Yes, welcome back to your blog. Today, I will introduce you to an extremely interesting and potential project, the WetCoin project.

Provide liquidity for the market.

The system creates new Wetcoins by exploiting online via wetcoin.win, where mining companies can contract mining power for the number of blocks they want. Contrary to what happens to Bitcoin and other electronic currencies, where mining requires expensive equipment and long payback periods, the system allows anyone to exploit their Wetcoin without equipment. or power consumption. It is also a great advantage, while resources and costs generated from the creation of Bitcoin (equipment, electricity, etc.) do not return to the value of money, with Wetcoin, those resources are invested and Their benefits return the value of Wetcoin in the market.

With the unique online mining system Wetcoins you can:

  • Create your own electronic money:
  • No need to invest in expensive equipment.
  • No electricity costs.
  • If not download the software.
  • No technical knowledge
  • No maintenance or monthly fees.
  • With premise available for everyone.
  • Reserve your money at the cost of the first block.

Finally, all participants play with the same rules, in the early stages, everyone can benefit and receive their money at the cost of the first block operation, regardless of how many blocks are available. exploited.


Wetcoin is an independent and decentralized currency in Bitshares, blockchain with special fast and scalable transactions.

This platform is completely decentralized, transparent and auditable. Bitshares has created an updated blockchain ecosystem that will provide all the necessary features for businesses.


Markeplace wetcoin.win will be designed exclusively for all content creators in the world.

  • Unlimited number of potential customers. Millions of creators and buyers.
  • LOW COST TRADING. Fast transfer at very low cost.
  • International payment without borders. Security through encryption.
  • BLOCK CHAIN ​​technology. This means faster, safer and cheaper transactions.
  • Payment of PEER TO PEER (P2P). Decentralized. Provided by Blockchain
  • Reduce risks for users. Secure storage and exchange of money.

Benefits for Sellers 
Creators will be able to deliver their works through the market and increase their visibility to potential buyers.

Benefits for buyers 
Buyers can easily access a large market designed for electronic money with very low transaction costs.


Token information:

  • Name: WETCOIN
  • WETCOIN coin icon
  • Maximum Purchase: 10,000,000 WETCOIN
  • Operable: Can only be exploited at the virtual online exploitation system wetcoin.win
  • Difficulty increased by 0.5% per block

Block chain technology:

  • Cheap blockchain.
  • Difficulty is based on the initial value of Bitcoin:
  • 1WETCOIN = 0,000025Bitcoin (~ 0,09 $)


– WetCoin has a strong team:

WetCoin’s development team includes the most skilled IT members, marketing, application development, business, management, human resource management, communications, blockchain … with many years of experience in the areas in which they were active. Along with experienced advisers, the development team is well prepared to provide a perfect platform for the global market.

– WetCoin has a breakthrough idea, well-designed materials and websites:

  • Website: https://wetcoin.win/ has a beautiful, eye-catching and easy-to-see interface, full of necessary information about ICO as well as the development direction of the project. Show the professionalism of WetCoin team in project operation.


As expected, WetCoin will expand its scope of activities outside the world. I believe that with its potential, transparency, security and advantages, WetCoin will have a firm foothold in the exchanges in general and crypto circles in particular.

Personally, I rate this project very high. I think I should invest in it. With high liquidity in the market, it will automatically raise prices, this is a very favorable sign for investors to buy these codes in the early days of ICO, the price is still cheap. WetCoin Token can be accepted in most leading trading markets, which brings a relatively large discount in transactions.

If you want to invest in WetCoin, this is a good time to invest. Join now, visit https://wetcoin.win/ for more details, and remember to buy immediately before all tokens are sold.

Readers interested in this project can learn more about the project through:

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Profil : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2447510

ETH addres : 0x42836bf737eC833228344f0841C3bD14f4D67643


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