What is Alux Bank Project?

What is Alux Bank Project?

Alux Bank is the first ICO created to change this once and for all. We utilize the blockchain technology to build a new banking ecosystem where you are always in charge of your capital. Alux Bank ecosystem will consist of an array of services such as a mobile app, e-bank and debit cards to offer a superior experience than that of traditional banking!

Lux Ant Digital aims to reach the scale to offer traditional services and emerging banking products encompassing the environment of the Blockchain era. Our trained infrastructure of experts specialized in heritage management, we offer a wide range of solutions for the most studied diversification and analyzed every detail. The project is focused on the creation of a electronic banking using Blockchain technology to reduce costs in third-party services, smart contracts and our own amazing Trading Bot.

Alux Bank Problem:

1. Many people have lost control over their own heritage, which is limited by the Central Banks.

2. Since the poorest or lowest standards of living of the population, we have observed that they have been excluded due to the costs which are higher than the income that these can generate.

3. A third part of the world population is unbanked.

4. Nowadays, if you are unbanked, you can only use cash, which limits you in many negotiations such as sending money, requesting micro-lendings, saving and even managing big purchases. izar envíos de dinero, solicitar micro-préstamos, ahorrar e incluso gestionar grandes compras.

5. The Central Banks are unable to end with the previous problems due to these high costs.

Alux Bank Benefits:


With the ease of access to the accounts offered by Alux Bank, you can start saving and see how your money grows day by day.

Public & Private Microcredit

We want to provide capital to other users to be able to continue with loans or invest in several published projects, it can be done by Smart Contracts integrated in the Alux Bank platform.

Send & Receive Money

With the Digital Lux Ant platform presented as Electronic Banking, you will be able to start relationships with clients, suppliers, relatives, etc., and to control the experience of buying, selling, sending money and / or digital assets from the session to the end transaction.

Currency conversion

From our ATMs, partner stores, or Alux Bank mobile applications, you can make any currency conversion, instantly and with a minimum commission.

Own ATM Network & Collaboration with Stores

The main idea that led to the growth of Alux banking networks was how to promote their use, close contracts with businesses and work with companies to issue cards and refill, and even they have our ATMs in their place.

Mobile Application

With the Alux Bank APP, you will be able to negotiate such as money transfers, savings, list collection or other payments, currency conversions, on-line purchases and micro loan requests, and others.

Payment cards

Innovative debit card payment payments allow us to provide an approach to designing simpler cards. This action functions, without requiring a chip and / or pin, using a simple QR code that is directly connected to the bank account.

Alux Bank Solutions:

The banking system can be defined as the degree of participation that the people and the companies have in the financial formal services that a country offers. Its degree of importance takes root in a measure that a population has more of a banking system, the levels of economic growth are superior, providing that while it is major, the access to the financing of the economic agents, it turns into a mechanism to increase such productive capacities and to improve such levels of income.

The banking system is directly related to the meaning of incorporation. A major access of the population of minor income to the financial services can be turned into a decrease of poverty, allowing them to take part in activities to improve their income and to promote saving.

Between 2011 and 2014 the percentage of adults who had an account went from 51% to 62%, a trend that meant an increase of 13% of points in the account ownership in developing countries and for the role played by technology. Especially, the accounts of mobile money managing in Africa to the south of the Sahara, these are helping to extend and intensify rapidly the access to the financial services. Parallel to these advances, such information also reveals big opportunities to stimulate the financial incorporation of the women and the poor people.


• The creation of an Entity specialized in Electronic Deposits puts end to so many problems.

• Open a new market niche in the financial business that in the beginning were vetoed to the small and medium investors and entrepreneurs. Thus giving the opportunity, to the stagnant microeconomy, a way of opening new horizons to our innovative decentralized banking system.

• The base to this electronic banking is the Blockchain, which allows us to include this part which the Central Banks cannot due to its high management costs.

• Lux Ant Digital, through the new technology of “Smarts Contracts”, replaces the traditional contracts. Minimizing this way, the high costs of commissions of third parties, in a simpler, quicker and more secure way. The smart contracts execute any sort of agreement between two or more intermediaries in an autonomous way, decentralizing the management between both parts.

Advantages of Alux bank Project:

Save Money Easily: The Alux Bank provide user with a seamless way to access their , it therefore easy for users to initiate saving and monitor how their money grows. Isn’t that interesting?

Currency Conversion: Conversion of currency has never been this easy as users can easily and instantly convert currency using any of the platform such as ATMs, partner shops or Alux Bank mobile APP.

Electronic Banking Platform (EBP): This gives you the opportunity to initiate and maintain a very close relationships with your suppliers, customers, etc. and even influence buying and selling experiences.

Mobile App: The mobile app enables you to perform transactions like sending of money, currency conversions, saving on-line purchases and even requests of micro-lending’s

Payment Card: Another interesting features of Lux Ant Digital Bank is the provision of debit card payment with no chip and/or a pin. The card is design to function by a straightforward QR code which the Alux Bank connects specifically with said financial account.

Micro-Loans: This give users ability to lend or invest in some of the project that is publish on the platform using the Smart Contract integrated inside Alux Bank’s platform.

Own ATM Network & Collaboration with Stores: The Alux banking network will grow rapidly as its use will be promoted through collaborating companies for the issuance of cards and recharges and by installing our ATMs in their business premises.




Token Sales Detail:

Lux ant digital also introduced tokens and it’s like normal coins and people can purchase it and the buyer will be known by the partner of the company and he can make use of his rights and the amount he will receive will be verified by the web of the corporation.

Token Detail

Symbol Ticket: ALUX

History of Token: Token ERC-20 in the Blockchain of Ethereum

Private pre sale: 20th June – 31st August

Public pre sale: 1st September 2018 – 30th November 2018

Public sale: 1st December 2018

Price of the Token: ALUX Announced at pre-sale

Total number of Token ALUX issued: 1 Billion tokens

Transaction of tokens not sold Will be burnt

Cryptocurrencies accepted for the sale of Token ALUX: Ethereum (ETH) & Bitcoin (BTC)

For more information:

Website: https://luxantdigitalbank.com/

White Paper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-RRwvZNl9qNRAJQ33mU3cJwnPJt1U29g/view?usp=sharing

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ALUX.BANK/

Telegram : https://t.me/LUX_ANT_DIGITAL

Twitter : https://twitter.com/lux_ant

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/luxantdigital/

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