholden to the business days and business hours of traditional brick-and-mortar banks
• Self-service and no imposed limits
• Removal of complicated paperwork and bureaucracy
These and much more will be tackled by the ORBIS desktop, ATM, and mobile platforms, which will be usable by people of all ages and will utilize a simplistic, easy-to-use design.

Orbis Platform Is Safe and Reliable

Orbis platform Functionality

• Customers can use their own debit/credit cards on our platform, performing real-time buy and sell transactions, or have an ORBIS debit card issued to them.
• International no-limit transfer functionality for the settlement of payments. This will include currency conversion – for example, between US dollars and Japanese Yen.
• ORBIS will provide short-term credit loans in the form of credit applications to its users, issuing a bill of exchange between any parties who wish to use this application.
• Fiat currency transactions will also be possible, not just cryptocurrency ones.
• Interest will be earned in our ORBIS savings accounts by having tokens stored in them.
• Buying ORBSi tokens allows for hands-off investment, with their tokens appreciating in value on their own through the cryptocurrency market.
• ORBIS POS will allow wireless payment to be a reality for all small businesses and entrepreneurs who requires such services, including self-employed people in developing countries, such as freelancers.
Orbis Exchange
Orbis exchange is decentralized platform that will be used to purchase and sell Orbiscoins and exchange them to all fiat money currencies. The platform is a peer-to-peer system, all transactions will be done almost instantly to any bank account or Orbis Wallet.

Orbis Coins
Normally cryptocurrency platforms own one unstable price coin, but Orbis company have two tokens: ORBIS Coin (ORBS) and ORBISInvest coin (ORBSi).

Orbis Tokens Technical information and allocations

1st of November 2018 to 8th of November 2018
Coins sold to date
5486715.75 ORBIS
15th of December 2018 to 15th of April
Coin exchange rate
1 ORBIS = 0.5 EUR
Accepted currencies
STO Softcap
5 000 000 euro
STO Hardcap
40 000 000 eur

Orbis Platform BluePrint

Orbis Company Team

To Know more about Orbis Platform, visit the following links:
Website: https://orbistransfer.com/
Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3844192.0
White Paper: https://orbistransfer.com/downloads/Orbis-White-Paper-2.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OrbisToken
Facebook: https://facebook.com/orbistoken
Telegram: https://t.me/orbisgroup
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/orbis_token/
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