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What Wellmee?

Wellmee offers cellphones that facilitate individuals to measure well. However, this creates a stunning setting for traders and staff. With Wellmee signs, it’s provided by employers to reward staff WHO use functioning ATMs, as a result of individuals wish to show positive results at work

Wellmee could be a cellular phone that uses totally different users. beginning with warnings, suggestions, actions, recreation, recreation. The key’s to assist employees. (See a lot of data concerning development in three.3.1). This helps individuals feel higher and a lot of content in their lives.

Through the work of Wellmee, users still improve their lives. A study conducted by CAGE researchers showed that happy employees reached two hundredth over out of work employees. though DNA and life, a academic at the University of American state, Riverside, Sonja Lyubomirsky explained his book The however of Happiness, to fastidiously involve joy Rigsbee of four-hundredth. “2 this is often the Wellmee wellbeing Center.

Because happy individuals square measure extremely valued, WHO also are sensible employers WHO take pleasure in Wellme’s work. victimization the harm method used, the boss are able to see however he’s employed together with his staff and for this purpose they’ll use the directions of his staff with the symptoms of Wellme — for example, every year.

The work of John is real. Use solely those that see content. What happened to Wellmie was left with Wellmee. the vendor will notice data deleted from the in operation method — which will be communicated to alternative parties in any approach.

Therefore, the angle of employees and Wellme is expounded to trust.

The application will be utilized by anyone WHO uses a contemporary cellular phone that uses iOS or golem.


There square measure several studies that illustrate low labor prices because of lack of job creation and unharness. for instance, just like the u. s. for Labor, Gallup, employees don’t seem to be happy with a loss of $ 450 and $ 550 billion p.a.. The survey shows that eighty seven % of C-Suite adults understand that too several staff work with the incorrect individuals. a risk to their business.

The Wellmee section can embrace and publish/meditate. psychological state because of loss of yields within the world economy € one billion, whereas depression could be a major reason behind sickness and incapacity, the globe Health Organization.


We don’t build bicycles at we tend tollmee. Over the past few decades, we’ve found the key to sensible governance, development, happiness, and alter in life. Associating with trendy technology that has well-tried to be the foremost effective tool for creating real-life necessities.


Built on trust

A whole four hundredth of happiness is set by our actions. Wellmee aims to hide eight key aras that are crucial for everyone’s prosperity, including: Positive emotions, Active engagement, Relationships and which means & Purpose. prosperity improvement are half-tracked within the app to be evaluated sporadically by the leader keeping privacy is that the highest priority of the applying. (Employers are solely capable of extracting information that tracks usage). that’s why the link between every individual user and also the Wellmee app is constructed on trust.

Clear user-interface and AI

In front end, the app relies on clear user-interface elements (metaphors, mental models, navigation, interaction, and appearance) in order that links from the navigation panel square measure primarily search field, sliders, icons and image carousels. In back-end, mistreatment AI and every one attainable up thus far SW technology which can embrace geolocation of the smartphone, sensors, cameras, etc. to attenuate the requirement of users’ input for the trailing and observance of the successfulness improvement.

Token Detail

Start: 1st of November at 2pm GMT
End: 30th of November at 1:59pm GMT
Soft cap: $ 7.5m
Hard cap: $ 25m
Token Wellmee (WLME)
Exchange rate: 1WLME = 0.05 USD
Platform: Stellar

Milestones & Roadmap





Website : https://www.wellmee.com/
Whitepaper : https://www.wellmee.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Wellmee_Whitepaper-1.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Wellmee-439081536585312/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/WellmeeApp
Telegram : https://t.me/wellmee
Ann Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5037487



BITCOINTALK PROFIL LINK : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1809080

ETH ADDRES : 0x76a682F965193CDccB16e6501a8e1cb72493c4B9



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