What is AligatoCoin Project?

What is AligatoCoin Project?

The Aligato 2.0 project is an updated version of the Aligato.pl trading platform that has been in existence since 2016. The new e-commerce dimension operates on blockchain technology and AliCoin crypting, with the aim of creating a worldwide cryptocurrency and a digital payment system. The project’s main mission is to become a professional, trustworthy, and reliable company that will offer the best conditions to its customers for completing online transactions.

The web based business advertise in Poland and the world is developing at a bewildering pace. Quickly, we are retaining new innovation to make it simpler for all individuals utilizing online business stage to live.

Nonetheless, these few organizations, the world market pioneers, will either present the vital changes past the point of no return or not in any manner. In Aligato, I believe that it can improve the situation.

The establishment of the Aligato 2.0 stage over the square chain ensures wellbeing, soundness and straightforwardness at levels that can not be accomplished with beforehand accessible arrangements. Pay by means of Eye installment framework, which works through cell phone or PC’s general camera, upgrades purchaser’s security.

Man-made consciousness advances shopping and encourages thing pursuit and stage association. Self-ruling conveyance rambles computerizes the last phase of item shipment to clients, the whole framework depends on existing foundation. Consequently, its presentation isn’t long haul.

The vision set here is certifiably not a far off future. The Aligato group is building up a fitting specialized, calculated and authoritative arrangement. A few sections have just been protected.

AligatoCoin Solutions:

Convenient Online Shopping

With AligatoCoin, all you need is an account to get various access to items around the world. With a simple tool using the search bar, Aligato will show you results of all the related items you’re looking for. And these items all came from verified sellers! Which means there will be no scammers who will sell at AligatoCoin. Phew!

You also get to choose various payment options from fiats, to wire transfers, and to digital currencies! How convenient is that? Here’s a quick illustration from making a transaction to making a payment:

As you can see, AligatoCoin will be working on all the transactions made by everyuser.


With AligatoCoin, it will embrace the latest technologies. No more geting left behind unlike other Online Shopping Websites were they never evolve. AligatoCoin will also have its own artificial intelligence which monitors your activity and helps everyone in AligatoCoin who needs support.

AligatoCoin also comes with a high-tech system payment, using your eye’s iris! That’s right, only you can make the transaction as AligatoCoin requires to scan your iris before the transaction becomes authentic.

Here is the SYSTEM PAY VIA EYE illustration process:

Faster Delivery

Drones. We are already in the era of a fast phase technology and drones are part of this era. With AligatoCoin, Drones will be your item’s carrier and AligatoCoin is aiming to deliver everyone’s orders within hours. You can just take a nap and after a couple of mintues** or hours you hear the drone’s buzzing sound at your backyard! And Ta-dah! Item finally delivered!

depends on your location.

You will finally be able to use those item you just saw a few hours ago online, no more sleepless nights due to excitement!


With these 3 aspects AligatoCoin have, your Online shopping experience will definitely make you shop more at the AligatoCoin! Say goodbye to your current Online Shopping sites as Aligato warmly welcomes you! There are even more features which were not discuss here. Look for it in the whitepaper page!


AligatoCoin will run under the Ethereum Blockchain and will have their own token called ALC or AligatoCoin which will be the native digital currency of AligatoCoin. The best thing I see with AligatoCoin is that the artificial intelligentce bot will help those who are new. It will provide steps and guides and will match with your preferences.

How Does AligatoCoin Work?

The project seeks to simplify life for individuals by using the latest technology to provide them with tested solutions method to work without any problems. Aligato 2.0 will integrate blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence into its database. The AI will ensure that users are comfortable on the platform and that the time spent during transactions is at its minimum. The AI ensures that the user’s preferences are stored in the database to avail offers that suit an individual. It will also provide suggestions to the users on how to optimize the sale and auction offers to match the user’s preferences. This will in turn lead to a great improvement in the functionality of the entire platform.

The project aims at also providing an automated delivery system whereby drones using renewable energy sources will be used to make deliveries of products ordered by clients. This will not only speed up the time taken for deliveries but also provide an innovation logistic solution.

AligatoCoin Benefits:

Safe And Transparent Transactions

The platform’s digital currency is based on the decentralized blockchain technology, which will ensure that all the transactions happening on the platform are safe and transparent while at the same time being efficient and effective.

Pay Via Eye

The PvE technology incorporated into the system will allow users to pay and verify transactions without using cards.

Globalized Services

The platform’s services will be available to people all over the world, which can be attributed to the fact that its solutions are innovative, and have the capability of solving the major problems facing individuals.

Logistics Solutions

The drones that will be used for automated deliveries will reduce the shipment time for products and the costs associated with it by using renewable energy sources.


Token Sales Detail:

AliCoin (ALI) will be the only digital cryptocurrency that will be used on platform. The coin will be decentralized and will operate on the stable blockchain network. In the future, other currencies will be accepted on the platform. Once the Initial Coin Offering is over, token holders will have the opportunity to trade their tokens on the Waves exchange platform. Investors who purchase the tokens early will also have the opportunity to take advantage of the discounts.

Investors will also have access to the mobile application AliWallet, which will be a secure way for them to store their coins owing to the state of the art security systems that have been put in place within the wallet. Storing coins in the wallet for a long period can earn profits for the investors. The wallet can also be used to pay for products and services all around the world due to its Pay via Eye (PvE) technology.

Token: ALC

PreICO Price: 1 ALC = 0.4 USD

Price: 1 ALC = 0.5 USD

Bounty: Available

MVP/Prototype: Available

Platform: Ethereum

Accepting: BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat

Minimum investment: 1 ALC

Soft cap: 1,000,000 ALC

Hard cap: 70,000,000 ALC

Country: UK

Whitelist/KYC: KYC

Restricted areas: USA, China

For more information:

Website: https://aligatocoin.io/

Whitepaper: https://aligatocoin.io/whitepaper/aligatocoin-whitepaper-en.pdf

Medium: https://medium.com/@aligatocoin.io

Telegram: https://t.me/aligatocoin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aligatocoin_io

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/27183549/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AligatoCoin

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4810464

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Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1885373


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