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BLACKBOX or BBOS is a business OS to oversee dispersed firms, undertakings and groups on the Block-chain, based upon ETH, BLACKBOX OS is a D-App that serves inward individuals associations, supporters, and token proprietors additionally referred to all in all as the BLACKBOX organize.

Blackbox OS (BBOS) is a working framework for overseeing appropriated organizations, groups and undertakings on a square chain. Based on Ethereum, BBOS is an application that provides food for interior individuals, part associations and token holders. At exhibit, the entire world is on the limit of a radical change of business lead, procurement of significant worth. The errand of BBOS Token is to make the Blackbox working framework, which will permit:

Huge lessening in the cost of overheads

Critical work concentrated on the quality of people

Self-completion and adaptability

Value of pay through impartial appropriation of assets

The Blackbox token conquer any hindrance between the decentralized world and will release the intensity of circulated technology,AI,and other cutting edge advancements.

Besides, BBOS is a cutting edge token oversaw and represented stage. Made out of a progression of keen understandings and decentrally put away data, BLACKBOX OS looks to viably lessen duplicate and redundant work processes, improve cooperation and impartially distribute rewards in view of more target developments.

The up and coming work is here, and ordinary associations move from obsolete, business plans of action, they will require an interface among display paper and advanced assentions. BLACKBOX OS interfaces the hole between the decentralized world and lets firms to release the vitality of allotted tech and AI or Artificial Intelligence. The advancement and improvement of decentralized stages will radically upgrade human collaboration and wipe out expenses by engaging person’s hubs all through the system.

BBOS is a smooth, developing business OS for the up and coming for work and fills in as a passage to connect with the BLACKBOX stage. To a great degree customize, benefactors firms are competent to wind up more powerful, and the members are given the hardware to achieve more.

How It Work?

The BLACKBOX arrange exists to offer a cutting edge trade framework to engage the cutting edge laborer. More than just a gig economy, they are building a sole framework with share bond over the benefit of all. The ventures are separated among capable individuals in light of matches for perfect fit and esteem. BLACKBOX establishment takes a shot at sake of the entire group to ensure incite installment and the BBOS oversees interoperability among numerous organizations.

Each center colleagues get 80% of their side of the anticipated pay. The rest of to an average reserve covers costs for finish individuals (legitimate, activities, deals, surveys, authorizing, and so forth). The whole installments go by means of BLACKBOX. Also, members are remunerated through BLACKBOX OS tokens to ensure a frictionless difference in assets in the real world, with real USD Money from clients held available for later to offer individuals with clearness.

The Internet is to begin with the most looked for after specialists in AI, information science, PC form, gadget learning, square chain and parcel of other transformative specialists over a few controls. As they develop the base of their locale and BBOS, their long-run rendition is to move the world by means of DAP or Deliverable esteem focuses, proposition, POVP crosswise over firms, GOVT, and instruction to portray real world issues.

People are capable of uncommon things, in the best state, and supported by the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, they can engage staffs to get to new positions, paying little mind to their experience, position, capacity set or financial esteem.


The BBOS token is a unit of notoriety and trade with BLACKBOX organize framework.

Supporters are engaged to depict inclinations for a work design, classifications, and portions.

BLACKBOX OS provenance biological system are depicted as gadget learning framework AI designed with brilliant understanding square tech that programmed source attribution of data

A considerable measure of highlights let BBOS givers make esteem and put resources into administrations that are inward to the inborn framework. Token proprietors can utilize the toke to put proposition, achieve administrations and vote on choices that effect them.

Business Operating System

Blackbox OS (BBOS) is a business working framework to oversee dispersed organizations, groups, and ventures on the blockchain. Based upon Ethereum, BBOS is a DApp that serves interior donors, part associations, and token holders additionally referred to aggregately as the Blackbox Network. We are on the cusp of a radical change in how business is led, how esteem is acquired, and how people make and are adjusted.


Interoperability between biological community individuals that don’t have a similar administration form or structure.


Blackbox OS is a working framework made out of configurable modules explaining across the board wasteful aspects.


Reasonable remuneration prompts higher commitment and better work quality.


The blockchain furnishes us with changelessness and precision as the premise of conveyed record advancements. Through a mix of on and off chain stockpiling, we pick up the advantages of decentralization.


Proposition are voted on in the Blackbox Network and expect agreement to be actioned. Not exclusively can inward individuals and outside token holders, see the recommendations, they can include input and have a voice in what is actioned.


Estimations and pay are settled upon at the season of proposition. With clear, quantifiable breakthroughs and master agreement, we consider this to be a noteworthy favorable position over the conventional way to deal with venture and undertaking administration.


The Future of Work Is Decentralized and Being Made Beneficial.

• Augmented workforce and work process improvement

• Eliminate monotonous undertakings and work processes

• Interoperability between associations in the environment

• Improved cross group decentralized coordinated efforts

Proposition Module in BBOS

They trust that scholastic papers solitary are insufficient and their strategies have been fight tried in view of real world issues, income, customer torment focuses, and a more extensive framework work over the previous year. Times are rapidly changing, and foundation requires direction on the best way to move in this new Globe.


The BBOS token is a unit of value and exchange within the ecosystem. Participants are empowered to define preferences for work schedule, segments and categories. Influence is earned through a reputation system by consistently demonstrating value in a meritocratic system. Everyone’s incentives are aligned and a new world of possibility emerges.

Furthermore, BBOS tokens are used in the OS Blackbox ecosystem as unit values ​​and exchanges. Influence will be obtained with a reputation system that is carried out consistently showing value in a meritocratic system.


• Presale Sale 50% Bonus NOW Until July 25th, 2018

• Ticker BBOS

• Token Type ERC20

• Token Price 1 BBOS = $0.16 ($USD)

• Timing 25% Bonus begins July 25th, 2018 (10:00AM EST) – August 3rd, 2018 (10:00AM) EST or until the maximum cap is reached.

• Accepted ETH, BTC

• Token Purpose The BBOS token provides access to the Blackbox Network and serves as an internal mechanism to facilitate a labor/capital market while providing governance

• Token Supply 1,000,000,000 Total

• Sold on Pre-Sale 50% Discount 37,500,000

• Sold on Pre-Sale 25% Discount 58,333,333

• Total Pre-Sale Hard Cap $USD 10,000,000

Token Distribution

Funds Allocation


June 2018

Pre Sale#1.

August 2018

Pre Sale#2.

June – August 2018

Req Specifications.

July – August 2018


June – Dec, 2018

Private Alpha. Blackbox Network.Goes Live.

September – Dec 2018

Partnership announcements.

October – Dec, 2018

Module Marketplace



For more information, please visit:

Website: https://token.blackboxfoundation.org/

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4517962.0

White paper: https://docsend.com/view/zn2axya

Telegram: https://t.me/blackboxtoken

Twitter: https://twitter.com/blackbox_found

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackboxfoundationofficial/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEywMTvmxwZnyAKFXEGGg8Q

Medium: https://medium.com/blackboxtoken

Bitcointalk username:Samuel321

Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1925101

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