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Some people still think that Cryptocurrency is something that is “too complicated,” “too easy to change,” or “something that is only for high-end users.” Please note, FiiiCOIN was developed with the aim to change this perception by making a cryptocurrency that is very user-friendly and can be easily accessed by users from all walks of life.

Fiii’s primary vision is to build the Blockchain ecosystem which is not only for selected users but all users in the world. By forming a unique Blockchain user-centric ecosystem where data, funds, and information, in general, will be shared smoothly and safely while at the same time as a whole can simplify participation criteria to pave the way for total participation in the Blockchain ecosystem. The Fiii ecosystem consists of five different technological arms. Here are the details.

  1. FiiiPay ↔ This is a mobile wallet application that is compatible with FiiiPOS. Currently, there are more than 350k registered users as of September 2018.
  2. FiiiPOS ↔ This is the only mobile instant cryptocurrency payment terminal in the world that is compatible with 1500 cryptocurrency. This supports unique DPoC. At present, more than 2200 POSs have been launched in Asia and 15,000 on orders as of September 2018.
  3. FiiiEx ↔ This is a CryptoCurrency exchange platform built to support FiiiPOS and FiiiPAY
  4. FiiiChain ↔ This is a blockchain Framework that can be customized and allows plug and plays features for commercial applications
  5. FiiiCoin ↔ This is a Cryptocurrency created using FiiiChain that will focus on long-term stability and retail continuity.

After a brief look at the FiiiGROUP ecosystem, I want to know more about all that. Well, if you agree, please read on, and I will explain one by one, starting from the easiest and most annoying, “FiiiPay.”

What are FiiiPay and its Advantages?


Started in November 2017, the cost of bitcoin has crossed the check of US $ 10,000, and at that time the world was never equal again. With no doubt, bitcoin has been at that point since 2009, but the entire population doesn’t have that thought, can’t care less about it, or believe it’s a hoax.

The air is constantly changing, and after the rollercoaster price before the end of 2017, the fame of bitcoin is taken so much that the controllers begin to investigate everything more strongly. Another big thing that happened was that he put bitcoin and cryptographic money when everything was said to be done on the radar of a more significant part of the population. The increasing number of individuals and organizations currently views cryptographic money as an option for fiat monetary forms.

In any case, even with the widespread fame of digital currencies, they are still evident as being overextended for standard clients and something that can be utilized and seen only by special meetings. It doesn’t help like monetary forms, there are various types of digital money, and there is no simple method to get it.

This is a problem FiiiPay wants to overcome.

1. One Terminal, One Thousand Potential Results

FiiiPay is an e-wallet of cryptographic money that is equipped for multi-cash exchanges and can expand 1,500 forms of digital payment. This is far from complete, given that bitcoin is now from the central cryptographic money that is driven and available for use at present. For digital money organizations or businesses that move their coins, this means FiiiPay is another strategy to direct their currencies to the market because the application can allow the coins to be satisfactory installment cryptographic money in their client and sender systems.

FiiiPay makes it easy for clients to save and handle their money – whatever form of cryptography they choose – and get it whenever they need it. Simple access to digital currency accounts is an essential component of FiiiPay, given the fact that it raised the FiiiPay application from just being an e-wallet and became a useful installment device.

Through the application, clients can make mutual exchanges, merchant installments, and even interrupted installments using terminals issued by FiiiGroup (called FiiiPOS).

2. Preparing Crypto Installments

While digital money forms are created to avoid a unified framework and empower trade together, exchange confirmation times are usually long (affirmation of bitcoin square, for example, takes ten minutes), which implies that if you need a momentary installment, at the cryptographic money point maybe not the best approach.

FiiiPAY, in any case, has made a long affirmation period solution by arranging cross-breeding installments (HPN) that utilization machines find out how to use hazard assistance procedures to break client behavior and raise alarms when vital. Through HPN, approval work can be reduced to make installments less demanding and faster.

One problem that arises when the form of digital money becomes mainstream is its use every day; using it to buy individual products requires a method similar to the monetary form used. All things considered, cash is useful for what can be purchased and any financial assets that are not used are for all purposes and objectives that are in vain.

Through FiiiPay, two clients and senders can utilize digital forms of money once a day. Clients will never again be restricted to only a few online vendors who tolerate digital money as installments, while more dealers will now have the option of recognizing various kinds of cryptographic money.

While cryptographic forms of money increase more recognition and premiums, and organizations are investigating them as elective installment strategies, investigations into their daily use have been limited. FiiiPay means changing the observation that forms of cryptography are convoluted by making them available for healthy individuals and making stages that allow organizations to use them.

As for what I can tell friends about FiiiPay. You can learn more about the FiiiGROUP project on Whitepaper or visit the official website https://www.fiii.io/

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