What is Cryptocean Project?

What is Cryptocean Project?

Cryptocean is a blockchain-based ecosystem that combines financial and technological services for working with crypto-currencies, digital financial assets and traditional fiat money.

We offer a universal service for buying, selling, exchanging and integrating cryptocurrency into real life. You can purchase cryptocurrencies with your bank card/account, get your fiat inside the service and legally transfer it to a card or a bank account. You can also order from us a classic plastic card (crypto card), issued together with our partner banks. It will enable you to deposit and withdraw cash from your financial and crypto accounts in regular ATMs using CRYPTOCEAN services, and also pay for purchases – goods and services – with cryptocurrency, as if you were paying with a usual bank card. All the processes of exchanging cryptocurrencies on exchanges, transferring funds from exchanges to your personal account, maintaining the limits you set, will be automatic.

Cryptocean Solution

One of the innovations that Cryptocean has created is integrating crypto accounts with a bank account. Thus, this project will make the flow of crypto and fiat between these two worlds seamlessly. This is all going to be done in compliance with all financial laws.

Users of Cryptocean will have a plastic crypto card that will link to their app. This will be used to withdraw funds from ATMs. With the app, users can convert crypto into fiat, send funds to others, and even pay taxes and bills.

There will also be auto payments introduced so that people can make payments at given intervals such as weekly, monthly, and much more. It will be quite a useful feature in mining farms, which will help them pay electric bills. Users will receive emails, SMS, or push notifications when an auto payment is made.

The other feature that the team wants to introduce is a multicurrency crypytowallet. This wallet will cater to the top 100 crypto coins. It will eliminate the need to have multiple wallets for different crypto. To ensure the wallet is secure, all keys will be stored only on the user’s device. The wallet will also come with multifactor authentication. This will include things such as fingerprints, SMS, and many others.

Our commissions and rates are lower than most of the services on the market. We select partners with minimal commissions and, first of all, initiate a transaction of exchange within the system and, if possible, satisfy it on the basis of counter orders. In addition, our gateways are connected to the TOP-5 main cryptocurrency exchanges, which will allow us to fulfill the exchange at the best current rate.

Most exchange services offer a commission of 2-3% (during periods of sharp changes in rates – 5% or more), with a spread of 2-5% to the exchange, which ultimately forms a client commission of 3-5% or higher (up to 10-15 %). We focus on the difference between our internal rate in relation to the weighted average exchange rate of 0.25% – 1.75% and its further decline as the number of CRYPTOCEAN users increases and trading algorithms improve.

Cryptocean Features

The user can generate additional access keys to the wallet and add the option of managing them by the CRYPTOCEAN service and at any time the user may recall them back. The service guarantees the removal of user keys from their databases. However, in the latter case, the responsibility for storing the keys is entirely user’s.

CRYPTOCEAN token holders receive a discount when paying commissions for the CRYPTOCEAN services, depending on the number of tokens and services, a discount can be up to 90% of the basic service rate.

CRYPTOCEAN token holders can trade tokens on the crypto-exchange, selling their tokens with a profit, the size of which will depend on the current stage of implementation and the degree of the development of the project.

CRYPTOCEAN provides several sources of income generated by the main activity of the project. The main source of income will be service commissions and the difference of exchange rates when exchanging the cryptocurrency in the processes of transfers, payments and conversions. As for other incomes CRYPTOCEAN will receive them from background services (Escrow, P2P) and a partnership program. They will additionally provide up to 10 – 20% of the project income.


The payment service allows you to pay for goods and services from a multi-currency cryptowallet in the selected cryptocurrency or a combination of them. Payment can be received by the seller in fiat (the national currency used in the country of the seller) or cryptocurrency (if it is allowed as a legal payment).

The receipt of funds is possible directly to online shops, crypto-currency exchanges, payment and banking systems. This allows you to buy both traditional goods and services, as well as сryptocurrencies, tokens and accept payments for ICO/ITO tokens.

It’s possible to initiate the payment from the website of an online store, an exchange, a payment or a banking system, integrated with the service. The payment confirmation can be done using a mobile application, a PC application, or an Internet interface.

The payments are protected by two-factor identification, and also by storing keys to cryptocurrency wallets on the client’s side.

The service users are:

Individuals and organizations that pay for goods and services with cryptocurrency from multicurrency service crypto-wallets;

Organizations integrated with the service which accept payments directly to the multicurrency service’s crypto-wallets (expanding the client base);

Banks and payment systems that transfer payments to sellers of goods and services purchased by customers through the service (earning on commission);

Cryptocurrency exchanges that accept payments for cryptocurrency via the service (increasing liquidity and earning on commissions);

ICO projects, which will be able to accept payment for tokens through the service in any cryptocurrency or fiat.

The cases (usage options) are:

Purchasing goods or services for fiat in the online store, to which the service is connected as a system for accepting payments;

Purchasing of goods or services for cryptocurrency in the online store, to which the service is connected as a system for accepting payments;

Payment of an invoice, issued for a product or service, to a bank or a payment system through the service by the cryptocurrency (with automatic conversion) or by the fiat;

The purchase of cryptocurrency or codes on crypto-exchange exchanges paying in another cryptocurrency or fiat through the service (for exchanges that are integrated with it);

The purchase of tokens (including ICO tokens projects) on crypto exchanges or in online stores integrated with the service

Cryptocean CRON Token ICO Details

  • PRE-ICO Start: May 15
  • PRE-ICO End: Jun 15
  • PRE-ICO Soft Cap: 5,000,000 USD
  • PRE-ICO Hard Cap: 10,000,000 USD
  • ICO Start: September 1
  • ICO End: September 25
  • ICO Soft Cap: 25,000,000 USD
  • ICO Hard Cap: 70,000,000 USD
  • Total Tokens: 10,000,000,000 CRON
  • ICO Price: 1 CRON = 0.01 USD

For more information:

Website: https://cryptocean.io/

Whitepaper: http://cryptocean.io/files/EN/Cryptocean.White%20Paper%20EN.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/cryptocean_en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cryptocean1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cryptoceanio-358733677957437

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