The Wellmee application will cover eight areas proposed for your wellbeing. Looking form a technical point of view Wellmee app will never track your activities as a user such as your location, your calls and other activities that you do within the application without your consent. In addition, Wellmee app will connect with other applications and let you know other users events that are near you such as concerts, gallery or football and basketball matches depending on your taste. Every person has a different mindset and needs. In order Wellmee app to reasonably enhance your wellbeing you have to let the application take you through all the elements within a certain period of time. The main elements include the following:

Meaning and purpose

• One part of the app works on subjective evaluation of your current mood as the user. This input could impact the content being shown to you.

• Other graphic contents is shown to you to make you think about the meaning of a certain topic, to help you  see things from different perspectives


• The Wellmee app helps you to have major goals simply shown and under control.

• Realistic goals are tracked because even the effort toward achieving these goals will bring satisfaction to the user.


• The Wellmee app is about helping you to be aware of the world around you and what you feel. Reflecting on experiences helps you appreciate what matters to you most.

Keep learning

• The Wellmee app is going to encourage and track your activities towards trying something new, engaging in new responsibilities at work, learning new skills, developing old, popular and forgotten habits, etc.


• The Wellmee app is about teaching you to take care of things around you whether it’s a friend, relative or a bystander, whether it is a psychological or physical activity all both can benefit l the receiver as well as to giver.

Positive emotions

• Reminding you of your accomplishments, real and positive things and recalling your positive moments from the past.

• Encouraging you to experience pleasure and enjoying a different aspect of your life

• Showing highly positive content according to your taste based on the information you provided and machine learning, later on with the added value of sophisticated AI.

Active engagement

• To encourage you to get continually engaged with your favorite activities and suggesting similar ones, e.g., going for a walk or running, cycling, dancing, or exercising.

• Everyone is unique and has identical talents and skills which are different from anyone else. The Wellmee app is going to explore and work on engaging you as a user with activities which gives you the biggest joy.


• The Wellmee app will track how often you are in contact with your closest friend. You will point out who they are, and the app will, at least in the beginning, track the record of calls you make to certain friends

• The Wellmee app will encourage you to develop your existing relationships and will support a physical interaction either with people around you, with family, co-workers or neighbors. Building these connections will enrich you on a frequent basis.

Website : https://www.wellmee.com

Whitepaper : https://www.wellmee.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Wellmee_Whitepaper-1.pdf

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Twitter : https://twitter.com/WellmeeApp

Telegram : https://t.me/WellMeef

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/wellmee

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