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Wemark is a photography market that provides a stage for trading between photographers and customers. Potentially, there are numerous image companies that have emerged in recent years, their profits have increased steadily by assuming an intermediary role. Presently the stage opens the way to directly trading opportunities with no intermediaries. One might say that Wemark is control distribution the photos, conveying them to the customer with the best price for the two sides. The stock photography market is huge, and with a number of companies making a fortune once a day, it does then seem to make sense for an organization to take a gander at ways to enable cryptocurrencies to be used in order to make those purchases. Perhaps the surprising thing is that they have not exactly embraced this technology as yet however that is going to change thanks to Wemark.

The Advantages of Wemark

It’s easy to see the advantages of the stage especially for the creators themselves. By removing fees that can sometimes top out at 85%, it means they can make more money even on the off chance that they charge less for the image creating a win-win situation for the two sides.

Also, as the buyer is dealing directly with the creator, it does give a sense of authenticity to the shot and increase confidence in them then being able to use it without its fear potentially having been stolen from elsewhere. Furthermore, as it is processed by means of the blockchain, then the genuine payment side of things is substantially faster than by means of the stock companies that are already out there.

Yet, then there are also the rewards on offer for those people that convey other creators to the stage or promote the content that is already on there. By doing this, it will clearly assemble the marketplace and thanks to the blockchain, there will be no issues with a substantial number of payments being processed at the one time so it could handle the potential deluge of new creators or buyers.

Wemark will be a miniature photography market that will enable professional photographers around the globe to transfer their images indefinitely. It made me think about the previous auctions so the photos will become more valuable in the event that it draw in the attention of numerous people and how they feel about it. excessively great !!! It means we don’t have trouble discovering photos as well as finding a photographer. Its scale extends to more than 100 million creators and more than one billion customers, considered the largest worldwide photography market, operating transparently and safely on a blockchain stage.

From a technical side of things, there is nothing complex about the approach that the project will be taking. They are taking a gander at a decentralized marketplace with the entire stage being based on Ethereum giving those against misrepresentation measures as well as the stability of the marketplace that the two parties would be searching for.

There is complete transparency with the transactions being placed on the blockchain and able to be viewed by the two parties. This is key when you are dealing with direct sales as it shows the two parties that the other is able to complete the transaction with no problems. Also, when the creator uploads an image, a distribution contract is created between both the creator and the stage. This agreement can’t then be altered later on and it is designed to give the stage the rights to then distribute the content.

Whenever the buyer sees an image that they like, then a Smart Contract will be created in order to complete the peer to peer transaction. This is the aspect that is placed on the blockchain and is transparent with the exchange of tokens occurring in order to complete the transaction. In completing the transaction in this way, it removes the huge fees that other companies take when they go about as the outsider in the transaction meaning the creators are in line to earn more money for their work.

Above all,the convention of the marketplace is the intermediary between the creator and the customer being traded by the smart contract, ensuring the exactness and data in the transaction. The photographer will receive the sum after the transaction up to 85%, they just charge 15% on this transaction instead of before they have to spend more money and time and they have full control over their content as well as licensing the customers on the off chance that they need.

Viewed from different angles the project provides a full complement of elements to create a non-mediated stage in computerized content and convey to a more diverse universe of photos.As far as I probably am aware the project has started with the cooperation of more than 3,000 contributors and more than 200,000 photos,it is great!, showing that the project is a place to draw in people. In the event that you really realize this potential, don’t skip it! At the present time the bonus program is ready for anyone to join. Hope you get the incentives and be a member of the project as soon as possible.


On a final note, make sure you carry out adequate research before investing in any venture.

For more information, please click on the links below:

Website: https://www.wemark.com/photographers

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3347524.new#new

Telegram: https://t.me/wemark

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WemarkOfficial/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_wemark


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