What Features Make RepuX Advantageous

In the field of data sharing technology, there have been numerous issues and challenges that have to be managed. RepuX protocol understands the situation and proposes a new solution to these issues. Despite of significant data sharing rate that has been increasing globally, issue regarding trust and transparency, artificial intelligence and machine learning still exists.

So, using the blockchain technology, RepuX solution is proposed. The first solution RepuX proposes is eliminating the domination of data sharing opportunities by large corporate and giving chances to more actors like users, collectors and developers to share data. The second solution is giving chances for value data creation that the marketplace has never been had before. These two main solutions definitely make major breakthrough that the world indeed needs for more transparent and trusted data sharing among many different parties.

Overview of RepuX Technology

The RepuX Technology consists of 4 separate layers as follows:

Application Layer

This top layer of RepuX protocol consists of several different decentralized applications known as Dapps. The third parties are those who build the applications that are placed on top of existing infrastructure of the RepuX API. For instance, it can be an application of service allowing both entities and individuals to see the usage data of social media in exchange for website access.

Data Layer

This second layer of RepuX Protocol consists of purchasable and sellable data within the RepuX. Not only does RepuX ensures the data existence but also the secure storing of data in a decentralized fashion of infrastructure including Sia, StorJ8 and IPFS. With support from multi-signature cryptographic primitives, the actualization of data privacy preferences, security, sharing and ownership will be made possible. This process will also ensure the secured redundant of data on chain that has already been utilized by preferred parties.

Decentralized Logic Layer

This third layer is added to handle the transactions that occur of second layer, the data layer. On top of Ethereum infrastructure, this layer is built. Despite of the existence of this layer, RepuX is still exploring the use of EOS known as the custom infrastructure of blockchain that can scale to millions of transactions.

Value Layer

This layer on the base, is a very important layer as it powers all the layers above. At the same time, it also makes sure that everyone will be appropriately compensated for everything they do within protocol. As a part of this layer is the RepuX Token which enables all the parties to send payments from one another for data sales and purchases and other services and goods. The tokens value itself can be proportional according to the demand as written in contractual services of data sharing. In this process, the larger scale and more advanced data sharing capabilities are possible due to the existence of different tiers having the token holding quantities.

RepuX Protocol of IPFS

IPFS, the protocol used in RepuX stands for InterPlanetary File System, a particular protocol that is designed for creating decentralized and permanent method of sharing and storing data. This protocol has some characteristics like being content addressable. Using the unique has, IPFS can address the pieces of content. Thanks to its fully decentralized technologies, all the computing devices can be connected within same file system. If you think of IPFS, it is actually similar to the way bit torrent swarm exchange data yet it works in more organized and decentralized way.

IPFS Key Features

As the protocol being fully used in RepuX, the IPFS definitely has a number of key features that enable it to work optimally. The main features are as follow:

  • Function to define the content-addressing file system
  • IPFS has file mounting and systems
  • Coordinate the content delivery
  • IPFS doesn’t have any central point of failure
  • Common protocols like HTTP can be used to access through the IPFS
  • Guarantee integrity through content system that is hash-addressed
  • Enable any additional functionality through Filecoin, one of the existing systems
  • Through many network protocols, the connection can occur

However, these features are not final because RepuX has still exploring any options for additional data infrastructure including Sia and Storj. The options are very much open thanks to development of infrastructure at rapid pace.

For further deepening and joining social media Repux please follow following links:

WEBSITE : https://repux.io/

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