What about Buddy?! New project for developers and their freedom

It is so much important to save the idea before it will die in the shadow of doubt and lack of tools to bring the embodiment. Today developers could be compared with a class of people who can bring the light into this world, and who else but they should move the progress?! But there are some problems on this way and Buddy came to solve all of them.

Main problems

When someone invented something great or even just found an amazing idea, he should be confident that no one will beat the trophy. That is another one reason and explanation of smart-contracts and the way they appeared. But today it is well-known that their system of protection is no perfect. It means that every developer who ever made it already at risk.

At the same time, most of the platforms for developers can’t offer well-done automatic equipment which can take boring work with details. As the result, when someone got an amazing idea, it is not easy to bring life in it. So, here are just some of the problems which stand in the way of developers and their success:

  • Risk of interaction with someone (copyrights questions).
  • Lack of confidence in system’s protection.
  • Problems of the choice (a lot of platforms and it is not easy to choose from wide diversity without experience).
  • Mentioned problems brought an opportunity to show the real Buddy’s team power.

How to fix everything with “Buddy”

In case if you already thought that Buddy is nothing more than just another simple platform for developers – don’t suppress it for a quick conviction. The very first thing every potential user should know is a long story of this project: work started in the 2015 year. So, its team is pretty experienced, and they can boast that Buddy has business relationships with such companies as Google, Amazon, GitHub, and even Microsoft. Anyway, let us concentrate attention on interesting decisions which Buddy used in their work to solve all the problems:

  • Problems with smart-contract protection were solved by Software Reliability Lab.
    It means that every digital contract will be checked by the security system with a full guarantee of quality. It will allow only safe relationships without any even potential danger.
  • Every embodied idea, which will be presented in the marketplace, will be checked by security system too.
    Even best developers can slip up. This system will be a kind of additional checkpoint.
  • A wide range of tools.

Buddy is pretty flexible. It means that during the progress platform will grow with own users. Every need will be satisfied (new tool request means that it will appear immediately).

The token system is standard – coins will play the role of the financial tool in this interesting Buddy’s world.

Buddy Token Sale


Buddy released a token called BUD. The price of 1 BUD is 0.0002 ETH. There will be 470 million BUD tokens available for the token sale. The hard cap for the crowdsale is 60,000 ETH. The crowdsale will take place from 1st August to 29th October 2018. There will be no new tokens created after the sale ends. Any remaining tokens will be burnt after sale period ends.

As the project reaches the maximum hard cap of 670 million BUD tokens no further tokens will be generated. The hard cap amount which will be sold in the crowdsale is 60,000 ETH.

ICO Buddy : Tokens issued by already profit making company
Buddy platform is developed by a team that got together way back in 2007 while bootstrapping Springloops, a subversion hosting platform with deployment tools for web developers. Thereafter the idea for creating a platform like Buddy that allows developers to apply automation into application development process took an organizational shape in 2015. By 2016 Buddy had already partnered with popular industry names like Google, Github, and Microsoft. The platform is already getting traction and generating revenue.

Token Distribution


60% of BUD created during the ICO is allocated to the contributors who bought the token via our booking platform, 20% of BUD is allocated to the Buddy Team, and 15% of BUD is reserved for new contributors, partnerships & community initiatives. While 4% goes towards Legal, Advisory and Bounty, 1% tokens will be distributed through airdrop to promote the project. 5,000,000 BUD will be airdropped to currently paying Buddy customers.



Buddy has a very experienced and strong team led by CEO, Product Manager & Co-Founder, Simon Szczepankowski, a SaaS entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in IT. Simon has previously bootstrapped springloops.com, a Subversion hosting service for web developers that attracted over 5000 paying customers from 120 countries and has managed IT projects for reputed names like Dutch Air Force, KLM, Mercedes Benz NL, Ford NL and Merck PL divisions. He is also one of the few Google AdSense Premium partners in Poland and author of the youngest Polish IT book debut (Windows XP Optimization, 2003). Team’s technical head Raphael Sztwiorok has a very strong technical background and has managed large GIS & Big Data projects for the Polish Army & Norwegian Defence Procurement Division via Techmex SA. Participated in the design and development of large mapping and geo services used by NATO for COWI (Danish Consulting Group). He has also offered his services as Senior IT manager in the Multinational Geospatial Co-production Program.




When Buddy rules the world

In fact, future with Buddy is already here. This project solved a lot of problems and its real capacity is not a secret (just remember that even Microsoft already decided to keep friendship with it). But anyway, it would be interesting to learn some features in case if Buddy is going to be the only one platform for developers: safe relationships, opportunity to concentrate everything on the idea (technicalities will be done by the system) and full freedom of realization.

So, Buddy is not just a simple platform for developers – it is another world and there is no place for difficulties. It could be compared with mirage in this harsh world of blockchain industry trends.

Official site: https://token.buddy.works/

Whitepaper: https://files.buddy.works/ico/BuddyWhitepaper.pdf

Twitter : https://twitter.com/buddygit

Telegram: https: / /t.me/buddytoken

ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3798597

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