Happier people are up to 20% more productive at work. We present the unique Wellmee mobile application, which enhances the overall wellbeing of its users through mentoring, engaging and entertaining. With the Wellmee app, people are more productive and creative, which brings more profit to their employers. To reward their employees, there are Wellmee tokens linked to the app. These tokens are going to have plenty of value in real world marketplaces.


There are plenty of relevant studies which describes the issue with low productivity in workplace due to the lack of employee happiness and disengagement. For instance, according to American global performance-management consulting company Gallup, unhappy workers cost the U.S. itself between $450 and $550 billion in lost productivity each year7 Another research shows that 87% of C-Suite executives recognize that disengaged employees is one of the biggest threats to their business.

One part which Wellmee is about to cover is relaxation/meditation. Mental health disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity a year, with depression being the leading cause of ill health and disability, according to the World Health Organization.


At Wellmee we are not reinventing the wheel. We build on the major findings of latest decades on the topics of positive psychology, wellbeing, happiness and a flourishing life. Combining it with provenly effective technology solutions to create truly functional application.

Wellmee take the fundamentals of several honoured global psychologists as for instance Ph.D. Martin Seligman and his Well-Being Theory10 where he explains how wellbeing is measured and where he articulates the account of PERMA (Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment), (more on our approach in following chapter 3.3.1). Another approach of our interest comes from the work of Dr. Ellen Langer who uses the acronym GLADO to describe that wellbeing is a result of being Generous, Loving, Authentic, Direct and Open11. In the chapter 0 we address our competitors which are more or less successful in the field of “mindfulness-based” application in order to show there is still currently a huge space in the global wellness market.

All the above mentioned is in compliance with the outcome of the project of UK Government Office of Science which in 2008 released a report on Mental Capital and Wellbeing. This study brings 5 ways to mental wellbeing. All of them to be covered, promoted and encouraged by the Wellmee application. These are: 1. Connect, 2. Be active, 3. Take notice, 4. Keep learning, 5. Give. Moreover, enhancing wellbeing of individuals will lead to enhancing wellbeing in society. “It is proposed that achieving a small change in the average level of wellbeing across the population would produce a large decrease in the percentage with mental disorder, and also in the percentage who have sub-clinical disorder. The purpose of the Wellmee application is not to make the person use it for hours and hours each day.

Since humans cannot be separated from real life, the digital life through the application will serve only as an intermediary to the real life of each and every user. The main goal is that each person using the Wellmee app is more satisfied outside of the application, not inside. The result of using the application will be measurable both subjectively and for the sake of employers also objectively.

As rewarding is one of the key factors in order to use any application frequently the fact that the business model of Wellmee is built on rewarding the employees with Wellmee tokens makes the whole ecosystem even more feasible.

The Wellmee project offers us to reward people for their well-being..So, read more about their venture..

Most happy people are up to 20% more productive at work and they present a unique mobile application “Wellmee”, it will enhance the well-being of users through mentoring, entertainment and engagement. Thanks to their application, people will be more productive and creative, so it will bring more profit to employers. But, employees will not be left without a reward, this project has Wellmee tokens that are associated with the application and these tokens will have value in real markets that can be exchanged for money.

Why choose Wellmee?

My answer:

The purpose of Wellmees to increase the welfare of all consumers. Together with their tokens, WLME will allow employers to reward their employees who use the Wellmee app.

App Wellmee is purely private (not social network)

The work of the application is supported by the findings of major studies on positive human psychology.

He uses artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The latest Token ecosystem is useful for employees, employers, and markets.

The main problem in the labor market.

Studies have shown that unhappy people are less productive and have reduced business profits, according to C-Suite executives, they admit that due to the fact that couples diverge, they suffer from depression, stress, and so on, and they are one of the reasons for the decline in productivity.

Wellmee invites us to decide the next method of this problem, namely:

40% of happiness will be determined by their actions. Wellmee will seek to cover the 8 key areas which are crucial to the well-being of everyone, this consists of: positive emotions, relationships, meaning and purpose, and active participation in various activities. Status and well – being improvement will be tracked in their app to be periodically evaluated by the employer-will be maintaining condentiality and this is the highest priority of the app! .

This is the end of the introduction, and now let’s look at the road map of the project.

Stage 1: June 2014, the basic concept of happiness.

It studied the concept of happiness: was ispolsovala mobile behavior changes ( Such as Aaron Marscus and Associates, inc. Berkli, USA)

Stage 2: March 2018, the concept of Wellmee and application development

Mastered the concept of using Wellmee and installed freely and properly on “car Happinnes”

Stage 3: November 2018, ITO takes place.

Stage 4: December 2018, dreams come true and the development of the application begins! The Wellmee team complements constantly and accordingly ( mainly experienced psychologists and world-class SW engineers )

Stage 5: January 2019, will be the development and configuration of the ecosystem, that is, there will be a beta program Wellmee app and constantly released on the basis of flexible development; there will be aspects and foundations that will be laid for the functioning of the ecosystem for both the employer and for traders.

Stage 6: January 2020, Wellmee 1.0 released and available on iOS and Android, covering major feature and pilot with companies.

Stage 7: Wellmee 2.0 release for January 2021, will be offered most of the key features. Work with original employers and merchants and will realize the first income.

Stage 8: January 2022, Wellmee 3.0 will be released and fully functional application with all the necessary features; will be the presence of regular users, where the number will grow exponentially; will be recognized by all major companies in the market for its advantage!

That’s all, wait for the second article where we will study the project plan!

Website: https://www.wellmee.com

Whitepaper: http://bit.ly/2PF7j1V

Prototype: https://www.wellmee.com/prototype/index.html

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WellmeeApp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wellmee-439081536585312/

Ann Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5037487


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