Excellent projects with great mission and timely goals promise a huge step forward in the field

exploiting thanks to great and innovative tools, in this platform with software packages for kryptonite miners, will help increase the profitability of operators who use the platform they represent, for so they plan to present the following products. One, a multi-currency mining group, where users can extract a large amount of coins. Two, an operating system with an overview of all the tools available.
Whalesburg Cloud: The brain of the entire platform, where all statistical data will be processed
through real-time monitoring and / or some statistical reports. Four, an incremental change algorithm is supposed to calculate the optimal hash function needed to exploit a currency without increasing the difficulty. Five, a hardware monitoring and management protocol will provide users with information that will facilitate efficient use of hardware. In addition, Whalesburg is also the first kryptonite mining platform to provide operators with automated money-based money exchanges.
Our main goal
Our software has three main objectives:
1. Simplify the configuration of your mining operations.
2. Increase your performance.
3. Give you the best mining tools to save time.
It consists of five main parts:
1. Multi-currency mining fund.
2. Operating system.
3. Nube de Whalesburg.
4. Change the solution of benefits.
5. Software monitoring and hardware management.
WHALESBURG is the first mining coding platform with a profit conversion algorithm!
Starting from WHALESBURG
Our initial goal is to develop a mining team with hundreds of the most valuable work tests (PdT). We started collecting information, seeking open source solutions and talking to operators and investors in the mining industry. We also studied the ability to operate in electronic money exchanges and build our foundation. This process gave us a deeper understanding of the market and, more importantly, allowed us to see exactly what needs to be improved in the mining sector. A suite of software will solve all the problems we encounter simply do not exist. And so knowing that the best products are born is necessary, we decided to build exactly what is needed.
Reported problems
There are many challenges for miners who want to join mining groups:
1. Lack of transparency Mining tools cannot track their income from block rewards for their wallets. This is necessary because most mining companies today invest heavily in hardware and need to know exactly how much they pay for pool services. Operators need to make sure that the displayed amount is real and they are not cheated.
2. Difficulties in knowing what to exploit There are a number of resources such as whattomine.com and coinwarz.com to determine what is most needed from money that benefits mines, depending on the type of hardware, but they There are no custom reports for specific Hardware operators, so it is difficult to analyze the profitability of mining in specific criptocurrency. In addition, every time miners change their hardware configuration, they must undergo a time-consuming analysis. Operators can do more by delegating these processes to one and moving to the most profitable currency in real time.
3. Difficult to monitor hardware status It is necessary to monitor information, such as GPU / CPU temperature and fan speed, to extend the useful life of the device’s expensive hardware. It is best to display this data graphically and let the miners prepare exactly what they want to see. Software operators need software to automatically notify them when making necessary adjustments to their hardware. There are currently no software packages on the market that address all previous issues at the same time. Large operators develop this type of software for themselves and do not share it with third parties for obvious reasons. Meanwhile, small mining operations do not have the financial or technical means to adapt to customer needs.

Promising solution
Whalesburg provides an overall software solution for criptomed miners. There are many other platforms on the market, but only this platform provides a complete solution in a single package. The Whalesburg multi-currency mining group, operating system, cloud, profit sharing solution and hardware management and monitoring software are components of the ecosystem. Anonymity, transparency, smart exchange, more money and rewarding proportions are some of the many qualities offered by the platform. Configuring one-click, Hashrate watchdog, trusted accounts, two simultaneous extraction tools and integration with Whalesburg cloud are some of the many features of Whalesburg OS. In the following diagram, each sheet represents a component of what is needed for today’s miners to compete:

Whalesburg customers
Whalesburg allowed small and medium miners to gain the power of whales. Consolidated players also benefit from our software package, as it allows them to improve efficiency and performance. Streamline your activity. Our strategy prioritizes support for miners reaching higher levels through Whalesburg (details below). We are partnering with hardware agents, creating opportunities to provide full service hardware / software packages.
This is a good option for people with newly purchased codes who want to diversify their income through mining, but are not expert operators and do not want to spend the entire time tracking activities. Their exploitation. Whalesburg offers people an all-in-one solution. Whalesburg is an easy way to start extracting criptocurrency at any scale from a few ASICS to a full farm. You can sleep well at night knowing that our software will monitor and handle all exceptions yourself, providing you with complete and compelling reports at the end of the day.

 How is it used?
To get started, you need to download our software (available in Windows, Linux, MacOS) and fill out the following information form, such as your wallet address for each type of currency you want to extract or click “auto create wallet” button. Your earnings will arrive at these addresses immediately after confirmation of blocking. This desktop application represents an offline web-based control panel, where you can see all the tabs in the list. If you want (not needed) get direct benefits in ETH – you have to indicate your address and click “automatically convert to ETH”. In this case, all altcoin will be converted (with a friendly hand from an integrated switchboard) and sent automatically. Of course, you will get a map of these things and you will be able to track them in your application or in the backend of the web from any part of the remote world application.
There will be an option to sell your converted bitcoin immediately (or at your request) if you want to get it after each block is confirmed. It will be available at prices even better than localbitcoins.com thanks to our partners like wallbtc.com You can download and install mobile phones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and iWatch (or Android Wear, allowing you to monitor and control your exploitation process remotely. It will only notify you of the circumstances that you have customized in the configuration.
 Route map
2018 Q1 ended

  • MVP
  • Hashrate for tests
  • Consulting services
  • Market research
  • Evaluate customer needs
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Investment communications
  • Prototype of the platform
  • Security audit
  • Acquisition of the company
  • Develop the team of developers
  • Legal documents

The second quarter of 2018 ended

  • Technical assistance
  • Multi-currency mining group
  • Self-trading algorithm
  • ETH payment
  • Platfotm’s UI / UX design
  • Automatic exchange

The third quarter of 2018 is underway

  • Real-time mining monitoring tool
  • Fiat payment
  • Community-based development
  • Nube de Whalesburg
  • Exploitation records
  • Financial report

4th quarter of 2018

  • Overclocking / downgrading
  • Mobile application
  • Hardware update with one click
  • Smart notifications
  • Benchmarking

Q1 2019

  • Database and database configuration
  • 24/7 support
  • Recommendations
  • Launched the operating system

Referent Token and ICO
Symbol: WBT
Total supply: 100,000,000 WBT
Available chip: WBT
66,000,000 Price token: 1WBT = 0.0000718 ETH Money
accepted: Time ICO ETH: from June 3, 2018
Whalesburg professional team
Evgeniy ‘John’ Kitkin – Co-founder, CEODdeveloper, IT Entrepreneur
Vladimir Protasevich Co-founder, CTOArchitect Software, Senior Software Engineer
Konstantin Lermontov -CoFounder, Creative Innovation Director in brand development,
Nurlan Abdrassilov – CEO of Operational Solutions Architect, Private investor
Dana De Alasei – Data ScientistMaster in Neurology and Behavior; Graduated from Harvard University
Igor Netkachev – Red Hat Linux system administrator certified
Igor Barynkin – The end developer – RoR, JS
Rostislav Kati – Full stack developer – auxiliary developer and predecessor
Ivan Korjavin – Developer of Golang Developer group, a mathematician
Roman Faizullin – Frontend React developer, RxJS, Functional programming
Andrei Moskvitch – Lawyer Blockchain legal expert
Vitaly Lagutik – Managing communities Marketing and community management
Josh Datko – Security consultant
Alexey Zaytsev – HR HR director
Vasily Ivanov – Community adviser on electronic money CM @ SONM
Alexander Salomatov -Management management experienceCEO @ BAIKAL-MINING.RU
Arseniy Grusha – Operator experience consultant CEO @ WATTUM.IO
Adrian Huwyler – Digital marketing consultant WIRZ
Hartej Sawhney –
Security adviserHosho Eugene Zilmer – The consulting center for exploitation
Nodari Kolmakhidze – Financial advisor, Investment Director
Nourdine Zaba – Sales consultant Chip New Zealand salesman CONSEIL
Website: https://whalesburg.com/

Whitepaper: https://tge.whalesburg.com/whitepaper

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2711079

GitHub: https://github.com/whalesburg

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/whalesburg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Whalesburg/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/whalesburg

Medium: https://medium.com/@whalesburg

Telegram: https://t.me/whalesburg

BTT: maeullmer295

link BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2511399

ETH wallet: 0xD719fE38ecb3286Ec01B32F6CE2A10D27f143569


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