Our platform uses blockchain technology to allow real peer-to-peer transactions between creators and users – ensuring security, authenticity and most of all, transparency. Wemark is backed by leading global investors, and its advisory board includes some of the top names in stock photography, blockchain technology and online marketplaces.


The total of the tokens allocated for a sale makes 135,000,000 WMK. Soft Cap of the project makes $1,500,000, Hard Cap of $8,000,000. 1WMK token price = $0.20. For acquisition of tokens of WMK it is possible to use ETH.
The general distribution of tokens of Wemark looks as follows: for sale 38% are allocated, for remuneration of community and development of economy 37,5%, for consultants and partners of 12%, for founders and employees of 11% are allocated and also for the program of encouragement of users 1,5% are allocated.
There is a wish to note that distribution of tokens of Wemark is defined very competently and deliberately. It is visible that developers of the project have very carefully considered the matter and have picked up the most relevant and acceptable value.